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  1. Dc

    When I am in a battle and ... anyone makes a attack I automatically get disconnected and lose the battle.
  2. Update bug

    NO daily gifts for me?!?!?no more?
  3. Yes.... spells are a pain to upgrade at MAX level, and Odyssey on MAX skulls takes up a lot of books. So how many players play at MAX like this?? I am a old maxed player and even I don`t know what to do whit all this wisdom. No.. there is to much wisdom , it needs its purpose, and forging a Unique takes time is a hard and rare task, we ca spare books but we cannot spare coins anymore.
  4. Can you please put books as payment instead?? I am making incredible items from green to titan with gold! I am doing high level Odyssey with gold! I am upgrading Unique items every level with gold! I am donating to the alliance with gold! I am forging cursed items with gold! I am re-rolling masteryes with gold! Meanwhile all the books are pilling on, I have all my heroes on gold for 4 months now. Think about it.... you need knowledge to unlock this rare items.. right? Makes sense to me. Can you?? Please!! Thank you.
  5. Hello everyone. I am making this post to try to help you choose a better task by re-rolling instead of paying that 1000 break curse fee. Below I will put what me and my alliance discovers, I will edit more in with time and you can also reply at this post with a screen shot of a task. Thank you, here we go!!
  6. HeR0eS

    Yes, currently Heroes Training camp and Heroes are maxed , I have tho other 2 alliances that do not have a Officer, one of them is almost maxed as lvl and already has 10 members the other is small and had 2, are you interested in leading?
  7. Introducing GalaMorgane

    Welcome nice to have you
  8. HeR0eS

    Sure, I sent by mistake 2 invites just go with the one for TrainingCamp, thanks