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  1. Actually, it is easier to get 100% if there are basilisk tower near gate. Heavily forged bomb and snake towers by the gate is lot harder to kill.
  2. Beast - pl

  3. Gold loot noticeably less today

    @Fourofjacks your base is showing me 1200k gold atm. And @LacunaC yours is giving around 1.5 million + . Afaik the gold value keeps on decreasing if you have done a lot of raids recently.
  4. Not getting the correct rewards from the PL Tier

    Here is my rewards, my rank is greater then yours and i also got 1300 crystals and 2 pro chests
  5. Not getting the correct rewards from the PL Tier

    Do you know you can still check your tier rewards? Can't you just upload some pics to make it clear? And as many members have already stated tier rewards and leaderboard rewards are same thing. What is there to get confused?
  6. About the Forum Trivia

    What if someone already got gems and he pm you again? Any chance of getting double amount of gems?
  7. About the Forum Trivia

    I also got 1600 gems 😋
  8. I used pearls wrongly

    Nobody can help you here btw 🤔
  9. I used pearls wrongly

    Congratulations! atleast you can earn one more skull for your alliance in current war
  10. To GalaMorgane

    Oh well, i am pretty sure if they block you from commenting on a particular topic for this reason, then you will again make a new post complaining about that and that will lead to more spams and arguments on the forum 🙄
  11. To GalaMorgane

    What if everyone blocks you from commenting on their posts? 😂
  12. Should Ninja's be affected by Mass Hysteria?

    Firebolt towers can kill ninjas if they hit them, there will be no chance of them to get confused or something 🤔
  13. General Chat

    Warriornator is back so you need to get used to it 😅
  14. Diamond league

    Higher level will still have an advantage in that case ^^
  15. Pro Tier Reward

    What more proof you need? Just take screenshots and report them!