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  1. Trophies frustration

    Average trophies are rising, so it’s easier to keep your trophies. That’s how the whole system works. It also means it’s time for more levels on defensive structures.
  2. change upgrade defence

    Sorry, bud.
  3. change upgrade defence

    It really is a pretty good strategy, but ok.
  4. Trophy System

    I know close to max level players who bomb out on Mani, even using gems. A revenge feature where you could attack-back people who hit you might be cool though. BUT BEWARE: Players who grind a lot would REALLY, REALLY, REALLY open themselves up to getting hit for -25 even more than they currently are, because there would be one less random element keeping you from being matched with players. In fact, there would be no randomness at all to it. The majority of players you hit for -3 would suddenly be able to whack you back for -25.
  5. Trophy System

    Some people have a million gems and just use a lot of them in every battle to get through as fast an as easily as possible. They're not necessarily even bad players, they just can't be bothered to take the time to do it another way. Just say thank you!
  6. Trophy System

    I have players who are right in my "range" who I just never see. I see Mani all the time, but I never see Alysea (who runs Mani), and I pair much more closely with Alysea than I do with Mani. This is how random number generators work. But yeah, you would fail famously (or infamously) on Mani's defense, so don't worry too much.
  7. Trophy System

    The forums can be an echo chamber. Just from the snippet that Captain Morgan posted the other day about thought for a redesigned trophy system, I think it sounds very interesting. But I think that the current trophy system is "done", and it's not perfect but it does exactly what it intends to do. And at this point it's not worth complaining about. It's done. There's nothing new that can be said about it.
  8. Trophy System

    I get attacked for -23 or -25 exclusively, and I never see anyone worth +25, ever.
  9. Trophy System

    So even if your position on the Hall of the Gods leaderboard didn't move an inch or even decreased (because more active players than you would pass you quickly), you'd rather lose 3 trophies than 25 because it feels bad to lose 25?
  10. Cursed Chest Issues and Suggestions

    Having the ability to just skip a chest and move on to the next one is sorely missing.
  11. You just replied to a player who doesn't play any more and posted that in 2016....
  12. change upgrade defence

    This is a good strategy. You should try it!
  13. Trophy System

    there are thousands and thousands of active players and a handful who post here about trophies. And even on the forums, it's usually the same few people who have been posting about it forever.
  14. Trophy System

    It would raise trophies significantly. The top ranks of the trophy leaderboard would be well into the 20,000 range. Pheme would need to be rebalanced immediately. It's already ungodly powerful at higher levels. And people would stop giving you gems to try and take 25 trophies from you. And you and Infamous and Vasudeva would be no closer to #1. Everyone ahead of you would get more trophies, too They system right now is good and well designed.
  15. Trophy System

    It's an incredible minority of of players who complain about this, actually.