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  1. 1. First Crusade 2. Geoffrey of Monmouth 3. Rhea, Gaea (if this is a trick question and asks only about male Titans then answer is none of them, no male Titans in your list) 4. Cetus 5. Theseus 6. Styx, Lethe, Archeron, Phlegethon, and Cocytus 7. Hydra 8. 1185 9. Hindu-Arabic numeral system, device is abacus 10. The seven prince-electors that selected Charles V Albert of Brandenburg, elector of Mainz Richard von Greiffenklau zu Vollrads, elector of Trier Hermann of Wied, elector of Cologne Louis II of Hungary, king of Bohemia Louis V, Elector Palatine, elector of the Electoral Palatinate Frederick III, Elector of Saxony, elector of Electorate of Saxony Joachim I Nestor, Elector of Brandenburg, elector of Brandenburg Charles V was crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope Clement VII IGN: -FLORIN- Royal Revolt 2 PS: This was too much work, I don't know if all the gems are worth it šŸ˜‚ did it only to give more work to KK šŸ¤£
  2. I like the changes but I would change Pro League also 25 or 30 minutes for 10 levels.
  3. @Madlen Well, those disconnects cost my alliance a level 3 Watch Tower which was upgrading to level 4, so 50 gems is infuriating.
  4. I just tested 4.4.2. Don't have much time but I beaten 3 Top 10 players with no crash, but I use Trusty now. I play on Windows 10 Home, Intel HD4600 graphics. On Windows game looks better after 4.4.0 update, something has changed, more special effects. I think crashes happen in fights with many troops, when activating Guardian and gargoyle or yeti appear. I think Donkey can cause crashes more often, because of its speed which stresses graphics even more. PS For me the crashes happen when there are too many moving objects on screen. PPS: 3 more fights and still OK.
  5. I think it has to do with the amount of troops and the speed of the Donkey. Since the other guardians aren't that fast I don't think they have an issue. But if Flare sends me the rest to test them I won't say no. šŸ˜‚
  6. @Sasch I don't think what Flare said here is correct I friended the guy that the game crashed on twice, tried him and no crash. I think crash happens when you activate donkey and there's a big number of troops on screen. But only when you play for trophies. Can you check my in game logs? IGN: -FLORIN-
  7. @Madlen @Sasch I got this 2 errors registered in Event viewer the same second, maybe they are related.
  8. Just tested it again and it crashed again while running on Donkey. In Dungeon everything is fine, when attacking friends still OK. Both crashes happened on the same player.
  9. @Madlen It happened after I updated to 4.4.1 but before the Live Server update. Was starting to move from the tent, used Donkey to run ahead and when I returned to the tent the screen froze and the game closed 2 seconds later, throwing me to desktop. Windows 10 Home x64 Dell XPS 2720 AIO
  10. Or if he stays behind add a healing aura to him.
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