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  1. Why not phoebe in shop?

    To make things worse, I believe they have secretly nerfed the pro chests that are bought with crystals. When pro league was first introduced I get a lot of pro items from the pro chests bought with crystals. These days it's just pearls and food.
  2. Allow to pause game longer

    I am asking for what seems like a 5 minutes pause limitation to be extended to 15 minutes. How much more can a person abuse it?
  3. Allow to pause game longer

    Yes. I've done that before many times. I've raided other players while the symbol of that sword thing is beside my gold amount. If I wait, the Queen will come and "announce" how much I saved if the raider failed, but if I raid while the sword symbol is on, I will just miss the Queen's "announcement".
  4. Allow to pause game longer

    I meant in the middle of raid, sorry for the lack of clarity. When you pause in the middle of raid after a certain time the timer starts running again even though you didn't unpause
  5. Allow to pause game longer

    It doesn't really affect you, apart from the little sword icon beside your gold, where if you click on it, your queen will just tell you how much the raider is trying to steal. You can still do whatever you want.
  6. It's annoying when you pause the game because you have to run some errands but there is a very short limit to it, like maybe just 5 minutes. Sometimes, answering a simple phone call can take longer than even 5 minutes. Please extend it to like maybe 15 minutes.
  7. The update was supposed to increase Eris Pal primary attack by 20%, yet it still shows 1.20 attack rate, same as the last time. @FTB @flaretara
  8. Compensation when crash bug is fixed?

    Do you mind posting the screenshot of the answer from support? At least everyone here in the forum will know that there will be no compensation.
  9. How many of you have spent tons of gems on raids which crash? Should Flare give some compensation? If so, what compensation do you think we should get from Flare?
  10. Perhaps another solution is to add function to scream, i.e. units cannot be confused while being under the influence of scream, just like how a unit cannot be stunned by ogre or slow by froster. In fact, screaming at a confused unit to snap him or her out of confusion makes more sense than screaming a unit out of state of frozen or concussion.
  11. With so many new pals up and coming, it would be nice for the next pal event to have a 50% discount in pal treats required to level up a pal. I'm sure many would buy pal chests to make use of the event if such discounts were implemented, i.e. lvl 10 would cost 125000 instead of 250000 pal treats.
  12. Let's consider your point on bladestorm being overpowered instead of other spells being underpowered. If firebolt pro boost is removed, and bladestorm is nerfed to 4.5, with all other new defensive pro boosts still in play, do you think offense is overpowered or defense is overpowered instead?
  13. So you acknowledged that my intention was so that Firestorm can co-exist with the new Bladestorm by having them have their own advantages. What I don't get is, what's your reason for not wanting the new Bladestorm? Are you a Bladestorm user and you actually think the old one is better? If you're not a Bladestorm user then why bother? It doesn't affect your gameplay if you are a Firestorm user.
  14. It's ironic how you said you're not missing the point, after I explicitly said the main point was about firebolt, yet, you didn't mention anything about it. (Plus, it's in the title) Secondly, it's because bladestorm is very similar to firestorm now, just better in almost every aspect, Flare can either nerf bladestorm or buff firestorm. If they do that, bladestorm is no longer like Firestorm. Firestorm will then be the spell with the longest range in the entire game. The reason I suggest this is to make it as a counter for firebolt. And I repeat, sure, nerfing both bladestorm AND firebolt IS a possible solution, just one where, in my opinion, isn't desirable as it will just reset the game back to where it was few months ago prior to the buff on bladestorm and pro boost firebolt, instead of moving forward. (Once again, note that I've already mentioned that it is of little significance whether bladestorm is nerfed back to the original range of just 2.5 or it is nerfed to 4.5 because what matters is whether it can reach the opposite path or not). This is, once again I repeat, suggested on account of most pro boosts being defensive, hence, moving forward means buffing offense, not nerfing any of them.
  15. Your logic is odd, that someone should get used to bitterness because you were bitter too? More importantly, this is a suggestion to resolve something else, but it looks like many here are missing the point. It's Firebolt. Those who were on point for the discussion correctly pointed out that we can just nerf firebolt instead, hence, there are only 2 scenarios:- 1) Nerf Firebolt to the point where there is no need to buff Firestorm 2) Buff Firestorm to counter Firebolt. Bladestorm was only used as a reference point to show how buffing FIrestorm will not make it overpowered as it still loses out on many aspects compared to Bladestorm. BUT, take note, nerfing bladestorm itself won't solve the firebolt problem. Sure, one can nerf firebolt AND bladestorm, but that would just render the game back to how it was months ago where majority will use firestorm again instead of bladestorm. It doesn't matter if Bladestorm is nerfed to 4.5 only instead of the original 2.5, since it still cannot reach the opposite path. Firestorm will once again then be the obvious choice to deal with Tempest. However, as explained, scenario (2) will be the better solution as it keeps the game more balanced. If there is no obvious choice of spell, and one has to decide between having Bladestorm which is better against tempest, barricades, heal towers, blockades etc etc or Firestorm which is way better at destroying those powerful firebolts, then I would say that the strength between these two spells are more balanced. p.s. of course, this is just based on my on experience, but I truly believe many will abandon bladestorm and swap back to Firestorm if Bladestorm is nerfed to 4.5 range.