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  1. Nah, it's just a display bug... πŸ€“πŸ™„
  2. Cause units take more damage, the heal aura heals everything less than before, much less? Yeah right. #FlareLogic Just watch the videos that have been posted on the forum. There are no enemies near the hero, and still it heals just about nothing
  3. I don't want a compensation. I want that they fix the game. They should make it playable. Playing an important event with those problems, is not right Also the heal aura problem hasn't been addressed Both things combined make the game not playable If there would be no event, OK, I can wait. But not when you're forced to play and raid Like mentioned, they should postpone the conquest and start it once everything is fixed
  4. How can you let us play something like the conquest when one of the most important things in the game is broken, the offense. Which person with common sense would do that. I don't wanna play it, when attack has been nerfed that much, plus heal aura has been nerfed as well. If they are greedy, they won't postpone it. So we'll see if they are greedy or not. If they care about the players Don't know why they wanna shove this conquest mode down our throats so badly
  5. Fix the aura and throw the conquest in the trash. Fix your game, before starting a conquest. Postpone that c.r.ap You're just causing more and more problems, before fixing one
  6. Domikick

    Sonic Blast Aura Ring

    The game was playable before the update, but now it's unplayable again. Every update brings more bugs than improvements. Go ahead and keep working on your conquest and mess up the rest of the game. Good job as usual
  7. Domikick

    Sonic Blast Aura Ring

    They know nothing about their own game. Looks like they just put some random numbers on gears, spells whatever. It's flare logic. Makes no sense
  8. Domikick

    Heal Aura Ring

    No way it has always been like that. It healed a lot, but since the update, it does basically nothing. Can't build an army, can't keep an army alive. Before the update, the ring healed so much, that you could build an army with ease. Always used the ring. Was the best in the game, but not it's the biggest C R A P
  9. Don't know, but indeed looks like they've either nerfed it, or buffed something else, or just both. Looks like heal aura is doing nothing anymore. Everything dies. Can't build an army anymore I can't beat S H I T anymore. I'm sick of the game. Sick of all the nerfs. Every week you have to find a new combo.
  10. We had the toxic ninjas, they basically did nothing on offense. Defenses were always easier without ninjas, but after the update, things have changed. It was not cause we didn't have the ninjas on offense anymore. Something clearly changed
  11. Domikick

    Heal Aura Ring

    They would never change anything without announcing itπŸ™„
  12. I'm not talking about dungeons. I'm talking about normal raids against real players
  13. Thing's have definitely changed. No way there were no changes on offense/defense. Updated the game yesterday, before that, beat just about everyone. Updated it yesterday and all of the sudden can't beat anyone. Whole army dies in no time. Can't tell me that nothing has changed. Total BS
  14. Why does a pal with XP bonus make no sense?
  15. Domikick

    do we need new hero lvls?

    I'm also 130 for a while now. When I look at other players, especially at high trophy level, it feels like everyone is max level. I don't understand why they say that it's not necessary to add more hero levels. Ofc, I don't really wanna farm XP anymore, but, right now there is no reason at all to raid outside of the events, adding new hero levels would at least change that aspect. To me, it is very much necessary And the things they have listed as what you can do after level 130 are just S T U P I D. Conquest is once every three weeks, so it's nothing that makes you wanna play daily. Pro league is 35 minutes, doesn't make you play daily either, leaderboard, OK, been first a couple times, but for many that's unreachable. Also nothing you can just go for at max level, especially cause after a while, you gain a couple trophies, but lose 10+ on one attack, no fun then. All in all, new hero levels are very much needed