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  1. Biggest Scam Ever?

    If you fill your treasure chamber to its limit on your own, the gem cost will go down a lot for the extra level alone. This is how it got an extra worker cheap when they offered a full treasure chamber + 1 worker (a long time ago).
  2. Wednesday and the question arises again

    An event announcement maybe?
  3. Community Week 😍

    I'm also hoping on a community week with a blacksmith event in it. It was hinted the blacksmith would come along for a longer period, it's almost rr2's birthday & after a war it's more likely.
  4. I dunno, in raids outside war I don't care about gate towers (except ninja event of course). During war raids, I'm wearing skull gear (so weaker than normal gear) and on top of that you need to deal with gate towers if your opponent has placed them. You can always choose to ignore gate towers, but then it would be the same for your score as raiding with no/fewer skull gear.
  5. And don't forget bringing down gate towers is essential to get a perfect score in war raids as well.
  6. Monks

    Screaming can help to trigger the healing, but indeed most of the time you need to guess the cooldown.
  7. XP gained for each base to be defined

    Just an indication wouldn't hurt. If you are fighting to win diamond league, I assume you look at the medals on each base before attacking? So why not roughly the same for XP?
  8. Wednesday and the question arises again

    After next war seems more logical to me. That way it will last during next ninja event and if there is a blacksmith event in it, the extra pearls will be put to good use.
  9. Lucky perks value down

    Please search the forum before starting new topics... You can find the most recent topic about this here:
  10. Lucky Perks bug?

    The value was recalculated to max 100% a while ago during an update (only visual change):
  11. pro shop will remain like last week

    I can already see players complaining that were trying to unlock the Phoebe beast...
  12. Black Magic

    Isn't it normal damage?
  13. Unwanted insta troop spawn (Windows 10)

    I think I'm first looking for confirmation here to see that it happens with other players as well
  14. Unwanted insta troop spawn (Windows 10)

    First times I had this, I was thinking the same. But in the mean time, I've had it happen several times when I was not pressing any button at all (all spells in cooldown & no morale).