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  1. Trivia n°10: Exciting Economics

    Answers to Trivia 10 questions are as follows :- Ans to 1: A Ans to 2: C Ans to 3: A Ans to 4: B Ans to 5: D Ans to 6: A Ans to 7: C Ans to 8: C Ans to 9: C Ans to 10. D Ign= Ice Troll Game= Royal Revolt 2
  2. Trivia n°9: All About Aviation

    Answers to this MCQ are as follow Q1. Air New Zealand 2. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Vile Parle, Mumbai, Maharashtra India 3. 800km/hr 4. False 5. B 6. D 7. C 8. D 9. INS= Indian Navy Ships 10. Green Beacon is located on the right or Starboard side of airplanes. IGN: Ice Troll GAME: Royal Revolt 2
  3. unfair compensation

    Spend over 300 gems in Ninja event for cooldown unlocktime cut short. Had 3 times game crash for which i wasnt able to proceed further beyond island 21st. further more pathetic situation is why dont you look into the matters of bugs we have faced which caused us. If you cant be fair enough to compensate us the loss please dont even introduce Events which may born imbalances and partiality in dealing with the situations.
  4. Petition for compensation for players

    Yeah right way to compensate the gem loss and time spent to come first in this event.. flare should gave all 1st place reward according to tier