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  1. I've had a Helen GK up for half a week and I think only one person got 100% who wasn't using Hades, and they used an invo. I've played against a great Achilles. With his unique shield he can get really high LOH.
  2. Time to stop getting mad at a video game, Phil. Hate to break it to you.
  3. This is the truth, actually. Building a good gk isn’t rocket science. You need 3 or 4 sources of reflection, which is easy to get through refining if you play enough and farm items. You need the correct masteries at a high level. You need to look at your resistances and supplement the important ones, again, easy with refining. You can add one source of area damage if you need a little extra, but that’s pretty optional. Its not rocket science, and you can do it entirely with new gear. I take that back, making one of the shieldless GKs badass is a feat. That’s a real challenge because they have one less item slot.
  4. You know exactly what you were saying, you constantly say the exact same thing. Don’t even try to backpedal, it’s lame.
  5. So we have a couple years before your doomsday scenario could come true. Good to know. I’ll mark my calendar.
  6. Are you insinuating that the game developers are colluding with players to give some of them an unfair advantage? You know you’ve been warned about saying stuff like that before, right? It’s a little ridiculous dude.
  7. What is your definition of a new player?
  8. Are you suggesting that casual players should get the same benefit from casual play as hardcore players get from hardcore play?
  9. This part is the truth, you guys. You can't necessarily see it on a single forge, but if you take a green item and start using 4* dismantles you'll see it by the time you get to gold. It was improved. A little bit more would be awesome though Just to expand, when the old forge system was cancelled, it dramatically took the top off of item stats (they were really only limited by time and how much of a maniac you are). Old forges were also very expensive. If the stats on new forges are improved just slightly more, it will be the perfect balance between the high cost, extreme technical difficulty, and high return of the original forge system with the lower cost, LOW difficulty, and modest return of the newer system. Best of both worlds, and I think it will put to bed a lot of the unhappiness.
  10. dumpster

    Why cursed items are actually big curse of OR?

    I think it would be nice to see the base stats on cursed items improved somewhat (particularly the cursed items with "normal" perks). Under the old forging system you could get some nice results with items that were just a *little* bit better than standard gear, but it's dampened by the current forge system. It would be nice if the cursed gear with normal perks always generated with values above the standard generation tables. It would make them more special. Right now they are sometimes better than standard gear, which is a bummer, particularly when they are expensive/time consuming to uncurse. I think the cursed gear with unique perks are fine as-is.
  11. dumpster

    Funny Moments

    Those are the kinds of things that get asked as a challenge question when you’re requesting to recover an account.
  12. dumpster

    Funny Moments

    That’s smart actually. No joke.
  13. dumpster

    Historic Info

    Add the unique items to that list, too. I think we’re starting to make a full time job for some copy writers and translators, though.