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  1. Challenge not available for me. Like 2 weeks ago... Last week I could take part...
  2. Tyamat


    Will we see an update? Last update was 24.4... It's almost 3 month now... Or did the devs already give up?
  3. Tyamat

    Boss Hunt Season Feedback

    Well, 2 seasons with 2 exclusive pets - we can't 5 star... Just hope they don't add a 3rd season now without a way to 5 star the pets...
  4. Tyamat

    Bugs, Gold Gains...

    1. I got the tentakel pet to 5 stars. The last ability says: 20% more token... Where or when? Opened a video chest with tokens with the pet out. Got the same amount then without the pet. We don't have smashables. Beside video chests and shop we only get token when ascending. Broken ability or when does it work? 2. "Most killed enemies" or what it is called in english doesn't work for the current game: 3. Gold gains... You nerfed the gold gains from (video) chests to slow down the progress. OK... But what you did was way to much. I have some numbers: Few days ago upgrade costs for the highest item was 251aa. A video chest gave 62aa, a normal chest 31aa with a 4 star ape. That's about 4 video chests for a single upgrade or 8 normal chests. Without the ape pet it was 24,8aa in video chest, 12,4aa in normal - more then 10 video chests for a single upgrade, more then 20 normal chest. Seriously? The shop chest for 80 gems (about 2€) gave 424aa with ape, 169aa without. Less then 2 upgrades for 2€??? And that only with the ape... Now upgrade costs are 1,75bb. A video chest would give 226aa, normal 113aa - both with ape. That's 8 video chests or 16 normal for a single upgrade. 80 gems shop offer: 1,55bb - not even a single upgrade for 2€... WTF are you thinking? I just try to hit the 360th floor to get some more token from chests. Going for higher floors would take weeks or months... Fix the chests!!! Edit: Forgot something... Gold amount from chests is static now but upgrade costs raise with every level. So the number of needed chests for an upgrade raises too...
  5. Tyamat

    Bugs, Gold Gains...

    1. Just saw when I have the tentakel pet out when I ascend I get more token. Without pet 982k, with pet 990k. 8k more. So it's 20% of what? Almost useless... My cheapest upgrade is 7 mio token.
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    MAX GOLD...again!

    TTT bug is still there...
  7. Tyamat

    Random game crashes iPhone 6

    Since last update a lot of ads crash my game to "desktop" too...
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    Boss Hunt Season Feedback

    Something like special boxes for 500 gems with a chance to get cat tokens...
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    In some way you are right... But in it's current state the game is ruined already... With the mystery chest nerf we got last update progress is almost impossible. Maybe 2 month ago I could reach floor 300. Now I can get to floor 330 ... wow! Next milestone would take days, maybe weeks - days/weeks I couldn't do most bounties.
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    POLL...Gold booster

    What's your highest floor? The booster is useless at higher floors (1000+, maybe earlier). Long term player can easily go for floor 4000+. Will take weeks and all the time the booster is useless. You will not even get a single upgrade. I guess it would need some hours non stop boost for a single upgrade. My booster is level 46 now, lasts 2 minutes with a cooldown of 7 hours and 20 or 30 minutes. Each level will raise the cooldown for something like 10 minutes. It is only usefull at the beginning of a boss hunt. There I get like 60-80 Upgrades. When it is up again it is down to something like 2-5 upgrades. If I can use it a 3rd time I barely get a single upgrade out of it. All my pets are maxed (not the cat). Before the booster we got a good amount of gold for extra pet fragments. This way I was able to kill 90+ bosses in a boss hunt (back the not all my pets were maxed). Now I usually max out at 50 bosses. Before my teams often could finish a boss hunt. Now I rarely see a finished hunt with max milestones (tried the 2nd season hunt now for the 3rd time and it looks like we will fail again).
  11. Tyamat

    Boss hunt

    Old problem...
  12. Tyamat

    Update 2.0

    I'm not impressed too. Opened 20 mega boxes I had collected from bounties - not a single kitty fragment (can we get the cat already?) - well, did a "reset" to get the boxes back, all other pets are maxed...
  13. Tyamat

    No challenge for me... Again

    Well, there was no announcement and no challenge. Facebook shows others with the same problem. Using a Doogee x5max_pro with android 6.0. The sad thing: I don't really care. There is so much wrong with the game and no update for a long time... Chests are broken - sorry, "balanced"... Videos not working correctly... If they work often another problem happens (enemies don't fall and you have to restart the app)...
  14. Tyamat

    No challenge for me... Again

    And once again...
  15. Tyamat

    POLL...Gold booster

    It's useless because gold drops don't scale... Player without 5* pets will not care. They got a little boost. But it's a slap in the face for long term players and/or spenders...
  16. Tyamat

    No challenge for me... Again

    Once again ... no challenge. Should have started 30 minutes ago. No challenge, no announcement ingame...
  17. Tyamat

    POLL...Gold booster

    Right at the beginning of a boss hunt it gives some upgrades (maybe 80-100). 2nd time you can use it, it is down to 2-3 upgrades, 3rd time ... maybe a single upgrade? In adventure mode it is useless in higher levels. Mine is lvl 44, almost all pets are 5*. Mega boxes are useless now for me. Before they gave a lot of gold or fragments for the last pets I had to develop. Now I can only hope for useful fragments. Before I could help a lot in boss hunts with the gold from mega boxes I got between boss hunts. Now... I just take part and kill some bosses... All in all the booster is more or less useless ... and for me it was a big nerf...
  18. Tyamat

    Rare super ads not working?

    Can you switch off the gold booster too till you have fixed the gold gains from killing mobs and give us back the gold for fragments for 5 star pets? Currently the gold booster is pointless at higher floors in adventure mode and boss hunt...
  19. Tyamat

    Weekend Raffle

  20. Tyamat

    No challenge for me... Again

    Maybe it's just a short time frame we have to join the challenge? Both times I checked about 6 hours after start when there was no challenge available...
  21. The update killed the gold from video chests for me. Currently a video chests gives about half or with luck a full upgrade for my highest item (6 upgrades before). Gold offers in the shop are low too... Edit: Looks like they don't update and give the same amount of gold every time. So first may be 6 upgrades, 2nd only 5 and so on...
  22. Tyamat

    Ugrade & chest bug

    You better hit the X to close the ad. Should give you more money (about 30% of the upgrade costs of the highest item). Not sure who thought it is a good idea, most likely not a mathematician.
  23. My feedback: This "balancing" is fail. Sorry...
  24. Tyamat

    Mystery Box Rewards After 1.9.0 Update

    Bug seems to be back again...