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  1. werewolf with new skin! hope you like it. Ign: IMMORTAL MADNESS[LR]
  2. alliance enigma. lvl72 looking for another alliance to merge players
  3. we see before guardian update some players didnt open holiday chests and keep them and after update open holiday chests and they got guardians donkey or others..
  4. better to keep your crystals.its only change for rewards not price. so you can buy chests with same crystals with better rewards.
  5. good qustion,but i think this change will happen after next week.i mean when this current monthly finish and flare remove monthly leaderboard then change on rewards will happen too.
  6. improve the contents of Pro-chests. this mean better rewards in chests?🙂
  7. my game crash during raids too. in windows 10 pc and android too
  8. current Girl power cup tiers are not balanced,its impossible to score +2099 and untill now max score is 2016 from a player and win only 4 chest😐
  9. lol.this is fun and upset but its real ,its flare sterategy
  10. max tier of ninja event is +5300 trophies but we have so many players near 6K trophies and above. i think we need one more tier for players who have +5900 trophies
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