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  1. Why? All the players you showed did everything well within the rules of the game. In fact, if anything, they should be applauded because they are active players in a 5 year old game. This is a war game. You raid others, and others raid you. Anything done within the rules of the game is good. How often they raid is not subject to your standard of what you think should be the appropriate frequency of raiding. They are only subject to the rules of the game, which, in itself, IS the objective standard that determines the appropriate frequency of raiding, i.e. 3 times an hour. Unless and until that is changed, players are free to still do so within the rules of the game.
  2. What do you want to buy in the festival that you can't buy with the existing length of the festival? 3 or 4 chests will allow you to buy Hans already. In fact, you can even use the remaining festival currency to buy additional medal tokens/ phoenix token. The length of festival is just nice. If you want to buy Hans, get ALL of the tokens, then well.....just spend some gems. Otherwise, what you can get in the festival for free is already very good.
  3. Maybes you should use festival to practise 100% raid with war gear, since you won't get any penalty for losing battles. Hence, you get to use your war gear, and use combo that is necessary for 100%, even if it is weaker than your usual combo. No one will also know you failed the raids from practice since it's a festival. It's really a good training ground.
  4. So that Ceres is a balanced pal instead of it being overpowered.
  5. Flare justified buffing Nemesis so many times because of its cost. Fair enough. The question is, why isn't Nemesis beast buffed too then? It would be toward a good direction if Nemesis defensive beast becomes the only Beast that is resistant to piercing damage (I really don't know why so many are weak to piercing). Also, additionally, remove the ice weakness, THEN, it would start to look good.
  6. There wasn't much balance changes even in the new version 5. Can we expect a huge balance patch soon?
  7. This is going to be a long post, so bear with me. The ONE big problem that conquest has, that most players absolutely hate, is the need to get online 24/7. I will start by saying this first. There is no amount of tweaking on SV that can make it less of a 24/7 event. SV has to go. Period. If SV is gone, how different would it make Conquest to war? The solution lies with a revamping of the entire event WITHOUT much tweak to, I believe, the coding behind the game. The proposed revamp, step by step, is as follows:- 1) Make an extremely large map where all alliances in a tier can fit. 2) Make conquest lasts for an entire month. 3) Get rid of the concept of SV. ALL battles, like war, last for 24 hours. 4) With SV gone, there must be something that the troops must do. Make them a multiplier to skull perk instead. For example, a 500 troop hero will have a 10% SP on a battle. 5) With SV gone, the same thing would be applicable to all towers. Make upgrading towers worthwhile by increasing the advantage on skull perk. 6) With an extremely large map and all alliances within a particular tier to fit in the map, make 'deals' an official thing. 7) To make deals an official thing in the game, create a team-up icon that players can see whenever 2 or more alliances join forces. 8 ) Create a huge pool of rewards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. The 'pool' is the total sum of rewards, that will be distributed among the teams. For example, if one of the rewards is 20 pro chests, and two alliances team up, then each team will get 10 pro chests. If 3 alliances team up, then each team gets 6 pro chests only (rounded down. There will be wasted rewards if one were to not be careful on the number of alliances one team up with). 9) Once 2 alliances team up, the team cannot be broken up until the end of the event, which will last for an entire month. If, for example, A and B team up, and C and D team up, AND if A and B wants C, they have to take in D too, making it a 4 alliances team up. In the above example, if team A, B, C, D win the Conquest, each alliance's member will get 5 pro chests each. 10) This means the more alliances one team up with, the bigger chance one might win, but will get lesser reward if they do due to it being distributed evenly. Also, since one cannot just 'break up' the deal, one must also be careful of 'politics' when making a deal. For example, if alliance A wants alliance B, but does not like alliance C who is already in a deal with alliance B, that will affect the decision on whether to team up. 11) The tech tree does not have to revamp much, since energy and stones are still applicable. The only thing is to change any attack/defense multiplier into skull perk multiplier. 12) The pace for Conquest will be much slower. The event will last for an entire month but not every day there will be battles. There will only be battles when war is declared, and that battle will last for an entire 24 hours. Since the map is also extremely large, the chances of a player being involved in the war that is declared is also much smaller, since everyone is spread out. BUT, in any event, as an individual player, he cannot get more than 1 battle per day anyway, due to Conquest mechanism, unless he is also defending as a Tower Guard, where on such occasions, it would just be a maximum of 2 battles on that particular day. This means that the need to login for 24/7 will be absolutely eradicated. 13) Since the pace for Conquest is much slower, it can coincide with any other ongoing events such as ninja or event the regular war. The scheduling can still be adjusted depending on players' feedback. 14) This proposal will also, at the same time, resolve the issue of 'bad matchmaking'. There won't be any issue of matchmaking if there is no matchmaking at all, since every alliance within a tier will be in one single huge map. Getting rid of both the need to be online 24/7 and matchmaking, I believe this proposal will make Conquest a good event for everyone.
  8. You already have the tools in the game to do it yourself. You can either kick them if you can't tolerate inactivity, or let them be if you choose not to lose members. If you tolerate them being inactive in conquest because you do not want to lose members, then that's your decision. Whether they get rewards or not will not bring any negative impact to your team. If you think that it affects the morale and sentiment of the team, then once again, exercise your discretion to kick them.
  9. This is not a bug. Any player kicked during conquest will not get the reward, even if you invite him back before conquest ends.
  10. 1 hour left. Flare didn't adjust the tier. Guess all I'm getting is 2 pro chests for top 20.
  11. The pro league tiers are getting more and more inaccurate. It's becoming worse week after week. Last week, I was ranked 60+ with only 2 pro chests. Just about 2-3 weeks ago, same thing as well. This week, the legitimate highest score that is sitting at rank 2 currently (rank 1 is already banned), is only getting 2 pro chests. In other words, there's only 1 day left and the de facto rank 1 is getting 2 pro chests. What's going on? If Flare is having difficulty setting tier score, then the old system should come back, i.e. rewards purely based on rankings. P.S. Just to add on, for those thinking Flare could just adjust the score every week. Well, they don't. Including the ongoing league, that would be the 3rd time I scored top 100 with 2 pro chests as rewards out of about 5 leagues recently. Yes, 3 out of 5 scoring top 100 with 2 pro chests. No doubt, when Flare feels like it, they can adjust the league score. But only if and when they feel like it. That is a horrible way to play the game. In other words, the "Flare could just adjust the score argument" does not hold water against wanting Flare to just go back to the old system. Clean and simple. This way, they can focus on banning cheaters instead of worrying about what would be the appropriate score every week.
  12. So ... I guess you can say... there's Easter eggs in this conquest. *Ba dum tsss
  13. Fully boosted defenses, with every single boosts available, is nothing but a joke now. Before guardian, defense is balanced, not overpowered. Now, the entire ladder ranking is a huge clown car where anyone can defeat anyone. To reach to the top, all you have to do is raid few hours continuously or, like some cheap alliances' tactic, get others to drop trophies and push you to the top.
  14. The purpose of balancing is indeed to bring more diversity by making other options more viable. However, flare only increased the offensive beast damage for 3 useless pals. Who's going to change from Fritz or Ceres now to Archimedes, nidhogg or growl, now that they have better normal attack in beast mode? If no one is, then the balancing brought literally nothing new to the table, which is sad because this is an entire new version, and not just a supplemental version to version 4.5. Anytime a developer touches a meta, there will be lots of noise, because it is meta. By definition, it can only be meta if statistically it has the best success rate by the largest number of players. Therefore, it takes a lot of confidence for a developer to drop the nerf hammer on a meta, as it affects the statistically largest successful game plan. This applies to every game. In the past, flare did it with toxic cloud, people still use it to this day. They did it with Ceres, paladins, ogre, wolves, people still use it to this day too. This time though, flare seems to have lost the confidence. Too afraid to receive any backlash perhaps. For this, I am utterly disappointed.
  15. Was waiting for a good balance patch, but wow, have never been more disappointed. So many players commented that offense is overpowered, and come version 5, offense is buffed even more? Hmmm ok.....
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