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  1. Stay0Puft

    I Do Not Understand Alliance Wars?

    Are you sure you are attacking the player from within the war screen (which is red background) and not directly (which is blue background)? Open war map, select the land with the battle, click the double sword icon on top, select a player from the list by pressing the icon on the right next to its name & finally the attack button.
  2. Stay0Puft

    Toxic Cloud Slow Forging

    You keep forging it, but indeed lower than 0.01 due to rounding. If it is still worth the pearls is another thing...
  3. Stay0Puft

    Trophy system discussion (Suggestions for a Fix?)

    I'm pretty sure I won't drop to 3400 trophies when I stop attacking anyone, but feel free to believe what you think. Here is a small explanation from @Dena4 about your issues:
  4. Stay0Puft

    Trophy system discussion (Suggestions for a Fix?)

    Your trophy level is based on your defenses for the most part. If you hover around a trophy level for several days anyway, maybe it is better for you to drop some more (semi-open base). That way when matchmaker has adapted, you can fight while climbing trophies and get some high gold targets.
  5. Stay0Puft

    What chance did we have?

    That depends on the max score they were able to get. Once a reward is unlocked, it remains unlocked even when dropping below in score.
  6. Stay0Puft

    What chance did we have?

    Not much, the best thing you really could have done was trying to get a peace deal, allowing you to build up towers for points. But you are at the mercy of the other alliances...
  7. Stay0Puft

    Over-power of high levels

    If you are a low-medium level alliance and manage to get 1 very high level player among your members, that players can just walk freely inside enemy territory destroying every tower he/she meets. That players doesn't need troops either. The only way to stop or slow it down is to keep him/her locked in battles of 24 hours...
  8. Stay0Puft

    Watchtowers - Times to destroy?

    When an enemy alliance attacks a tile with a watchtower a battle will take place, because you should have a tower guard present (and perhaps other pawns). When the battle on that tile is over and the enemy team wins, I assume the tower gets destroyed, whatever the level of the tower.
  9. Stay0Puft

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    True, if teams are of similar strength, you'll most likely be pushed back closer to your stronghold when 2 alliances team up against you. But the closer you are to your own stronghold, the quicker you can resupply and have many members available to you again, while the other alliances won't have that luxury (energy cost doesn't allow that). Also when 2 teams are fighting you in full force, their own borders are weaker to deal with the 4th player (or they can't dominate in the center).
  10. Stay0Puft

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    I think this is the general idea behind conquest...
  11. Stay0Puft

    Feedback after changes on conquest mode

    It's when generals/leader have placed multiple markers on a tile, making it an "important" order.
  12. Stay0Puft

    Something wrong with boosts

    I'm not sure we can expect an answer to our questions from the devs here, this topic was moved to the "Players helping Players" section...
  13. Stay0Puft

    Conquista bug

    Following conquests will have the same issues likes this. Alliances that currently are in the right tier, but end in 4th place will drop a tier. So next conquest, they'll find themselves in a lower tier where they outrank every other alliance on the map.
  14. Stay0Puft

    Conquest - "i" markers on the map not showing

    What makes an order important?
  15. Stay0Puft

    [closed] RR2 forum event //Prize 1000 gems

    Looked for a crossplatform game to play together with my buddy @BitjeBe. We've always been together in our alliances for over 2 years now.