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  1. Domikick

    What determines the amount of medals?

    Almost everyone beats them, that's why the medals are low. When many guys fail, the medals rise. Blame the unbalanced game. Offense is way overpowered, compared to defense
  2. Sounds like new Alliance level in disguise. They want us to spend alliance gold, just like you have to spend on alliance upgrades. This will be another money milking update
  3. Domikick

    right to change ign

    There are people that many alliances don't want in their alliance, for whatever reason. They know the IGN's, so they can avoid them. When they get more chances to change it, they will try to get in alliances that have blacklisted them. You have two chances, when you create the account and one more time, that is more than enough
  4. Domikick

    Hacker / Cheater

    No, I didn't try it. I would never cheat. Cheating is for loser
  5. Domikick

    Hacker / Cheater

    He showed fg a video last PL on how to cheat in the PL, but they didn't ban him, for whatever reason. Now he's in the top 10 again, back to back with cheating. Will they ban? Who knows. #flarelogic And those RL guys are also cheater. They all use the same cheat
  6. There was nemesis on 10-12. Was able to beat the one at level 10. Compared to Phoebe in the pro league, it's pretty much the same, when it comes to damage
  7. Domikick

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    Not true. Just half an hour ago I had a disconnection in the cof after a war raid. Lost those skulls
  8. Domikick

    Recruiting tedium

    Be a soldier or lazy general. Best thing you can do It's relaxing and much more fun
  9. Domikick

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    They are only aware of things, when people report them
  10. Domikick

    Server Disconnection Thread! POST HERE.

    Cancel this war and give everyone the boosts. It's now the second time that it has happened within a couple months
  11. Domikick

    the aura package is missed one ring

    You have the Omega ring as an uber item instead. Much better
  12. Domikick

    Event disappeared or early ended?

    "Sorry for the inconvenience. The event will be back in a couple months. No big deal" Many thanks Not gala
  13. People only get banned when they play multiple accounts in the PL. And that only when they finish top 100 or close to that with both accounts. Have never seen anyone getting banned for having multiple accounts outside of the pro league (unless they cheat somehow, but like we have seen, fg will simply unban cheaters). It's true, since the TOS say that you shall not have more than one account at any time, you can't really complain when you get banned. But in general nothing will happen to those who play multiple accounts. Worst thing that could happen is that they get banned from the PL
  14. Playing multiple accounts is no problem, but playing them in the pro league is not allowed. You're only allowed to play one account in the pro league
  15. Domikick

    Hacker / Cheater

    Immortal cheatness was banned. Don't know if he's still banned. If fg is stupid enough, then he will get unbanned. Without the DC cheat, you'll never see him anywhere near the top 10