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  1. I know we had champs declared in our alliance and because they only had time to fight during the connection issues, fights and skulls were lost that way. I can imagine PL scores damaged as well for many people.
  2. There were many issues over a timespan of about 12 hours. We got the classic line at least:
  3. Stay0Puft

    solved Server problems

    In 15 minutes it's midnight in Germany, I'm just saying it may take a while before anything is done.
  4. Stay0Puft

    solved Server problems

    I just can't login (Android)...
  5. Ok, so this bug gave the same effect as high king - low king and was only temporary for this conquest (so not really relevant in this discussion here).
  6. This looks more like a situation where it was 1 against many for a long time. Then a 2nd player of your team joined and earned its skulls and just after that the picture is taken. Just for easier rounding, every player can get 2000 skulls on an enemy player. So if you assume all players (all high level king) can beat each other or are willing to scroll for it, the 17 players of the other team must have a lot more skulls, surely on 2 players.
  7. Just adding a visual confirmation here 😉
  8. Stay0Puft

    [closed] RR2 Forum event - biggest achievement

    My big achievements happen when top alliance players fail on a base from someone in a < level 60 alliance with limited boosts 💩
  9. Stay0Puft

    mysterious tile

    Just select it and click on the "i" icon in the title of the tile. You'll see it's worth extra conquest score.
  10. Stay0Puft


    No, once unlocked it remains unlocked, even when dropping below their mark.
  11. Stay0Puft

    Conquest Matchup

    Flare already explained the matchmaking is working as intended last conquest. For current conquest they haven't commented yet, so I'm sure they'll stick to their opinion. There you go, just sit back and enjoy this fair game mode in this tower defense game!
  12. Maybe a PROhibition of Conquest
  13. Stay0Puft


    At least you were able to unlock all rewards, we got bullied before that. Anyway, it remains clear there is a lot of unbalance in this matchmaking, even while Flare told us last time it is working as intended. And this game mode remains unappropriate for a game like RR2, it was even more clear when fighting against a top 10 team. Going offline for a few hours caused multiple losses in supreme victories before anyone could even react. Just a flood game notification about attacks on your alliance.
  14. Stay0Puft

    Conquest match

    Look over here for similar reports: Be aware, some people will blame you for being in a tier too high.
  15. Stay0Puft


    Ok, my bad, I was counting in the opposite direction, but the result is the same.