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    1 silver star = 16000
  2. Bronze 3-Star Picture Frame

    I got 8500, i think i need 18000 of fame to get 3 stars silver frame
  3. Black Weekend Raffle!

  4. Warning

    I do not agree with you. it's possible your items are very bad. My Prom it's my second favorite hero in Odyssey.
  5. Which hero is the worst? 🤔

    I think the characters are balanced except for Hercules. There are undervalued and overrated heroes. Personally I have 2 Top Tiers, Prometheus and Jason. Hercules is good but i think he is overrated. And by the way, Prometheus is not weak, just you equipment is very bad .The bad thing about using overrated characters is that when they are nerf we think the world is over.
  6. Nyx Nerf unnecessary

    So you prefer the defense continue has be to nerf? Please, Hercules on many updates was buff, more than anything scila. Now is a tank with meteor shower.
  7. Nyx Nerf unnecessary

    I agree with @Gammal I waste time improving my tower to make it nerf this way? I do not usually complain, it was really a challenge to pass the nyx + helius as we got used to playing with autoplay that forgot to play strategy. By the way, Hercules should be nerf, is very strong and almost invincible, with a good build that grants cooldown is very deadly. 1 in 2 attacks are made for Hercules.
  8. Your in game name? Your name of alliance?

    IGN: Gilrael Ally: Mexico
  9. Clash War - Feedback

    Can you explain me how it works?

    Does the automaton of the king Minos sound to you? I think it's the helmet of Talos
  11. México

    Somos un clan nivel 45 y estamos en busca de miembros activos. Ofrecemos un agradable ambiente de juego. 3-4 bendiciones divinas diarias y las de guerra que se ganen. Ayuda para mejorar tu defensa / Tips para builds de tus héroes. Consejos sobre el juego. Aceptamos personas de cualquier nacionalidad siempre y cuando puedan hablar español o ingles. Pedimos Salón de Urano nivel 8. Actividad durante las guerras. Tener Whatsapp. Nivel superior a 100 (se hacen expciones para aceptar niveles inferiores)
  12. Cool-down Bonus

    Because he only has 2 spells, should I just increase his attack power? 15,000 points of attack to hit a single spearman at a time, it is excessive.
  13. Cool-down Bonus

    I don't know but do not complicate yourself, just watch the percentage