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  1. hulk

    About the new manager!!

    She already proved me right, i am disappointed but not surprised. Check this thread Typical flare way of ignoring players sadly.
  2. After recent offense nerf i am finding it really hard to beat phoebe. Even on 4k bases. Sometimes it takes too long to kill him and he destroys a big part of my army everytime i face him. And one more thing after 4.0 i have seen the rate of defense phoebe casting double armageddon have increased.
  3. The conquest is too looooong. I get disappointed each time i look at timer and realizing that we still have more then 3 days left 😓
  4. hulk

    Reward of conquest war.

    They give us on 1 legendary gem chest for reaching 130 tiles wtf. We get 4 uber gem chest on reaching 25 itself. They should increse rewards with no. Of tiles and not decrease it.
  5. hulk

    About the new manager!!

    Hi @Madlen, looking forward to see what different you can do to disappoint us 😀
  6. hulk

    Reward of conquest war.

    We should get chests for scoring skulls too imo, Apart from that fife thing.
  7. We don't get medals for conquest raids atm. They should change it asap.
  8. Don't assume please if sure then tell us. Thanks
  9. And what of no players are there? Do we still have to fight it?
  10. This sounds familiar, which alliance are you from?
  11. hulk

    Everything about CONQUEST MODE!

    Watch towers have 1 tile radius at level 1
  12. hulk

    Everything about CONQUEST MODE!

    Either near it or on it. Just place watch tower in a way so that it comes under your territory (if you want to get +15 extra points ofc).
  13. Too early to decide
  14. hulk

    Everything about CONQUEST MODE!