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  1. It is difficult to play the odysseys in level 12, more than anything when playing with Artemis and Ajax, in these cases I have a hard time getting the 375 weekly fame points. My complaint is that when I open the last chest I always get garbage. Why do not they make the rewards of this chest better? I do not know, I can think of items 4 * and items Titan 5 *. I do not ask or want unique items, I want something that is really useful for my effort, just something according to the effort of the player, because we are several who reach this last chest and we are very disappointed. I say if the last war chest has things better than the others, because the odyssey does not? or why not create a special chest that is given to whom achieved the 375 weekly fame points?
  2. No te conviene, obtendrás regeneración de vida o defensa contra rayo y no me parece que valga la pena
  3. On 12 skulls you get the first chest when you reach 75 fame points
  4. Gilrael

    orh 2 FAME SYSTEM

    Need 20k of fame to unlock gold frame
  5. They removed 8 torches. with those 8 we will lead the league with a good difference. our alliance must to be league of gods at least
  6. An alliance of the League of Gods was dissolved during the war. Could they place HDP in that league? We are currently in the League of Demigods
  7. Long ago I requested that they moved us to the league of gods or titan but they told me that the system does not allow this movement I can not do anything for you because we are in another kind of disadvantage. we had 10 torches at the end of the last war in the league of kings and today we were promoted to league but we lost 8 torches. my alliance has the level enough for this in at least the league of Gods. The only way that i could help you is you must activated our islands to get points to reach extra torches and affect you as little as possible with lost torches. @Pete @CaptainMorganwhat will happen with our lost torches? Anyway can you promote us?
  8. You must stay at least 7 days in an alliance to obtain the gems.
  9. Gilrael

    orh 2 FAME SYSTEM

    second... hahaha... I think it takes 4 years to get 72,000 points of fame...
  10. From the first to the fourth mastery the increase in fame required is increasing. From your fifth mastery you will always need 300 points of fame to be able to choose a new mastery.} Good Job Someone shared this image a long time ago, I hope it serves you. The image have 1 error with the Physical Defense.
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