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  1. please consider to add divine blessings to Lapetos and Hydra towers in your next update best regards folks
  2. When a new update?

    hi bros yes bro you are right many players reach near end of all upgrades, but i think that they will allow us to upgrade only 3 things in the new update and those are: 1.Wave max lvls in the Guardhouse 2.Units max lvls in the Academy 3.Power max lvls in the Shrine cheers
  3. strike won/lost message

    i noticed that also,the message says that we won strike against ourselves
  4. forging unique items

    yes it does,you told me exactly what i needed to know thanks alot for your answer HOLYDIVINE Cheers bro!!!
  5. forging unique items

    Infamous thanks for the tip and your support on this one bro its appreciated so what say you @CaptainMorgan
  6. forging unique items

    hello bros from the first titan battle chest that ive opened in this war i got the unique item-dragon scale-shield for cadmus because im at the very end of ascension lvl 127 i started to forge it once already and it takes about 6 days to finish but in the meantime until this forge ends i will be at ascension lvl 128 Question:If i get to ascension lvl 128 before my forge ends will i be able to forge it once more in 128 ascension lvl or do i have to wait for forge to finish and stay in 127 ascension lvl stop the workers and when the forge is finished to continue building and upgrading until i reach ascension lvl 128 and then to forge it again? in hope that you can help me sort this out Kind regards to all from Dejonius
  7. Disconnection when opening titan chest

    Hey bros when I woke up this morning I tried once again to break the curse and now I've done it without disconnections but didn't open it yet.cheers👍
  8. Disconnection when opening titan chest

    Hello brothers I still have the same problem like many of you when trying to break the curse on titan rewards chest it disconnects and reconnect again but still the curse on titan chest remains unbroken.ign Dejonius Founder of Ortodox brothers
  9. Guys, word of advice ..

    I agree with that last line about global chat!!! This is a good thing and will do us all good so developers should really consider this as a next update upgrade and all serious players should support this
  10. help

    Hello CaptainMorgan, thanks for your reply sir. The war is over so it dont matter anymore. Altho i wouldnt like to see this bug again.It did cost me some nerves thruout the war but its over now. I wonder will you give me something to compensate for this bug? And i want to tell you that i saw one more thing... After the war when you enter the spoils of war to see how much did members individually participated in war you dont see the correct scores but some other that dont match.i noticed it with few war scores that i folowed all the time and after the war and they do not seem right.I need the correct scores to see who to promote and who to demote in alliance if you know what i mean😀.i will folow scores in the next war also and will take some screenshots to compare it to the score list after the war and if something is still wrong i will post it here for you to of luck in finding and solving this bugs. Kind regards from Dejonius
  11. help

    Hello bro Thanks for reply But look again in pictures And you will see that i get long war fury recharge In a short war with all 3 heroes at max lvl. Kind Regards from Dejonius
  12. help

    comparate the fury countdown timer in the pictures,something is wrong? my heroes are at max lvl so this should be one hour shorter per hero fury recharge if i am right? kind regards dejonius
  13. game crash

    hello tomaxo i am on android
  14. Ideas for a new Titan.

    Yes i agree, and as a hero i may add Pallas