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  1. I think this game is on the way to shutdown. Publisher (Flaregames) is ignoring users & cheats are rampant (Flaregames always asks who? where? when? ... like politicians whenever anyone brings up this issue. On dev side, SuperWeapon creates an iOS app that shuts down after every gameplay (this is 9 years after iOS is introduced into the market, no a new OS).. Their Android app seems stable. Finally, on Windows 10, the Alliance messaging does not work (fine for iOS & Android, but not Windows apparently). Other than that, it's free to play (who would pay to play?).
  2. Testing your tactics with each type of rigs - against an agreed setup of members' bases. That's my Alliance (Cannenses) anyway. Don't think the Clash-of-Clans approach really works --- gets too personal for many people. They kinda miss the point (enjoy) and get too vindictive.
  3. I tried looking for this discussion topic, couldn't find it. So this is what I hope is useful for others (the newer players). Compared to many established players, I have note been playing for so long. So, I've been trying out the new rigs. Some are pretty useful, some not. Here's my take: 1. Laser/Missile/Drone -- pretty standard especially early stages. I've been rigging up Missile & Laser but to my surprise the Drone is actually more useful in early stages than the Missile. So my default 2 is Laser & Drone. Missile's only role is to provide cover for those pesky drones. 2. Dash Rig is excellent once it gets to Tenev Rail Tower defences -- those darn yellow rays are hot!!! Dash Lvl 7 with high damage points is the real thing... 3. Shield Rig, even at Level 7, is still not strong enough. Maybe I'm using it all wrong but heck, I tried ... when will this thing be more than a blackhole for all my battle-points? I wonder if others have better experience with the Missile & Shield rigs?
  4. Is this a hack/cheat of the game? I'm too new to tell -- but what is that green orb that the rigs use to restore health? I read somewhere it is no more available? Can someone please help (tell me if this is a hack)? Thanks. Here's the video link:
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