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  1. Areisp

    Nerfing Artemis!!

  2. He has the item equipped in one+ of the 3 item sets. Also, he's trying to curse it, not to forge.
  3. Sorry for the intrusion, just wanted to clarify the 2 things above. Are you sure you can say for everyone? And who is "we"? Nothing personal, just wanted to know who are those people
  4. Areisp

    Shape your future! - 4.0 special contest.

    Teams A, B, C, D appear on the map. A (0h) attacks B (3h). At that exact moment a defensive shield activates for team B, so if C (6h) decides to attack B, they would have to score more VPs to conquer B's island compared to the score if A has not attacked B earlier. However, team A doesn't have such troubles, because they attacked B first. In other words, the more defensive strikes a team has at some point, the harder it would be for the next attacker to take their island. IGN: Areisp
  5. Areisp

    Black Weekend Raffle!

  6. Areisp

    Daily Gifts

    @Dez123, this set of chests updates monthly at 0:00 UTC+0 (like 5 minutes ago )
  7. @Neptune, good point. Still, it's unclear if reflected damage saves the original type (fire, ice, etc..). Some people say it gets converted to physical. Could anyone confirm or refute that? Which type does reflected damage have?
  8. Areisp

    Advice on mastery

    Speaking of that. What if at, let's say 4k fame, I will start collecting the new mastery offers, instead of accepting them. They will keep stacking. And at ...hmm... 6k I will press "reroll" for the first uncollected one. The question: will the value on that first offer be recalculated, based on the new fame?
  9. I will give you the words, don't kill my dog please
  10. Areisp


    if ((338.146 + (338.146 - $health_from_items) * 0.0508) == 348.249) { # Naked hero required } else { # Isaac is spinning in his grave }
  11. Areisp


    It's easy to check with this formula: 338.146 + (338.146 - <health_from_the_Vest> - <health_from_the_Boots>) * 5.08% If the result will be equal to 348.249, then Health Mastery increases only pure/base health of naked hero.
  12. I know your feelings... :feelsbadman: And I've melted down another ring with +16 or +17 unsuccessful tries