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  1. General Questions

    Paladins are used by many high trophy guys nowadays, cause of the dragon. It takes a bit practice, but once you get used to it, it's a very powerful boost and many replaced knights for paladins. About strong soon. Yes he has been in top 50 alliances. In fact he's with 1000 accounts in 500 alliances
  2. Gala so you are revenging?

    They only answer Important questions
  3. Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

    You have to admire how good they can ignore the community and how little they actually care about it. No wonder that this game is dead
  4. Community Week starting Thursday 19th - Details?

    It's easier to ignore everything, less work
  5. Since offense is overpowered, more than ever, that's all people can do. Only top bases with a lot of forges are somewhat strong, every other base is more or less weak. Since almost everyone can win with ease on those "not forged a ton" bases, people stack their gate with towers, to prevent opponents from getting 100%. To minimize the skull loss and to minimize the trophy loss. Without gate towers, I would lose probably up to 9-10 or maybe more trophies per fight, depending on the opponent. With gate towers, I only lose up to 6 maybe, but most of the time it's less than 5. So, do you wanna lose 10, or just 4? Basically, it has nothing to do with being a coward or whatever, it's just what people have to do nowadays, cause fg messed the whole game up badly.
  6. You know wars are broken when...

    Yes, it's every time about dropping fiefs and/or fighting for chests only
  7. You know wars are broken when...

    Wars are boring. The game in general is boring and dead. Every other war is a skipping war for the majority of alliances. I'm on that map too. Also seems like we are always on the same froster map. Always SK, deathdealerz and LBF. Basically what the game is about nowadays, play ninjas and pro league for the team, play pyro wars and skip froster wars. There's nothing exciting in this game anymore. War was the main feature in this game, but since the war boosts never change, it got more and more boring. More and more players stop playing the game. They will probably add some stupid stuff with the next version, but to me, the game is dead and not really worth playing. They have to change the war boosts in order to make wars fun again. But they don't care. And you also won't get a response from them here, cause it's more important to take care about some stupid avatars, or some discord server stuff, which most of us don't care about, instead of answering important questions
  8. Gala so you are revenging?

    Right. Didn't pay attention to the feet
  9. Gala so you are revenging?

    Please cover the eyes and hands too. Thank you
  10. Most useless "special offer" ever

    I never buy any of those offers. It is unfair to those who don't spend money, cause they can't get those special gears, like we had in previous offers. Looks like the festivals have been replaced by those offers. No matter how useless those offers are, there will always be people who buy them, that's why those offers stay. Why have festivals where people can get stuff for free, when you can simply offer them the stuff for money and they buy it
  11. You win it as a team. If you can't win it as a team, you don't deserve them, cause you failed as a team. Is it frustrating, ofc, but then you need to find better members, or you have to look for a new alliance, if you don't like it. But saying that everyone that wins the ninjas on offense, should automatically get them on defense too is stupid, cause no matter how bad you score, or don't play at all, you can simply buy the ninjas, that way everyone would have the defensive ninjas, no matter how much the alliance scored, plus, alliances would suffer even more, cause of the lack of teamwork. You'll get more and more slackers
  12. You win the offensive ninjas by yourself, the defensive ninjas are rewarded for team effort. If your team doesn't win them, nobody deserves them, no matter if they have them on offense or not. Also everyone can simply buy the ninjas on offense When someone is without an alliance, he doesn't have a beast. Beasts are based on donations. No alliance, no donations, no beasts. It's as simple as that. About the guy in the alliance without the beast. The alliance either doesn't have unlocked a beast, or this guy simply didn't put one in the base
  13. Fighting for diamond league

    And what if this guy would only give 34 medals? You would have to attack a lot in order to win a league Don't think most people would care about the list. If someone has a problem with a certain player, they will contact their friends to take care of it
  14. How are XP points calculated?

    The difference is only significant when you fight mummy bases

    Nobody forces you to use the paladin pal. Just use Tammy if you don't like him