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  1. Spartan

    Optimizing the Forum Structure & Contents

    What can I say. I can’t agree more with you.!!
  2. Yayyyy Here are my Lazy Gods From .Leonidas. (Spartan Wars) team.!!
  3. Spartan


    I have been playing this game since May of 2016. During all this time I have found out that with EVERY single update Flare makes this game more and more expensive to play. they have currently nerfed at one point all heroes. Athena the worst by almost 50%. And Ajax. Just a tiny point. -- how long did you have to play to unlock Athena.??? How long did you have to play to raise Athena lo level 20.??? How lo g did it take to max her powers.?? How much did you pay to unlock all her power slots.??? If you did you earned her powers, just to be cut down at a wimp. Now. Ask youself the same thing on Ajax. How long did it take to bring him to level 20.?? Just a small stat ----> to reach level 19 is 14Million experience, and Level 20 is 20 million experience which translates to 700+ fights just to reach that level. But if you were crazy enough, then you could have paid your way which is way more than $100 real dollars to put in the trash can. How about his powers.?? That you had to spend an eternity to unlock and upgrade.??? All a waste of time and energy. But what about those titan chest.??? The same shit. $4.99 which equals 500 gems to get one (if you don't earn them in war time) and their content is complete shit too. This game is all about a scam, after a scam, after a scam. Just making you buy and spend gems at all cost. If you ask me, they are just trying to kill the game and re-route their players to other games like Royal Revolt 2 which come out in their pop up spam now every day.!! All in all my days of spending real money in this game have been over for months now.!! And the only thing that keeps me here is the social side of it which ironically takes place outside of the game itself too.!! Good day to you all.!! And Go Go Wayward.!!
  4. Spartan

    Odysseus Defends His Honor

    Some technical dificulties but made it
  5. Hello Guys: Alliance ----> Rise of Spartans General ----> .Leonidas.
  6. Spartan

    Alysea's challenge - Helen's seduction

    A crazy Helen field trip
  7. Spartan

    Olympus Rising Quiz

    1- Which Hero(es) have an innate resistance to fire. -Cadmus, Prometheus, Achilles. 2- Which playable characters in Olympus Rising are descendants of other playable characters according to Greek Mythology. - Hercules, Helen, Perseus & Athena 3- Which Playable character really unleashed Prometheus and which chained him - Hercules unleashed him - Zeus had him chained 4- Which playable characters actually lived on Mount Olympus according to Greek Mythology - Athena and Zeus 5- How do Hercules (Or Heracles) and the Argolic Gulf relates to Greek Mythology. - Eurystheus, King of Tiryns, sent Hercules to slay the Lerneaen Hydra as 2nd of set of labours he had to complete, in order to redeem himself for killing his family. The swamp of Lerna lied at top most point of the argolic gulf. 6- Which playable character had a relationship with the god of our wisdom producing building (Dionysus) - Ariadne 7- On which social media platforms can you find an official Olympus Rising Channel. - Discord - Facebook 8- Which playable characters in Olympus Rising are siblings of Hercules - Athena, Perseus & Helen 9- Hercules or Heracles.? Why.? - They are the same person. Because Heracles was originally the name given by the Greeks and Hercules was by the Romans.
  8. Spartan

    Captain Morgan's Challenge - Zeus Killer

    Lazy Zeus. Sharing his wisdom with every peasant along the way ? Didn'tmake it in time home for supper