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  1. Tried it. The game looks beautiful compared to android. Anyone know how to run it windowed?
  2. Haven't played much. Saw an update decided to try it out. Lol closed, thinking about uninstall. I said it before and I'll say it again. They either forgot out to dev or these last updates are probably done from China or India or something like that (no disrespect but you know what I mean) Wake me up on next update. Miracles can happen
  3. So logical it hurts. I am no game designer but is this even debatable?
  4. Wtf... Did the devs forget how to dev? This last patch was filled with issues but boss hunt would be pretty hard to mess up yet mission accomplished. There is no justification for low rank people to be punished for being low rank (specially in anything above peasant) by removing rewards and milestones. Wtf were they thinking? Reward more the upper ranks instead. Should be pretty f... logical. If this continues i am out
  5. They do. Just that you can ALSO sell them for gold now. At least for me they do when I check my ascension menu
  6. According to the version notes there is New “consumables” tab in inventory I just wonder if the items are in there?
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