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  1. 1. That's not true. Fritz can still be used at high levels. 2. Not all bases above 5700 are gargoyle bases. 3. Gargoyle bases are beatable without scrolls, just less margin for error, as it should be. You fight the top 50 players, you shouldn't be making mistakes or you will lose the raid/ forced to scroll. I'm not saying I don't make mistakes, but when I don't, I beat those bases. When I do make mistakes in the raid, I lose. That's how a balanced gameplay is. If the top 50 players are still beatable when you make silly mistakes in the raids, then the game is a joke. p.s. the only thing I agree is they should tone down on the explosion animation. Also, they should allow us to switch off units' shadow. Sure, If I play it on my laptop with a gtx 1060, it won't be a problem. But what phone can support graphics of 300 units with shadow in one entire map happening at the same time? I'm using a Xiaomi Mi Max 2 with 4 gb ram btw.
  2. LacunaC

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Hmm? what does this topic have to do with Fritz? I know Fritz is powerful, but how is this relevant to the topic?
  3. LacunaC

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    With due respect, that's a very flawed analogy. In Phoebe's case, some are saying it's overpowered, some are saying it's trash. It has mixed reviews. In fact, probably only 10% of players above 5k trophies are using Phoebe. In Time Warp's case, not a single player is saying it is trash. In fact, everyone here in this thread agrees that Time Warp is more powerful than other scrolls. It remains as the most useful scroll from beginning to the highest trophies players. The only difference is, whether, despite being the most powerful and most commonly used scroll, there should be a balancing, and if so, whether it should be nerfed or other scrolls should be buffed.
  4. LacunaC

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Medals can be manipulated. Besides, why should high medal base have a disadvantage? That sounds counter productive as a game. The more you build the worse your base become.
  5. LacunaC

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Not quire sure what you mean with this statement. If you're talking about the duration, that's established. All scrolls have better duration than their spell counterpart. However, if you're talking about how much faster the battlecry can boost the cannons, i.e. it isn't just the duration that's superior but the "intensity" too, then I'm not sure. Flare doesn't really give our these kind of information.
  6. LacunaC

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Rebuttal to reply no.1:- Any nerf to scrolls is a direction AWAY from "pay-to-win". Buffing the rest of the scrolls instead of nerfing Time Warp is a direction TOWARD pay-to-win. Rebuttal to point no.2:- There's no other scroll that cannot be found in pal or magic, EXCEPT time warp. You have Howl and Ceres for battlecry, Phoebe for Armageddon and Blessing, Aska for Summoning, Janus for Portal etc.... but there's NO pal or spell that could slow down the timer of the raid. If one day they have a pal that can have the same effect as TIME WARP, same slowdown intensity and slows down the timer, that pal will be super overpowered. Why? Because Time Warp is indeed overpowered. Rebuttal to point no.3:- It is stronger. Longer duration. Every other scrolls have similar function with longer duration too, like Battlecry and Portal. Rebuttal to point no.4:- So does every other scroll, but Time Warp is the only one overpowered. Nerfing it is the only solution. Buffing other scrolls lead to rebuttal point no.1
  7. LacunaC

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    1. Other scrolls cost gems too but they are nowhere near as good as Time Warp. It's obviously imbalance. 2. There's no pal with "toxic cloud" effect. 3. Duration of slowdown on Time Warp is very long so it is definitely still superior to Toxic Cloud if nerf is implemented. 4. If you use scroll, you can choose not to equip toxic cloud and you can use some other spells.
  8. LacunaC

    Time warp too overpowered? Nerf

    Time warp is probably THE most used scroll in the game. Other scrolls don't even come close to the usefulness of Time Warp. I know it costs gems, but compare scroll to scroll, Time Warp is just way better than any other scroll. Some suggestions for Balance:- 1) Have Time Warp's slow factor reduced to the same level of Toxic Cloud (hey, battlecry scroll has better effect than wolf's howl? No? Then why time warp as a scroll has more slowdown than toxic cloud?) 2) Time Warp no longer slows down the timer, just like toxic cloud.
  9. LacunaC

    The inconsistencies with skull perking

    Thanks. With this statement, Flare will seriously consider it so those players, after complaining, will spend tons again to forge 200-300 times on the new gloves.
  10. LacunaC

    Option to switch off shadow

    This only happens at high level bases filled with gargoyles due to the "explosion animation". Apart from switching off the units' shadow, I hope there is also the option to turn off all screen shake caused by the explosion.
  11. LacunaC

    Option to switch off shadow

    Bumping this up again. No reply from developers at all. There are other threads complaining about the lag, screen freeze, and the inability to press buttons due to too many units, especially now with the inclusion of Twisted Gargoyles that each have their own "explosion" animation as well. This isn't really a complicated feature. We already have in our "settings" to switch off certain animations. It really isn't so much to ask for, to be able to switch off units' shadow. After all, it wouldn't change the difficulty of the gameplay whatsoever.
  12. I don't understand why you can reforge and find skull perks in Belts, rings and capes but not weapon and gloves. Why the inconsistencies? The only thing you guys are limiting are the variation in terms of strategy available. Inb4 someone says "because some perks are too strong to be included in war gear", well, then balance that perk! Sounds like a really silly thing to do to "limit" varieties instead. For example, take a look at Harkos set:- 1) translocation is indubitably the lousiest of all the Harkos set, but the only one with skull perk 2) Infection chance is the strongest perk among the set. 3) No one is going to use intimidate or, worse, confusion, over infection chance for a non war gear, making these 2 gloves absolutely redundant in the game. (why weaken an enemy by lowering its resistance so you kill faster or temporarily confuse an enemy when you can permanently turn him into an ally which is the fastest way of eliminating the threat?) PROPER way to balance it for means of variety would be:- 1) All gloves can have second slot reforged into skull perk 2) CHANCE to proc varies according to the strength of the perk. For example, infection chance could be like 7% while Confusion chance could be like 20%. This way, there is a TRUE variety for players to choose, i.e. pick something strong that procs less or pick something weaker that procs more. (p.s. translocation can be as high as 30% and if other gloves can have skull perks, I bet no one still wants to use translocation) Isn't this OBVIOUS to game developers?
  13. Well, Flare kept up to their promise of something promising. A Blacksmith event that goes side by side with the festival. Doesn't matter if the items on display are lousy, we all get to buy them and melt them 😃
  14. Wooo BS event! Great!!!!
  15. Any event this week? (such as Blacksmith) Or like, as usual, we are going to be ignored again =p