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  1. Hello, I am getting simmilar or maybe the same problem. But for me it is not even during the game, the problem is that game crash the all PC, showing the window only blue colour or brown or any other and than blocking the game totaly and if you want to go back in I must shut down because after the crash all the screen is black and game is finished. It was never happen before, these thing lats for last few days. I playing this game per loptop windows.
  2. oh i see you also hiting RL players, i am hitting them too :))) some of them should be very angry on me because of me they loose lot of trophies lol And now about the discconects yes this is nonses. Flare have to fix it. Also i just try your base, 3 times, all lost but now i know how to defeat your base. As you see i use less army but when i find the way just spells and go for it
  3. Hello, I attacked 2 times player Franks Reich1. both times i when i destroyed gates, automaticaly got disconnect from the game and lost trophies ? Is this a bug? Attacked player is in Drachen Orden guild. My ingame name LietuviS8
  4. keep thanking, but they did not fixed the crash. Game still crashing when you use donkey as guardian.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a guild. Player lvl 96. I am daily active player. Alliance tower lvl 8. Keep working on improving. It is to hard to find normal guild. As everyone is looking more for gold donors but not for a good players. If any guilds who keep ogre knights wolf bomber boost each day above lvl 47 are looking for active strong player. Write here your nickname i will invite you to friend list and we will talk. Thank you have a nice day
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