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  1. LacunaC

    New pro set?

    Here's how the items' stats are at Max level for chloris set, just to give you a rough idea. You can see for yourself and compare it to what you have in your shop since you're at level 115. Then decide for yourself if it's worth rushing the levels first 😃
  2. You don't gain trophies from attacking someone way above you. If I drop to 2k trophies, I can still attack top 10 ranked players in the leaderboard without getting any trophies from them. Plus, to sustain being low, since trophy will become such a liability at all times, I'll just open my base unless it's war or conquest.
  3. LacunaC

    New pro set?

    The difference is important if you want to have a proper end game, or you're willing to buy those items again when you reach max level. If medals aren't important to you, then my next suggestion is to get a full xp gear, one that is strong enough for you to easily farm any difficult base while getting as much xp. When I was at level 115 or so, with xp gear, and when there wasn't any event, I used to gain 1 level per week on casual play. When I was serious, there were times that I could even gain 2 levels per week. It's better to fast track all the way to level 130, then only start using your crystals for war gear. This may be a little selfish temporarily for your team, but in the long run, you'll be an asset to your team anyway. For xp gear setup, this is what I suggest (may cost a bit of crystals, but worth it if you want to speed up all the way to level 130) 1. Get the Omega sword, and reforge the second perk into slowdown perk. (alternatively, you can get the chloris axe which comes with the slowdown perk already, and you need the extra speed if your raiding style is more spell focused instead of unit focused) 2. Get the chloris ring and reforge second slot into XP perk. 3. get Chloris armor for the double XP 4. Zelos helmet 5. Omega Pauldrons with double scream (Zelos + omega pauldrons should give you 100% scream or close to it) 6. Chloris boots for the XP 7. Chloris Glove for the XP 8. The new sanzu cape can be good, with speed and extra leadership 9. uber item for belt, called 'imperial seal'. You can reforge the first slow and have 2 leadership perks on the belt. When you reach level 130, trust me, you will be happy to know that all items you get in whatever chests are of max quality (well, unless Flare adds more level to the game that is)
  4. LacunaC

    New pro set?

    Your initial post is worded as '130 level pro items', does it mean you are close to level 130 or you're just about to get level 130 items? If you're no where near level 130, use whatever skull perks you have, don't need to purposely get an entire new set of war gear as it will also become obsolete. Even with items level 130, the item quality still changes dramatically as you level up. You should focus on medal gear instead. Get both medal boots and cape. Reforge the other slots on those items if need be. Get the Ares glove and use bladestorm. It's one of the easiest spell in the game to use outside of war, and it enables you to attack much higher bases with gargoyles. Get the Omega sword instead of the new pro item, reforge the second slot into slow perk. It's a very powerful perk that can only be used outside war. It will help tremendously on your medal gear. If your medal gear is good, winning DL consistently won't be a problem, especially after flare fixed the dungeon exploit. The fastest way to progress is to be able to farm as much gems as possible. With tons more gems, you can always use it to skip forge cooldown during blacksmith event. This is where you'll able to fast track and catch up with any top players.
  5. LacunaC

    Bring back the dungeon petition

    Yup. something is wrong with you.
  6. LacunaC

    Bring back the dungeon petition

    Lumping players with similar trophies together can be exploited so easily. I can just drop all my trophies, but that doesn't affect the strength of my offense. I can still continue to fight any of the top 10 bases with 1k medal while being in competition with low trophy players. It renders medal bonus illusory too. 'Oh nice you are top 100, here's 10% medal bonus to you. You will be grouped with everyone else who also has the 10% medal bonus". Lumping players with similar level is worse. It's no longer 'congratulations, you leveled up!'. It'll be 'oh no, my condolences, you leveled up'. Levels will be a liability for players when it's supposed to be an advantage. Randomly placing players together is the fairest way since everyone is competing for the same reward. If you are still getting 34 medals per raid, it means you are way below your trophy range. It could mean that either your defense is so horrible that you keep losing trophies or your offense is so horrible that you keep losing raids. In either scenario, you don't deserve to win the league then.
  7. LacunaC

    Bring back the dungeon petition

    No thanks to both ideas lol
  8. You're ironically proving that the system works. You're not supposed to have the same chance to win. If you get 200+ medals per raid, and a 4000 trophy player gets 500+ medals, then you just need to fight more than twice the battle he does to win. That is the advantage he has for playing the game much longer and being at a higher trophy range than you. Really happy flare has gotten rid with the silly exploit.
  9. Flare's own system/ algorithm thinks offense is overpowered. Prior to the guardian update, I could still find bases with 1336 medal, the highest in the game, where the system recognizes as the highest difficulty. After the update, I could not find a single base with 1336 medal. Not.a If flare's own system/algorithm itself doesn't even think any base is difficult enough to reward the highest medal, then indeed something is wrong.
  10. @ARREBIMBA will now give you a long explanation on how that is silly and I'll like his post and agree to it =p
  11. The league has been reset. Someone broke the record again. The maximum medals you can get per raid is about 1336 medals, not including medal bonus and perks. With bonus and perks you can even go as high as 2500++ medals per raid.
  12. Getting 1400 medals per fight is possible without exploit.
  13. There's so much of talk. Why not just make a poll and ask the community if Phoebe should be nerfed, and if it should, should level 1-3 be nerfed as originally planned or Phoebe be nerfed as a whole, or no nerf at all.
  14. You can test it on a teammate's or friend's base without losing trophy. Don't even need bread for it.
  15. @AmpG5 @Entropy42 Use auto match, win 10-20 battles continuously, and you will naturally get to a trophy range where you will see more than 34 medals per raid in auto match. If you can't win 10-20 battles continuously, then take your time to understand the game. You'll be able to win leagues when you finally learn how to beat opponents consistently using auto match. Leagues are supposed to reward the better players anyway, so be the better player in order to get those rewards.