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  1. thanks, because my incentive to play is severely diminished by the last 3-4 bosshunts because of similar behaviour.
  2. congrats on spending either a shitload of money for no reason or cheating in a group based gamemode.
  3. +1 it's too easy to accidentally use gems in this game, not just on the rerolls
  4. Wasn't this flagged as a bug a while ago? i thought i read it here or on reddit somewhere..
  5. I don't think the logging is still on but just checking, since the game used over 500Mb in less than 2 weeks this month.. which surprised me.
  6. Yeah this also ruined bosshunt for me today.. i got DC'd as nr1 and now i'm nr8 :/ missed 4 or 5 checkpoints for rewards
  7. That amount of money is far from enough to get to 75. You'd need 'bb' or 'cc' amount of gold to clear so far imo. The deal was only for a few hundred million max i think.
  8. with pokemon go in there this game, and many others have no chance of winning either
  9. Suggestion for the shop during bosshunts: * Anything for sale in the shop is also shared with the 9 other ppl in that bosshunt. OR disable the shop entirely in bosshunt OR Change the deals when in bosshunt mode to group based rewards just like the cards. some of these changes might need an increase in number of bosses needed to be killed.. since the new changes from a few weeks ago any bosshunt joined from the start is finished within the hour for me.. maybe let it keep going instead of stopping at 300? and add some more rewards IF you break more than 30-50-100 levels ontop of the initial 300? just my 2 cents on trying to make bosshunt even better.
  10. it only shows all the cards collected this bosshunt. they work for everyone afaik.
  11. Today my bosshunt finished in 40 minutes.. it's good that they atleast finish, so i'm very happy about that! It was however impossible to compete with the nr1 spot. At first we were 3 ppl who were competing for top1, it was vey fun. I had a triple klonun clone bosskill awarded which really helped:p. After 10-15 minutes 1 guy started skyrocketing.. overtaking everyone and before we knew it he was at 35 kills and we were at 20-22. Most of the contenders that were competing seemed to stop when they saw nr 1's amazing score and i stayed in 2nd place for the rest of the hunt. After 40 minutes the bosshunt ended with 303!! kills and i had 2nd place with 31 kills and the one in first place had 75... even if i did want to buy coins to progress faster the shop simply didn't offer them at the time. I guess the person in 1st was lucky to have a discounted coin deal and bought 5 of them to progress at an exponential rate.. or he just used the time change trick to then buy coins when the deal changed. I did not have a coin deal, and i don't bother buying coins with gems.. so i do find this solo p2w element a bit dissapointing. If you want to keep the coin deals in the shop during bosshunt can you maybe change it so that everyone in the group gets the coins? Maybe i'm alone in this but i like bosshunt and the race for first place.. but with unequal weapons (besides RNG legendary drops) and solo p2w advantages it's a lot less fun. I think it can be pretty annoying when you see someone 10-20 or even 40+ levels ahead of you after 20-30 minutes.. resulting in some ppl just giving up.
  12. This is exactly what i feared.. As the players start getting divided into partitions there might comne a time when you won't even be a full group when you start the bosshunt.. If everyone has 24 hours to join there will always be groups that start out at different times.. creating smaller teams at first.. and they fill out in the next few secionds/minutes.. or even worse the further we get into this new system.
  13. aaaand it hapopened again just now. I put my phone in my jacket and when i got home the knight dissapeared, i could see his healthbar and the game froze, unresponsive to any input. around 19h +1 GMT on 31st januari.
  14. And yesterday it happened again.. still no idea how it happens or how to reproduce thx for the warning!
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