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  1. The crash bug is still not solved, we have played the conquest with the bug and wasted lots of gems due to it and we didn't got any compensation just only apologise and according to your new post we will have to play war with this bug. If this bug will continue how will we play war ? And if we play we will loose lots of gems then who will repay our loss because you will only apologise as usual and fill your pocket but we players will suffer. So why should we suffer due to your mistakes ? And where is our compensation ?
  2. This is a good news because we see only 2-3 players who comes first every month. But need to improve the pro chest contents because we get only Pal food and few perls from. If we continue to get pal food then it's better to discontinue the pal chests because Pro chests have become the new Pal chest.
  3. IGN - subhashcbhanu Dear Flaregames, an unusual screen freeze is detected since day 2 of the ongoing conquest, it was detected during last conquest too but it was gone when conquest was over but again appered on day 2 of the ongoing conquest. Game screen freezes in every 5 or 6 seconds for 1 or more seconds and speciall during raids on the bases which has gargoyle nest. It freezes from the conneting screen to everywhere. Last time I thought it was the problem of my phone but I got complaint from all my mates who were using Android on last day of conquest. Please do something fast. I am attaching video link please watch.
  4. @Madlen What about the new 'Lag bug' which apperars after 2 days of conquest from last conquest. Everything freezes for a while after every 10 seconds.o
  5. @Madlen As the time of conquest is reduced and everything is reduced but what about the production of stones, wisedoms and troops in our stronghold ? They still have the same production time, it means we can donate only twice during the whole conquest event. You or your develper team didn't thought anything about it.
  6. I got few good friends due to Royal Revolt II and reached rank 1. These are my achievements so far.
  7. @Madlen Some bugs are fixed but still bugs are present. Till the release of v4.2.0 ninjas usted to be stuned by but since that mess happed stun ( stun spell and stun in swordrain doesn't effect ninjas even after the update 4.2.2. Can you please explain the reason behind it ?
  8. @Madlen It means we have to wait and play this game 9 more days with this bug and we have to raid in conquest war by throwing gems because we need to scroll more and more. You guys will make more and more money and we will get peanuts as compensation, just 500 gems. What a money making strategy and we fools will follow you. Bravo flaregames, hats off to you.
  9. @Madlen It means we have to wait and play this game 9 more days with this bug and we have to raid in conquest war by throwing gems because we need to scroll more and more. You guys will make more and more money and we will get peanuts as compensation, just 500 gems. What a money making strategy and we fools will follow you. Bravo flaregames, hats off to you.
  10. @Madlen You guys should change the name of Pro chest to 'Pro Pal chest' because I get only pal food from it and few hundred Pearls that's it from a Pro chest. And the second thing is that you guys should mention the every change you make during server maintenance. All bases were hard after the update 4.0 but we started adjust ourselves then you guys agai did something on 30 sep, since then it has gone too much difficult to raid a base. So please mention every change.
  11. @Madlen I appreciate your work but still rewards are too less as compared to the hard work and the time we spend in the game during the conquest. It would be better if the rewards will be increased.
  12. This is not a mistake or loop just a new money making strategy by flare games. Come on guys have atleast some shame. What about those who perked yesterday ? If it's a loop you must reduce our cooldown according to bs event or "TAKE A LITTLE WATER IN YOUR PALM, DROWN IN IT AND DIE !". ?
  13. Game - ROYAL REVOLT II IGN - subhashcbhanu 1) Skeleton - Winter Olympic Sport 2) Southampton 3) Following are three differences : I) Ice hockey is played on ice while field hockey is played on grass field. II) Field of ice hockey is oval while field of field hockey is rectangular in shape. III) Number of players are 6 in Ice hockey while it's 10 in field hockey. 4) Knight 5) Pistol shooting, Fencing, Swimming, Horse riding and Cross county running. 6) Germany, 1952 Summer Olympics, 24 medals. 7) New South Wales, Australia with 46 titles. 8) Roger Federer. 9) London and Mumbai. 10) South Korea and Japan, 2002.
  14. Game - Royal Revolt II IGN - subhashcbhanu 1). A wake turbulence causes air crafts to enter a downward motion. 2). Lighting is produced in thunderstorms when liquid and ice particles above the freezing level collide, and build up large electrical fields in the clouds. Once these fields become large enough, a giant spark occurs between them or between them and the ground like static electricity, reducing the charge separation. The spark can occur between clouds, between the cloud and air, or between the cloud and ground. 3). It's metrologically limited to a magnitude of 6,5 to top. 4). It's an extreme amount of precipitation in a short period of time, sometimes accompanied by hail and thunder, that is capable of creating flood conditions. Cloudbursts are infrequent as they occur only via orographic lift when warm air parcel mixes with cooler air, resulting in sudden condensation. At times, a large amount of runoff from higher elevations is mistakenly conflated with a cloudburst arose from the notion that clouds were akin to water balloons and cloudburst resulting in rapid precipitation. 5). A leap year occurs every 4 years. 6). It's a volcanic lighting. The enormous quantity of pulverized material and gases explosively ejected into the atmosphere creates a dense plume of particles. The ash density and constant motion within the volcanic plume produces charge by fictional interactions, resulting in very powerful and very frequent flashes as the cloud attempts to neutralize itself. 7). It's caused by the differences in the atmospheric pressure. When a difference in atmospheric pressure exists, air moves from higher to the lower pressure area, resulting in winds of various speeds. 8). Our atmosphere scatters shorter to bigger wavelengths color from sunlight when the white light travels through it. It scatters violet and blue colors leaving yellowish sunlight. The reason why sky is blue and sunlight is yellow. 9). No, the geological north pole is located in the middle of the arctic ocean while the magnetic north pole is a point in northern canada, where the northern lines of attraction enter the Earth. If you hold a Compass from the geological north pole it would point towards the magnetic one. This one is actually moving kilometers every year, because the Earth is dynamic and changes. It's called the Polar shift theory. 10). No.
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