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  1. My biggest achievement is keeping my mental sanity after playing this game for more than 3 years. But I'm still playing so scratch that. 😂
  2. Stop following me. 😂


    Conquest and alliances Collusion

    Even if you are the best alliance on the map if the other 3 join forces you will be last. From this point of view Conquest is a very unfair game mode.

    amazing rewards!!! 😃 thx

    @Madlen Personal rewards were great. Thanks again for pushing for them. I was expecting 50 millions alliance gold for each member. What happened?
  5. Thanks Madlen! Sorry fof asking this here but Why conquest boosts dont last until next conquest?

    Speed Reward Bonus

    Its a bad idea because it can be exploited in a very bad way.

    Hello... CM Statement

    Maybe she is a he after all this madness Mad Len 😂 Now seriously I think an announcement about the White Flag threads/posts attracting negativity would have been better for everyone. But at least now we have a CM because the last 3 we had were too soft to rule this community.
  8. To make things better in conquest I suggest to change the number of guards per Watch Tower from 1 to 6 and each player can be guard to at least 4 Watch Towers. Welcome @Madlen

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    i just had a disconnect while trying to donate troops sos
  10. FLORIN

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    Same issue on Windows. Will it be fixed before 4.0? This time we want Flare to give us all the chests also.
  11. FLORIN

    Videos doesn't give reward

    Its not certain yet, video will be fixed in 4.0. They said nothing will be done until then. Cromka should always be ignored, unless you really want to make fun of him, but it's too easy.
  12. FLORIN

    Videos doesn't give reward

    Biggest bug in the game is Cromka. We asked Flare to fix it maybe we should have asked Putin.
  13. FLORIN

    Videos doesn't give reward

    Cromka useful as never?
  14. FLORIN

    Videos doesn't give reward

    I reported the game in Store, I had to spread some love around.