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  1. So, you already decided the degree of the crime. You must be a chief Justice.
  2. If you had been really repenting on your mistakes, you would have not used the quotes pertaining to Gandhi. And I am shocked that you are not banned from here yet 😂. Also you mean to say in real world the criminals scape from justice? And abusing once should be permitted? Should we encourage such players? Who knows its your first time? As far as I know it's first time you are found guilty? So Flare should wait till all such players are caught more than 2 times for any breach of user agreement? 😂
  3. Its not just about a player or two, it's about respecting others players as well, and similar actions should be taken for other players who try to exploit the game without giving a glance to the user agreement. Also the one who understands his/her mistakes doesn't justify it rather accepts and apologies and waits patiently. Isn't it unfair for the players who try and abide by all the terms and conditions? Irrespective of knowing there are a few who are misusing the tolerance lvl of Flare? Also my opinion has nothing to do with my personal experience. It's about fairness in the game, which should be respected.
  4. Unable to understand the msg.

    Thanks Mag.
  5. New Jumper Tactic

    I request you mighty Lordpk.
  6. In my opinion, best decisions by Flare. Game is getting flooded with such insensitive people who feel they can write whatever they wish to. A wrong action in the reaction of another wrong doesn't makes it right. This would also serve as a live example for such players to stop behaving in such manner. Great decision Flare. My vote for you 🖖👍 Also if someone does not reads user agreement it's a negligence on their part thus, giving another chance only motivates such insensitive players.
  7. Unable to understand the msg.

    Please suggest. IGN: C.O.S.M.O.S.
  8. New Jumper Tactic

    I have applied and asked all my friends in game, but no one is a member there. if someone could help it would be well appreciated. My alliance : F.A.Q. IGN : C.O.S.M.O.S.
  9. New Jumper Tactic

    Thanks @Warriornator. Will surely do that.
  10. New Jumper Tactic

    Do we have a jumper list which can be updated regularly and be available for use of any of the Alliance leaders or generals?
  11. The Lost Chests

    It was indeed and one of the items which I had been waiting for a long time. Also don't know if its a bug but I am unable to get the skull bonus ring. I have been trying to get it for almost a year now. Don't even remember how much gems and pearls i lost. Like today I wasted 400gems and roughly 2-3k pearls again. As I tried another suggestion from the discord discussion. 👻
  12. The Lost Chests

    I lost one skull bonus weapon without getting logged off. The surprise was that i didn't even get an option to buy additional slot it was sold automatically 😲
  13. One player with four a/c i guess 4 means multiple