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  1. @Madlen It happened after I updated to 4.4.1 but before the Live Server update. Was starting to move from the tent, used Donkey to run ahead and when I returned to the tent the screen froze and the game closed 2 seconds later, throwing me to desktop. Windows 10 Home x64 Dell XPS 2720 AIO
  2. Unfortunately the game crashing wasn't fixed in 4.4.1.
  3. Or if he stays behind add a healing aura to him.
  4. First make it more affordable then we can talk buff ing. 😂 I agree with Dena, give Nemesis some steroids to run faster.

    Celestial Phoebe killing

    For me Phoebe is easy but thats because is a stripper name. 😂 Kidding aside its easy if you have a big army, its easy to push into it. Wolf 10 is way harder. PS: I'm only level 130 ~5300 trophies.

    Big time connection problems!

    Don't worry guys, will get compensated. 5 gems Each ? PS: Servers seem fine now.
  7. Points remain but they added this new layer for a more balanced matchmaking.
  8. AURA GATE. ? All auras have reduced values. Even if it was a display bug Flare still owes us big time for misleading. This is very disappointing.

    No war for my alliance

    No, nothing changed. I think. I mean no one left no one arrived.
  10. FLORIN

    No war for my alliance

    Sorry I forgot Alliance name: Romania Empire
  11. After the war started it said not enough opponents alliances were present. Now when I press the war button it says nothing. Any advice or ideas about what to do next?
  12. When will we have new levels for troops, spells and dungeon? When will you release next update ?
  13. My biggest achievement is keeping my mental sanity after playing this game for more than 3 years. But I'm still playing so scratch that. ?
  14. Stop following me. ?