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  1. Connection lost when i try to attack island, started since i updated to latest live update few mins ago Olympus Rising_2018-07-18-17-03-04.mp4 Any clue or help would be nice Regards to all
  2. yes my victory points have also been reseted couple of times to 0 points from the start of this war and i have reached the first godlike at the very start of war when i was spending all of the furys that i had at the start of war, and i also get the notification at the start of war that we had no oponents but when i clicked the war button in upper middle screen it showed me the opponent and the war map.also fury recharges at abnormal speed say for 3 hours i got like 4 furys per hero and every time the victory points score are reseted to 0 you get to open the 1st blessed chest like you didnt spend no furys before for now i have opened my 3rd blessed chest in this war wich is the first chest you get after wining 2k victory points.there are many bugs here gentlemen and i wish you to fix them fast because the things aint right for quite some time now and me and i guess a lot of old players are starting to lose interest in game like i am and with all the new nerfs that are anounced most of us would have no real reason to continue playing.sorry folks but that is the reallity in this case and i think that you all know this to be a fact very well.good luck in solving this bunch of bugs
  3. Or is it by any chance something like this 250k gold for alliance hall lvl 10+30% alliance donation from celestial boosts 75k gold=325k gold 325k gold+30% loyalty bonus 97,5k gold=422,5k gold the numbers match and in case this is right this is the max donation that any member can achieve for now... if this above is correct @Warriornator is right fictive number is not correct its 97.5k and not 126.750k(that s why its called fictive☺️) for loyalty bonus at+30% while the celestial boost is active giving also +30% donation bonus. so if the donations have no bug and i was wrong in my first post in this topic at least make this fictive number real,display the correct amount that we are giving in my case its 97.5k and not 126.750k and if the loyalty bonus is already included in the amount in the yellow rectangle dont show it twice(its fictive fake from above)but show it how it is and/or remove the + sign to avoid future confusion so that we dont end up in adding the number above to the total daily donation amount.either way something has to change here please developers sort this out for us. thanks in advance regards bros from Dejonius
  4. Warriornator if 422.500 gold is the total daily donation amount then why is there on the display above +126.750 gold? then the + should be removed from the display this way its very confusing and it makes us all think that we donate more than we do actually... i would also like to see opinion from @CaptainMorgan
  5. hello all about new types of donations i also encounter a bug or something like that i have max alliance hall and the loyalty bonus +30% and celestial boost +30% donation bonus maybe i am wrong but let somebody who knows explain how this works really i had 6.496.903 gold in alliance vault and donate daily 422.500 gold+126.750 loyalty bonus=549.250 gold donation per day from me with that in mind when i place donation i should have 7.046.153 gold in alliance vault but instead of that i have 6.919.403 gold in alliance vault so it means that either i dont give gold for loyalty bonus per day or that the loyalty bonus is counted in those 422.500 gold but then why is it displayed like+126.750? in hope that someone can solve this out here is a link for video also to prove and explain my point cheers to all
  6. Also area damage on statue info show now much less than it used to be the statue is now much weaker by the look on the stats the physical is now better than before I used to have 88% on statue and now it's 90% for same amount of physical points.cheers
  7. Hello to all Join us +lvl 70 players and +50k donators to have fun United and all others who are willing to progress!!! Language in chat is English and we also have a Viber chat group to share info experience discuss over troubled questions to help each other and have fun.we have members from all around the world so don't wait too long to join us after all the war is coming soon so don't waste your chance to win prizes and prove yourself and all that goes hand in hand wih your personal progress if you decide to join us.7 divine blessings active and in good gold balance atm.no extra donations rule imposed just donate daily act friendly in chat and be decently active for your lvl in wars Cheers to all and good luck.??? Regards from Деjoниус Founder of Ortodox brothers
  8. hello EK13 ask CaptainMorgan to promote you to the rank of Founder you will need to answer some questions first and when you do that right and get the rank only then you can promote someone else to your old rank the General and leave you to the rank you got cheers bro!!!
  9. As always thanks alot CaptainMorgan I will get in touch with them right away Thank you very much for your support and help sir,it's much appreciated Kind regards old friend!!!
  10. Hello bros How are you? I need help for one of my friends from alliance who played Olympus rising He used to play this game on his laptop/windows but recently he crashed his laptop and could not play it anymore so he turned inactive in the past 2 wars .He also have his Android phone but didn't played Olympus rising on it.I suggested him to try and log in to his account from laptop on his android phone but he said when he tried to install the game,that on android he has to start all over again from 0 and he was ascension 100+ back on laptop/windows.so I wonder can he somehow connect his progress from his old account from Windows to a brand new account on Android.it would really mean a great deal to me and him if anyone could help him because he is one of my oldest officers always active and in good spirit for almost 2 years now.thanks to all in advance any clue would be much appreciated.regards to all from Dejonius Founder of Ortodox brothers
  11. ??????Go Pouria?????? Retreated 3 times and gave him 15 trophies per retreat and then he was gone from the map. I am also going for the 14k trophies to boost my Pheme.good luck Pouria and stay strong bro. Dejonius Founder of Orthodox brothers
  12. please consider to add divine blessings to Lapetos and Hydra towers in your next update best regards folks
  13. Dejonius

    When a new update?

    hi bros yes bro you are right many players reach near end of all upgrades, but i think that they will allow us to upgrade only 3 things in the new update and those are: 1.Wave max lvls in the Guardhouse 2.Units max lvls in the Academy 3.Power max lvls in the Shrine cheers
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