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  1. Still no patch on the crash bug? .......
  2. LacunaC

    Tile Cooldown for Wars in Conquest

    I don't think even having as much as 6 hours cooldown will solve the problem, as players will then be forced to come online within 6 hours. The best solution is to allow players to queue an action. Sort of like a standing instruction. For example, if I'm in a battle at tile A1, I should be able to queue a move to tile A4. The move to A4 will be implemented as soon as the battle is over regardless of whether I'm online or not. This will keep the pace of the game for those who want more action, without forcing players to come online.
  3. Potential workaround would be to swap out yeti with normal ninjas via a server maintenance. Simple solution where no one will actually lose anything. Don't overthink it.
  4. Yes there is. Many different ways. For example, Flare could've made pro league super super super super tough, but unlimited time to try. This will automatically make having multiple accounts redundant. It will also give players more things to do, grinding and trying to beat the weekly pro league to get a higher score.
  5. What happens to the monthly crown symbol? It is now a limited edition thing where we will never have the chance to ever get it? lol Also, inb4 those who will come and complain that they have already bought tickets just before the implementation. Having a discounted price is one thing, but removing what you can potentially get from the tickets that are already bought with higher price is just going to backfire on you. Looks like Flare never learn.
  6. You saw how small the map was, and you should've placed more players to defend the tower. The issue wasn't that the opponents were way out of your league right? If it isn't a matchmaking problem, then it's your strategy that's bad. Many players have complained conquest being too boring and they don't want to spend the first day of the event just walking around. Flare listened and made the map smaller. Can't have your cake and eat it too. Perhaps you should enjoy the faster pace of the event, while adapting a strategy to fight your opponents instead.
  7. Hey guys, this is a video overexplaining the use of donkey with medal gear and without insta (the reason for not using insta is so that one can raid continuously for medals without the need to wait for insta donation from allies). The donkey is still level 1, but with it, one can reasonably get 2000 medals per raid if one is within top 100.
  8. I've been wondering... why do I need another donkey to upgrade my existing donkey? Makes sense to feed them pal treats so that they get nutrients and grow stronger. So now they practise cannibalism too? The donkey eats another donkey and grows stronger?
  9. It's back to the meta where the game is all about gate towers 😃 Stack up 4-6 gate towers during war and conquest, mandatory. Then start training yourself to score 100% killing all gate towers. Version 4.4 -- Gate Tower defense game
  10. LacunaC

    Donkey -- the only guardian you need

    Rarity means nothing. I mean, Nemesis is rare and very expensive.... =D
  11. LacunaC

    Donkey -- the only guardian you need

    You'll get persecuted if they nerf Ceres and Pal Flute because of your comment hahahahahahahaha On a more serious note, the Donkey did a LOT at level 1, by giving start morale at the start when I use it, giving me my stone dragon much earlier, and it allows me to speed run toward the gate after I killed the beast, so that I can start hitting the gate tower earlier before my units caught up with me. These 2 extra things is A LOT for just a level 1 guardian. Of course, it takes a bit to practise using war gear to get 100% without scroll, using donkey.... but hey, it's doable.
  12. LacunaC

    Donkey -- the only guardian you need

    Level 1 donkey. Now imagine how much easier it would be when I level it up 😃
  13. As I'm calling out first, that donkey is the most powerful guardian, here's a video to show you how you can score 100% at war with donkey without scroll. Who needs any other guardian when donkey can get you that 100% even in war? 😃
  14. I'm gonna call it first, here and now, then I'm gonna quote myself with this timestamp here to the next player who spent tons of money on royal guardians -- The donkey will be the best guardian regardless of how much you spend on getting the rarer ones.
  15. It's probably the same bug i posted above. The donkey is blocked by your own units, due to the collision box that the developers forget probably. Try summoning your guardian when you're not surrounded by your own units and see if it makes a difference. If there's no problem using it when no units are surrounding you, then it's the same bug.