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  1. dumpster

    Advice on mastery

    Masteries replace themselves, not stack.
  2. dumpster

    Refining a Unique

    No, perks refined to uniques are brought to a standard based on ascension level. Old crappy silver/gold items do the same thing as superforged new stuff.
  3. I think we need at least 2 more levels of Dominance in there too.
  4. dumpster

    Mobile Royale + bonus chest

    That’s a creepy picture!
  5. It’s not every alliance and every blessing. Texas couldn’t overextend any of them, GOW could only do warriors, etc... I think CCCP has warriors as well. It seems random which alliances can do this.
  6. dumpster

    Skull difficulty

    1 = even 2 = 25% 3 = 50% 4 = 75% 5 = 90%
  7. I'm surprised as well. Maybe this is a problem that is super duper hard to fix. Ok! I would accept that. Let us know! Let us know that today, Monday January 14th, there is a person assigned to reviewing this problem. Right now it feels like this may or may not be a difficult problem to fix, but it feels like it's not a top priority. But letting it linger on and on like this isn't fair to the teams that have to face alliances with extra blessings, and it isn't fair to the teams who get hit with a bug and get slandered on the forums because of it. And it's DEFINITELY not fair to alliances who have EARNED blessings removed. That's nuts!
  8. dumpster


    I don’t have any gold items right now. This is 100% how this works. Bronze 5* titan items upgrade bronze uniques. Silver 5* titans upgrade silver uniques. Gold 5* titans upgrade gold uniques. The devs said that this is how it works, and they changed it on July 20th so that if you use a dismantle with identical perks, the perks on the unique persist instead of being replaced by random perks.
  9. dumpster


    Ok, but this is the players helping players forum,and you use a gold item to upgrade a gold refined unique. It hasn’t changed since July.
  10. dumpster


    They commented on this months ago.
  11. dumpster

    What does bia upgrade provide ??

    It should give an increase to move speed based on how the pattern all the other levels followed.
  12. dumpster


    You need to use a gold item. There have been a lot of posts on this issue.
  13. dumpster


    Don’t do it. Use another gold item.
  14. I like saving my war chests to fill up on resources before odyssey.
  15. I know it's not what you're asking for, but I've found that the blue item chests for 25 gems are actually a really good value. I like them as much as the green item chests, and you always get a purple or 2 in each one.
  16. Right, but the only people who have gold to spare are the ones who raid all the time and earn it that way. If gold could be instantly transferred to wisdom and gems it's a big advantage for players like you and me. But I hope they do it, I'd abuse the heck out of it.
  17. That would be a huge advantage for players who raid a lot, but probably would widen the gap between chronic players and more casual players who don't raid a lot. Good for you and me, maybe not great for game balance. But who knows! I'd love it, personally, and take advantage of it all the time.
  18. I kinda like the resources, personally. And if your resources are full, they turn into gems, which you can use to buy item chests, I suppose.
  19. There's a bunch of them in all leagues.
  20. dumpster

    Add a shield to Ariadne

    That looks great!
  21. dumpster

    Prometheus would like to go to war!

    I’m firmly of the opinion that nothing is 100% necessary. Prom working as a slow freight train, shielding and healing a big army is an effective build too.
  22. dumpster

    Prometheus would like to go to war!

    Next balancing change should be to make killing the gk worth 20% instead of 5!
  23. dumpster

    Prometheus would like to go to war!

    He’s overpowered for the XP it takes to level him up, but oh well. This is why GK nerfs are a bad idea btw. Heroes like herc can race through a defense but don’t have a lot of natural advantages for beating a tough gk. It’s a balance.
  24. dumpster

    Prometheus would like to go to war!

    I’ve been running around with Oddy lately and he’s a lot of fun. He definitely doesn’t need a shield. Prom’s one of the weaker heroes, but it’s mostly because he only has 2 spells. If he had a 3rd it would be fine. Remember when he only had 1?
  25. dumpster

    Prometheus would like to go to war!

    That doesn’t look bad. Prom can take advantage of potency, so the apples aren’t wasted on him. They’re still not as good as well-forged cooldown items at your current level, so don’t be afraid to not use them. (Potency isn’t so great that it’s worth sacrificing twice as much cooldown. At level 135 you can make Titan cooldown gear with over 120k CD.) Don’t marry yourself to bia, though. Especially when you’re using 2 apples. Potency has no effect on bia. I think a lot of people get hung up on “I have this unique, I HAVE to use it!”. No, you really don’t. A lot of them are underpowered compared to normal items you can forge. Same with cursed gear.