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  1. You must stay at least 7 days in an alliance to obtain the gems.
  2. Gilrael


    second... hahaha... I think it takes 4 years to get 72,000 points of fame...
  3. Gilrael

    General Newb Guide

    From the first to the fourth mastery the increase in fame required is increasing. From your fifth mastery you will always need 300 points of fame to be able to choose a new mastery.} Good Job Someone shared this image a long time ago, I hope it serves you. The image have 1 error with the Physical Defense.
  4. Gilrael


    Let me 2 weeks
  5. Gilrael

    War 😀😑😠

  6. Gilrael

    War 😀😑😠

    ΒΏDΓ³nde estΓ‘ mi dinero?
  7. My ally win the war and only get 400,000 gold too
  8. Gilrael

    Forging bug cause of clever players?

    People are lazy to work, they want everything easy: they do not want to lose trophies, they want unique articles. But they really do nothing but complain instead of going to work. And you know what is the worst part of the case? that these types of people are more listened to and the changes are more likely to benefit them. Many times I lost time teaching my clan how to forge and they told me it was a lot of work, the people are lazy. IF THE DEVELOPERS MAKE GUIDES OF HOW THE THINGS WORK, IT WOULD FACILITATE THE THINGS FOR THE GREATEST MAJORITY. NO NEEED A TUTORIAL WHERE ONLY IT POORLY MENTIONS THAT I CAN FORGE ITEMS TO GET A BETTER ONE, IF IT DOES NOT SAY THE REAL REACH OF THE FORGE.
  9. Gilrael

    Decrease costs

    It's random, it depends if I have a lot of work or if I'm not tired, 5-25 battles per day, most in automatic mode.
  10. Gilrael

    Decrease costs

    I'm one of those 3 players who play 10 skulls hahaha. I have played all the odysseys on 10 skulls except for the first week and I have learned how to manage my resources. Usually it takes me only 2 days to finish the 5 adventures with 10 skulls. I went up from level 115 to 130 and I never complained. Every time I read that someone complains about how expensive it is to play 10 skulls, I can not help but laugh. If someone should complain about something i must be me because I do not mind spending 75 million gold and more than 250 thousand books, it is really a mockery the rewards that are obtained and the little advantage gained compared to 8 and 9 skulls. All the nerf to the difficult of the levels of odisseys was on 1-9 skulls levels, same situation for the resourses.
  11. Gilrael

    Captain Morgan's Challenge - Hades Killer
  12. Gilrael


    this item is from other member of my alliance
  13. Gilrael


    1 silver star = 16000