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  1. stone dragon

    Using the same gear setup and play style same way as before , but since a week its really difficult to spawn stone dragon, all the time at the start there are 2 paladins who begin gathering the dragon power instead of only 1 , so the time needed to generate a dragon is increased because they dont focus only to fill up the bar on 1 unit , they try to make it on 2 units. Most of the time dragon comes too late now, to make it useful. Back then (weeks ago) it was easier to create stone dragons. Did anyone else experience this?
  2. They are immune to confusion
  3. And here comes the most repeated question on the forum again, any news about event this week?
  4. No PL rewards again

    yes chests are arrived, and as an extra reward game is crashing nonstop
  5. Mass Hysteria "nerf"

    Just test them, they are useless again , they cant confuse anything now
  6. Game is crashing

    Flare is a troll company, they give impossible war bases as christmas present
  7. Offense/Defense

    Game is going to the wrong direction, its not fun like this,its more than difficult to beat bases now. Soon only way will be to use crazy amount of scrolls for every single raid. Flare dont kill the balance of the game please, better not boosting defense even more.
  8. The overpowered pro firebolt towers

    I agree with you , one day everything easy, other day everything are hell, i feel like i play a game thats in the beta test period and will be about to released some weeks later. Its not cool
  9. Thank you

    You can start to spend your gems on speed up now If cd is longer most ppl would save their gems
  10. Ads

    On windows phone there are absolutely no videos since last update (i have 8.1), on pc there are problems too with it, really difficult to activate anything, all the time videos fail loading and the game restarting or it simply quits from the app. Is there any solution?
  11. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    ign : godhar alliance : Todesritter
  12. Nnijas Stolen Now?

    Many players lost their ninjas...
  13. Bladestorm

    Just keep playing, you will understand things later
  14. Bladestorm

    I talk about top bases, you talk about mid lvl bases , pointless topic.
  15. Bladestorm

    U turns are joke now , you go ahead casting a bladestorm then going back to troops, when you arrive to the turn there are no lt or obastacles stay alive , you just rush through the turn without any problem, its not good. Firestorm cant destroy barricades/blockades and heal towers , also higher cd and lower range, that thing is balanced, bladestorm isnt, nothing to arguing about , those 2 spells are not the same category.