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  1. If it's on the right side, you might accidentally hit a scroll, so I don't think it's the right spot for it. I've heard from several people that they often accidentally hit the pause button during raids. I actually have never pressed that button and never needed to press it. For me the whole button is useless, but that's cause of my device
  2. Looks like 30k is still too much for this pal, the way it is now
  3. It's about time that they changed the whole stalling system. Once a fight is over, opponents can simply jump on that tile again and stall them forever. You give people with lives no chance. You sleep, work or whatever and you get stalled. This benefits only peoplewho play 24/7. It's annoying for those affected. There should be some kind of cooldown To prevent that. Can't continue like that, cause that's not a casual game the way it is now. If you face an alliance with members that are online all day long, There's nothing you can do Edit: it keeps happening. Members that aren't in game all day long, get stalled as soon as one fight is over, means they can never move, are always stuck against a couple guys and they don't even get anything for beating them. So they lose the interest in the game. Where is the fun when you're stuck forever and can't do anything, cause you have a life and the other guys don't. Just fix that ASAP
  4. Unbelievable. Cheaters get supported, Alliances that don't deserve boosts get supported. They can't keep the game fair. People who play fair will always get treated worse than those who play fair... Ofc we all would prolong those boosts if we could, even though we didn't win them, but that's not the point. The point is that fg does nothing, they just ignore everything. Good job
  5. No crashes since the last update on Android. I'm afraid though that the crashes will come back for me, once they release the next update. It has been like that, every other update caused crashes
  6. There has to be some kind of reward for fighting others in conquest. Right now you mostly fight for nothing. You have dozens of wars, but you don't get extra rewards. The downside of having extra rewards is that some people will just join/start random fights only to get some rewards
  7. After today's update this morning, everything was fine. Did 4 raids, no crashes. Then the maintenance break came and you messed it up once again. What a surprise. 2 raids, both crashed. Fix your damn game. How tough can it be...
  8. Game crashes again after that maintenance break. Earlier today after the update, I did 4 raids, no problems. No crashes. Now after the recent maintenance break, 2 raids, both times it crashed.... There go another 100+ trophies
  9. CIA first, SF second. Nobody cares about the other two xD stopped building towers after day 2 saved a lot of gold
  10. We all stopped cause it wasn't necessary to build more and waste gold. Why should we score 400-500+ if around 300 is enough. It's called playing smart. Look it up
  11. I won't read that all. But about that survey. They didn't ask what we like/dislike about war and ninja. Only about conquest. They should start to listen to people about improving war and ninja, not just conquest
  12. When will the crashes be fixed? Yesterday it even crashed while I didn't use the guardian at all. Crashed right at the gate. Using guardians atm is not an option since it makes the game crash more often than not
  13. Good joke whatever makes you sleep better xD
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