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  1. hulk

    Balance Changes

    Do you really think he can't? Lol The base he raided is 1000 times better than the base you suggested him to raid.
  2. hulk

    +6800 trophys in Game

    So that's how cheaters are born? No need to tell your birth story here lol
  3. hulk

    +6800 trophys in Game

    I was able to attack him tho, what's your point? And its funny to see a cheater calling others cheater lol.
  4. hulk

    +6800 trophys in Game

    Same goes for you too lol. Do you have proof against that 6800 trophy guy? Biggest cry baby is you here 😂
  5. hulk

    Make Attack Strategy!

    But why? 🤔
  6. hulk

    Vein of Gold XXVII Dungeon Guide

    If you have ceres then use KOW with toxic cloud (slowdown forged) blizzard and sheild. And try to have atleast 7.7k blizzard damage with perks and use insta canons on top left side (after that u turn) they will help you with beast.
  7. It's still not fixed...
  8. hulk

    Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    That's a lot of gems 😅
  9. hulk

    Special Uber Granny....or Dungeon Tricks and Help :D

    I am also on that 1k gem dungeon lol. I am waiting for putrid prowlers to try it again with them. I already failed twice on that dungeon with KOW ceres TC blade sheild.
  10. hulk

    Gala so you are revenging?

    You should not be reading this thread
  11. hulk

    You know wars are broken when...

    And yes it is widespread i have even seen alliances like UvT and les francaise doing this on one of our previous war seasons.
  12. hulk

    You know wars are broken when...

    No, i am in sk: warriors
  13. hulk

    You know wars are broken when...

    Yeah, they should definitely fix wars asap. It's been three days with only 1-2 alliances declaring war on our map...