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  1. I check this requests easy and quick, all in one place, this is a good thing.
  2. I didn't use or equipped petrify on no unit to prove this and even the hero spell MG on GK. GK goes down fast when attacked by phonix and hero in like 4 sec, GK had no time to cast the MG spell... Thank you but this 2 things are not related
  3. There is a simple test you can do to find out this . Attack yourself with Perseus and reach your gatekeeper (Perseus, I am choosing him for his shield and amasing reflect bonus), on it's own the attacking Perseus cannot take him down (in my case) or takes him down slow BUT.... add one long range unit in the mix, and the unstoppable gatekeeper goes down fast. I have resistance on GK it's not that the Phonix hurts him with 🔥, I done auto attacks with Cadmus with hordes of units all type, GK one shots them all. Its a reflect bug, it somehow amplifies the damage reflected.
  4. 1 The Titan window always full and active 2 Vizit the Titan window daily to get and give 3 Finish war at max points, the last chests give Titan 5 stars meaning 5 Titan items in one chest 4 Finish the Odyssey at least with 4 chests 5 Try to be in top 100 for that + 3 points bonus 6 Always have prestige active for +1 point 7 Buy all the offers for heroes equipment 8 Buy the Titan forbidden power offer 9 Leveling up gives you one Titan 10 Max your resources in war period so that the chests drop only equipment, especially last ones 11 a. Collect purple items and forge it to gold b. Collect gold item and forge it to red c. Collect red Titan items and forge it to 5️⃣ 🌟 IMPORTANT: Pile up the Titan (fivestars)to be used later on, on amazing green items that have special atributes like frost demolition reflect etc. I recommend to wait until lvl 145 and above and keep the items with numbers exceeding 33.000 points ... except life on hit 2.000 regeneration 20.000 special powers 15.000 leadership 500 area damage 500 . Happy hunting hope it helped, so.... 🔥🔥 SUPERforge it 🔥 🔥 then use 🌋⚒️🌋 THE MEGA FORGE 🌋⚒️🌋
  5. Does ice resistant reduce the frost damage also? The bonus of frost applies to attack speed? .. or just raw damage ?
  6. How about ... a third arrow "➡️➡️➡️"of speed on auto play please?? "➡️➡️➡️
  7. 3 spots free for experienced players, common guys the winter is coming.. I mean war is starting
  8. I have 2 cursed chests in that vid , I am afraid to open, I always get dublicates ?
  9. Thanks, I didn't found yet the second unique for Artemis and also the unique for all ( as the apple ) before the update.
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