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  1. Almost every game has various leaderboards just for fun. It doesn't have to involve additional rewards that changes the gameplay. I.e leaderboards for xp (even if there's a cap on level there's no cap on xp), highest stat, such as luck perk, SP, even unit perks. To not disrupt the balance of the game, cosmetic rewards can be given. Such as, if a person has the highest perk recorded for pyromancer, his pyromancer can have a new skin colour, one that glows or something. Another example would be the hero with the highest luck perk can have a rabbit face instead of a human one, etc etc. It's just for fun and for bragging rights.
  2. Why i still collect exp after lvl 130?

    Get 6 billion xp and you're safe haha
  3. Why i still collect exp after lvl 130?

    Can anyone who was previously at 120 when it was the cap, confirm whether their exp got carried over when it was increased to 130? I suppose a similar mechanism will apply if they increase the cap to 140 or 150 then.
  4. Healing Tower's range inconsistency (?)

    There's a very simple way to verify it. Remove the skull tower within the circle, and see if your spikes still gets healed.
  5. Healing Tower's range inconsistency (?)

    There is a possibility that it was actually trying to heal your skull tower, but because it's healing has a relatively huge area of effect, it heals the spikes as well.
  6. Pal PL

    There's nothing wrong with Phoebe. Flare just wants pro league to be difficult so they put a lousy pal in. =P
  7. Disconnected after participating in PL

    Same here, kicked out after I clicked to participate in the pro league.
  8. The pro boost relies on luck and sometimes it gets very odd results, such as too many confusion or none at all in a raid. Instead of a percentage, make every 8th or 10th arrow (or any other number that is balanced) that it fires to cause confusion so it'll be consistent.
  9. Last minute notification AGAIN

    Events have always started on Thursday after war and Wednesday after Ninja. They did announce 24 hours before it starts via in game. The only exception was during community month where events started on Monday.
  10. Community week bug

    It's working already. Had to restart 5 times. Thanks lol
  11. Community week bug

    I restarted the game many times after event has started but I'm not getting it. Pearls aren't x3 and slots aren't cheaper.
  12. Gala so you are revenging?

    I don't think the forum members have problems about Gala enforcing the rules, it is the motive behind the enforcement that members have problems with. When Gala selectively enforced the rule in such a suspicious timing, one cannot helped but wonder if it was just about revenge. Coupled with the fact that Gala keeping quiet on way more important issues, this becomes a bigger problem. For example, Gala was tagged in this thread:- Yet, there was no response from Gala even though it was a very important issue. So when Gala chose to police a member's avatar instead, it feels like a slap in the face.
  13. First and foremost, complexity involved in understanding the game should be distinguished from mastering the game. Understanding the new proposed system is actually a very simple one. Finding out those little minute details of "what if" takes time but these things are inherent in all games, including RR2. For example, it is extremely simple for a player to learn about the new "pal" system. However, it takes time for a player to learn about all the minute details about the pal system which will not hinder the enjoyment of the game (for example, some experienced players I know just figured out that in the pal system, pals and even defensive beasts get stronger as you level up). To address your specific example of a minute detail, top 5 can be manually picked, failing which, the default top 5 at the start of the war will be selected. IF a player doesn't understand at first, he will do so most probably after going through just one war. An emblem can be given to these top 5, which will represent the top 5 best defenses in the team. Players will definitely be happy to have such recognition for their effort in improving their defenses. I know there are plenty more minute details, but those can slowly be ironed out. I can even give examples of them, such as what if one of the "top 5" drops out of war, or how the system can co-exist with the "war shield" etc etc. As to "mastering the game", complexities are actually welcomed. The complexity involved in determining which base will give you more skulls is a complexity that adds diversity and depth to strategy. I honestly believe most players will have no qualms for such complexities as long as the basic concept is easy to comprehend. As to your last point, it isn't just about addressing LB issue. It provides meaningful layers to having a good defense, as mentioned in the first post here, that even if player A and player B bases got destroyed, there will be something to "reward" the one with better defense nonetheless.
  14. Hence, this alternative suggestion in this thread will be the best of both worlds, at a little expense of "complexity". It gives the player the option to retain gate towers, at the risk of the raider completing the base with more remaining time. Although the proposed solution isn't a straightforward one, it is one that addresses many other complex system in the game, including LB. Hence, I don't think it's "fair" to expect a less complex fix to a balancing issue caused by the inherently complex system of the game. By "complex", i meant, game mechanics wise. Furthermore, the proposed solution seems simple in comparison to the LB system. If I can sum it up in a simple paragraph below that can be comprehended by most players, i deem it "simple" enough. So here's my attempt:- "During war, attacking the top 5 players without scrolls or revive entitles you to gain bonus skulls on remaining time left, at a ratio of 1 additional skull per second. Outside of war, bonuses are applied to any raids, regardless of whether scrolls or revives are used, at a ratio of 0.5% extra gold and xp per second left in the raid." Not to hard to understand eh? =)
  15. For normal play there shouldn't be a problem, cause if someone wants to gem and get better time to have more bonuses on xp or gold, well.... That's up to him.