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  1. That's easy for players like you and me to say. We've been playing this game for years and know how it works. It's not a common-sense choice for newer players. When you're new, the build button flashes as soon as you have enough resources available to do something, whether that's the right choice or not. I've always had issues with the guidance the game gives new players on how to build their account. It's not optimal, and this could make it worse.
  2. There's nothing inherently wrong with speeding up power upgrades. Nobody is forced to use it, just like nobody is forced to use the 5th worker. What it does, though, is take the training wheels off. The player needs to decide how they want to spend their resources, because it's going to be even worse then it used to be, and there weren't enough resources to go around. When there are fewer choices, the game design helps to guide the player in how to spend their resources. There's already plenty of complaining about not having enough resources to build structures/powers. etc..., do the odyssey, and forge. Adding another power builder or speeding up the power build times is going to make that situation worse. For the top level players who post in this thread (seriously, all of us are end-game level players), it's less of an issue, but let's be honest, there's still complaining now. I will be pleasantly surprised if the new power change doesn't result in a huge new round of resource complaints, but i'm not holding my breath. For lower level players it will make a confusing choice (what is the most important thing to spend my resources on?) even worse. I'll be the first to admit it if I'm wrong.
  3. 1) rude. 2) I see newer players without enough resources to keep 4 workers busy, let alone 5 workers and 2 power builders (or however they do it). So while that may work out great for high level, end game players like yourself, I wish you would think about the majority of players who will be affected by this change.
  4. Short stories are great, but not every book needs to be a short story. Long novels are good, so are multi-volume epics that keep you reading for years. If I’m not mistaken, world of Warcraft was/is one of the most successful games in history, and a new player can’t expect to reach the end game in WoW overnight, or even in a year (correct me if I’m wrong). That doesn’t make WOW any better or worse than couterstrike, it just makes them different games.
  5. On the other hand, we have decided to significantly reduce the time required to upgrade all Powers in the Shrine of Power. no more need for arguing, right?
  6. Newer players have tons of advantages over older players, though. The time and expense of nearly everything in the game has only decreased over the years. things that have been added/modified which speed up the game for new players: celestial boosts (didn’t exist at launch, and didn’t arrive until the game was quite established. Know what decorations did before that? Absolutely nothing) super cheap decoration costs compared to what they used to be. like, half of what they used to be dramatically lower dominance requirements for unlocking heroes dramatically lower XP requirements for Athena and Ajax most heroes are insanely better than they used to be after the 2017 rebalance. You used to be laughed out of the building if you brought Hercules to war much easier access to titan points/chests forging, and now much cheaper forging cheaper overall blessings + alliance gold easy ways to earn free gems (full resources, war, achievements - yes, even achievements didn’t exist at launch) 5th worker the current trophy system is leaps and bounds less frustrating than any system previous to it and allows players to keep more trophies much easier (anyone who disagrees with this has no idea at all what the trophy system used to be like, or doesn’t even remember what it was like this time last year) super cheap item slots coming soon: expanded hall of Uranus and cheaper upgrades for old levels faster build times for powers another rebalancing to trophy system It still takes a long time to max out an account, but literal years worth of gameplay is a positive feature.
  7. dumpster

    Gems / wark blessings in War

    You have to be in an alliance for at least the last two wars.
  8. Don’t forget to save resources for the 12 skull odyssey’s.
  9. I’m going to play like I’ve always played, but feel free to try and insult me? or whatever it is you do. Very charming.
  10. And I’m sure you’ll pass me in level when the new levels come. I’m going to level up slowly just like I always did. I’d love to see you in the top 10. I don’t think it’s going to make your account better or more well-rounded though.
  11. What games are you talking about? Spending premium currency to speed up build times is the way most free-to-play games work.