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  1. This could be linked to individual rewards too as it's missing in conquest unlike Wars. Having individual conquest rewards like war will motivate members for better participation.
  2. We could have crossed 500 too, but we felt for the mistake of having pity and helping teams not deserving and got back stabbed. Glad for you, great score indeed ?
  3. I think it's really demotivating. ?
  4. Great job indeed. Finally meaningful changes. I expect more are coming soon. ?
  5. Bro, we must always maintain decency. I am sure you must be having female members in your family and friends too So please refrain from such actions.
  6. Dear friend, I appreciate you taking out your precious time in sharing your thoughts. Were you unable to experiment with different setups because defense was too weak? You really needed these many nerfs to be more experimental. Then my friend you should stop forging things, that way your personal interests would not result in harming the masses, who spent alot of real money and time. Also, its not a draconian age that we need such management tactics. Such major changes must be made in consultation or at least after getting a proper feedbacks. The current rage is because FG is making improvements and changes based on personal opinions and information collected through grapevine routes. If anyone is interested to learn i can give a free lecture on Communication and planning. If FG is incapable to hire such professionals. As, for many of us Rr2 is now part of life and any such incidents hurts at a lot. Please understand many of us have spent a lot of time and money. It's huge ? Atleast to us, we might even spend more, but every time we think about spending, the question arises that what is the life span of our investments? A week or a month or a quarter? So please stop thinking that it's about you. It's about us, the poor fellow who still love the e game and our members. We simply want to make sure our alliances are alive ? I am speaking on behalf of a top 75 alliance ? Also i have been playing this game when war were not even introduced. So please don't mistake me for a new member too ?
  7. Agree completely, i stopped spending a while ago myself.
  8. I apologize sincerely if I offended you. And really appreciate your efforts if you could have noticed my first comment, its just that we need multiple issues to be addressed all together. Alliances are loosing too much because of these. Most importantly my friend, if you would have not shared your analysis. Was it had been possible for members like me to even express our thoughts? So please don't get disheartened. Continue the good work ?
  9. We can keep on discussing and trying to fix one bug at a time, because it's the players who are suffering.
  10. I am glad and really happy with the kind of support you are getting. Not every member in game speak English, not every player is as extrovert as we are. If one time offer pop up can be built for in game sale, why can't in game pop up for review on such issues to get a mass feedback to help the entire community is possible? Why can't customer support be pro active like gamers? ?
  11. Are you hoping for a free chest or you are always this optimistic?
  12. ? Replied only because can't react in more than one way ?
  13. Yeah, it's the easiest reply from a customer support team. ?
  14. Because, bugs came from the adjoining field which has grasses as tall as 6 to 10 feet, so one cannot n really see how bug came and whose fault it is ?‍♂️
  15. Adding to the point and diverting a bit at the same time. As Gargoyles are mentioned, the recent quest boost for Gargoyles is OP, for which i have not much problem. But again we will be lured to upgrade everything asap in quest mode, spend gems, gold and real money. Then by the time most are able to really get it, it will again be nerfed saying its OP. Why can't mighty FTB suggest the corrections to the FG team right away? ? Ohh, he might be waiting for us to spend the gems and money first, then only he might get the appropriate time to show his awesome skills and say '' GUYS WHY ARE YOU SO MUCH WORRIED, IT HAS NOT BEEN NERFED ENOUGH, YOU CAN STILL USE IT. '' Of course i will have to as there will no option as i would have already paid enough to just keep accept that it was another bad investment ? Like many of my wise friends here, even i can write a long and nice review/analysis along with the solution. Maybe even a more in depth, elaborate and constructive. But who cares? ?
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