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  1. It's the curse of leaving the sweet kittens
  2. Domikick

    Celstial Phoebe Is Over Powered

    If Phoebe is too strong, you are too weak
  3. Imo, a buff is necessary when something is completely useless, like we have seen it with eris and growl. Janus is far from being useless or underpowered, it just needs practice I didn't say that they should buff him, just gave them a suggestion if they wanna buff him. Imo, he doesn't need a major buff to be useful, he's useful and powerful enough. Just the fact that you can spawn insta troops makes it one of the most powerful pals in the game
  4. The community has spoken (all 10 forum members)
  5. Domikick

    Toxic Cloud Slow Forging

    4 seconds is max, but everything after 3.9 seconds is waste of time and pearls
  6. Eris who? This pal is probably in the same category as growl, especially when you consider that it's a pro pal. Weaker than Archimedes, only the zapping ability is somewhat nice, but when you have a huge army, he will get lost in it and won't do much. So yes, range has to increase. But lightning damage is useless. There are other pals that do more damage and also, which is more important, damage towers as well. Eris does nothing to them. Another pal that probably needs an additional ability to make it maybe useful
  7. Growl is useless and will always be useless, unless he gets an additional ability. I would never use him for the intimidation
  8. Janus doesn't need a buff. People just need to learn how to use him effectively. It takes practice. You need to learn when the portal opens, you need to time it properly, so you have a full morale bar when he uses his ability. When it comes to the number of troops that it spawns, it's better than aska, but since Aska doesn't need morale, aska works better. With aska, you have less to pay attention to. Janus requires way more practice and attention, that's why it's probably not used as much as aska or Ceres Imo, what could make Janus better, is when there wouldn't be a portal, the troops should just spawn right where the pal is. That would make it more useful, but in general, Janus doesn't need a buff, it's just that other pals are more useful and reliable in raids
  9. Domikick

    gaining exp for levels

    Try to find mummy bases. They give more XP than others. They should give around 800k+, depending on how much time you have left at the end of the raid
  10. Domikick

    war season improvement

    But ofc, keep working on the conquest, since that's where the money is now... Don't work on the things people have suggested before the conquest was implemented
  11. Domikick

    war season improvement

    They should've improved it right away, instead of giving us the conquest. Now we are here, playing the same old ***** over and over again and then the conquest until it's playable. By the time war changes, the game will be dead. I mean it already is as good as dead 3 years or so and nothing has really changed. Good job
  12. Domikick

    war season improvement

    Will the normal war ever change? Or will it be like it has been forever, always the same boosts we are fighting for? Will the main focus be on conquest? If yes, goodbye RR2 We are always fighting for the same boosts, which is boring af. Still can't believe that nothing has changed We play war (nothing new, which means it's boring), then ninja event (which also seems to be the same as always, just tougher cause of the buffs/nerfs), then conquest (which frustrates a lot of players and just thinking about playing it again for 8 days give a lot of people headaches). So, we have a boring event, followed by a boring event, followed by a frustrating, stressful and boring event Is that it? War doesn't change, only conquest? If yes, the game will die. Already see that the activity is not what it used to be, nothing new, players are bored, especially players like me who have everything maxed. Knowing that we keep playing the same things over and over again after such a long time, without any changes is just very disappointing I still think that it was a huge mistake to not improve normal war as well, to make it more interesting, different boosts or whatever. Just something to make it enjoyable again. Many players asked for improvements, but FG didn't listen, instead they gave us conquest. Now you'll see alliances sitting out every other war again, just to have a chance to win a specific war. If the boosts would change, alliances wouldn't sit out as much
  13. Domikick

    Another trophy bug

    In that case, you would lose a couple trophies, at best, and even then they must have more than just 100 trophies less It was probably a last second victory. It most of the time happens when the timer goes down to 0 and the gate falls, after the time is up. Ofc it's a loss cause the time is up, but the game still shows that it's a victory and in my book, that's a bug In a normal raid, which you win, you can't lose 12 trophies. No matter what. I mean, why should you lose trophies against someone in your trophy range, that you beat
  14. Domikick

    Where are the rewards??

    Only good thing about conquest rewards (besides the boosts you win), are the pal chests. In our tier you get 10 pals per member, which means over 600 as an alliance, which isn't bad at all, but the rest is pretty much useless
  15. Domikick

    Poll to uncover the truth about the forum changes

    Don't think it's about whether or not we like it. It's about making madlens job easier. The people may not like the new design, but I'm pretty sure it makes her job easier and I think that's most important I personally don't like the changes, but can understand why they have been made. I can still find everything, and that's what it's all about If it makes the job easier, then so be it