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  1. Title says it all
  2. The safest way is to log out then log in the game. Collect the chest only after seeing the in game announcement. my 2 cents
  3. Yes it is working, but only given to us 2 days and 8 hour boost. We lost in total 7 days boost. Thanks anyway.
  4. The pro league ended on 1st January, our ally got tainted love lvl 4, but it was not activated. Submited on the same day ticket to support (request 134909), but until now still no boost. Please resolve.
  5. Santa Claus paid a visit and left presents
  6. Wishes of a Merry Christmas to you, lots of presents, lots of everything that is good.
  7. Ouch! Its Christmas time and I have presents to deliver. Merry Christmas IGN: me king me
  8. You may like to see a celestial Phoebe running like a crying baby. I just stopped to play and cant hold a loud laught. Very comical
  9. The title of this tread has a typo a error, needs edit. Is it considered a complaint? 🤔
  10. IGN: me king me First of all thank you for the event. For me I´ll chose Fritz and Yeti, since they can make snow balls of any size.
  11. Its all about luck. Got these 2 items from pro-chest as Conquest rewards and forged right away
  12. my big achivement will be the day I complete all the quest, four to go Master Strategist, undead king, trader and gold digger, as free player
  13. First of all thank you for the event. Bought a new computer 3 years ago with win 10. Search the store for strategy/action game. Sort of liked the game preview and installed the game. Been playing RR2 since then.
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