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  1. I did some tests on a Slot 2 gk and it definitely doesn't have the stats of the Slot 1 gk. I couldn't see any visual bug, either.
  2. I don’t disagree with any of that, and while refined items (when well made) do last longer than bronze items, none of it matters if you’re going up a level per week. However, the exception might be made when you are refining on a perk that’s critical to your build onto item slots you can’t normaly get that perk. In essence, you’re “breaking the cap” with any refined perk you add, at any value. Cooldown is the easiest example, where heroes are normally capped by the max CD for their level when you put cd items on both rings and your cape. With excellent CD items a non Cadmus/Helen hero can get 30-40% cd that way. Refining cd on boots might get you an extra 5% at the cost of resistances (and with a little extra health). So even though those boots won’t be great 5 levels later, if you’re keeping up with your bronze CD gear, they still help get you over the natural CD cap and can be useful for several levels. Cd is just the example, but it works for any perk that is critical to how you want to build your hero. Obviously not new to you, but others might be interested.
  3. Any good mastery involves MONTHS, and I mean months like 16-18 months, worth of weekly high level participation, every week, without fail. I would hope they would be powerful for that kind of effort required. There is zero way to buy high fame. You can gem your way to a max defense. Fame can’t be bought. You have to do it for real every week.
  4. 1st place! Nice work guys. It’s really cool to see new teams on top, and i think it’s encouraging to a lot of alliances out there. Any given season, any team can win!
  5. I don’t know what he means either, but GKs have multiplied health and damage of regular heroes, so boosts to health and damage are further multiplied as numbers get bigger. It’s hardly a bug, though, it’s just mathematics. So now that you’re woke, you are taking advantage of an exploit (demo+frostbite) before it gets patched! Congratulations! I’m doing it too while it lasts.
  6. The point is that nobody stops at an early level (like 60) and tries to trap players by only boosting their defense through the odyssey. They don’t do it because the odyssey is random and isn’t nearly as impactful as you seem to think it is. Upgrading your towers is so much more significant that it’s not even fair to compare the two. On top of that, stopping at, in your hypothetical, level 60 prevents you from growing with your alliance. You’ll fall far far behind. Nobody is doing this and they’d be foolish to try it. It’s a bad strategy. What people DO do is a less extreme version of what Captain Morgan is experimenting with on his account — upgrading, to as high a level as possible, only the towers, power, and units that you actually use and ignoring the rest. You’re sacrificing flexibility (and a little bit of fun, I’d argue) because you’re really locked in to using one defensive layout and the same spells for every hero. I like being able to experiment with different builds and layouts more than that. But in return you get a very high performing account for its level. I think when you are running into defenses that are way tougher than you’re expecting, there’s a little bit of this going on. The devs clearly don’t seem to think this strategy is a problem, it’s just one efficient way to play. A BIGGER PROBLEM is matchmaking. There are thousands and I mean THOUSANDS of high level, low trophy accounts right now. The simple trophy/level algorithm this game has used since the beginning has almost no correlation to defense difficulty any more. Like you said, lower level players are getting constantly matched with accounts 20+ levels higher than them. That’s insane and broken. It shouldn’t be happening. I know it’s a lot of work, but a new matchmaking algorithm should be the top priority after bug fixes, in my opinion. It’s more important than new content, and I never thought I’d say that.
  7. If you go below 8 players in war your team is immediately eliminated. Can you take a screenshot of what’s going on?
  8. You know that that bug was only in effect for a few weeks in 2017, right? That was when the level cap was 115.
  9. I think through private channels they have. It probably needs a lot more testing to figure out though. I’ll run some tests with this too. I’ve never noticed it before. Do you think it’s just a visual bug? Ok, I think they disagree with you there too, although obviously better forged gear gives players an advantage. They’ve said that they think they highest level players with fully upgraded defenses should be difficult. No equivocation about 1*forging vs 4* forging. I will completely admit that maybe they’ve changed their minds on this. Maybe you should experiment with more high cooldown builds? You might like it! and there are no lingering effects from the old forge system. Every last old forged item was completely obsolete before level 140, most by level 136 or so.
  10. I think it's possible that there's a bug with frostbite AND it was buffed too much in November. I hope the devs are able to run some really good tests on this when they're troubleshooting it. Maybe, once the bug is fixed (if there's a bug), the 200% FB damage is perfectly fine! It feels like it's tough to judge right now, though. I think they're also on the record as saying that a maxed out, well composed defense should be a challenge for a similarly high level, well equipped hero, not that the defense should have "no chance". That's what they were trying to fix from last spring when no defenses were challenging. Maybe they’ve changed their minds on this issue though.
  11. It’s not new. People have been doing it probably for a year. I first saw it maybe over the summer? And it was posted to the forums around that time.
  12. The point is, that frenzy beats DR, so that’s the bigger bug! And there are other ways to kill the toughest gk’s, I promise you. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of some of the players here.
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