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  1. I start from the top and work down? Whats the truth, 99.9% of top 500 players have killer GKs, or most players haven’t bothered to forge their gk? It can’t be both.
  2. I think this is a bit of an exaggeration. I bring two non shield-bearers to war, neither with any physical resist, one with no DR either. I kill the gk 99% of the time.
  3. I think Archimedes’ larger point was, as in life, the people who achieve the most in OR are largely the players who put the most time and effort into the game. Trophies are primarily a function of how often you play.
  4. Have you been able to reproduce this, or do you still need videos? I can make one if you do.
  5. Some people prefer the early game to the later game, too. Shorter build times, more variety, etc... I think this is correct.
  6. This is why some people do it. Not only because they made mistakes on their fist account, but because they feel like they understand the game better and could be more efficient in a second play-through. There’s a timeout. What other players do or don’t do doesn’t affect what happens on your islands.
  7. dumpster

    cursed chest task

    You can open two Titan point chests to break that curse. I try to always keep two in reserve Incase that curse comes up.
  8. It’s also a fairly powerful spell. It’s balanced by having a %chance to not work, that decreases as you level it up. There are other mechanics in the game that work the same way, so it’s not unique, although it is the only spell that works that way. If you feel that it’s failing too often, you can increase your chances for it to work successfully (although not the odds per cast) by increasing cooldown, just like you can increase the chances for stun or demolition to work by adding weapon speed. my personal complaint is that it’s boring at high level. At level 17 or 18 it really does almost always work. You don’t get a lot of utility for the last few levels. But seriously, level it up. You’ve outgrown the usefulness of level 11 Helen’s Beauty for your ascension level. All heroes lean hard on their unique spells and you need to upgrade them as you go. You don’t need to take it all the way to level 20, but 13 or 14 isn’t crazy for your ascension level.
  9. Yeah, that’s my least favorite curse at the moment. Actually the VP curse is. I’m not taking a rando hero to war just to break a curse. But the odyssey curse is second worst.
  10. What level is your helen’s Beauty?
  11. Getting hit 30 times in a day knocks all of your heroes back. And you got hit 100 times back when the caps were in place.
  12. I think the high level guys with about 4000 trophies get hit 30-50 times a day
  13. You didn’t go from number 10 to number 50 though. And while a 1% chance is extremely unlikely, a 5% chance is still also extremely unlikely, especially concidering that you’re already less likely to encounter high trophy players than lower trophy players.
  14. It’s still a totally insignificant number though. Even if you went from having 10 players above you to having 50, if you match with 1,000 players the odds are still virtually the same to hit a high trophy guy.
  15. It’s not surprising that an extremely high ranked player won’t often see players ranked higher than him if there are only 20 something of them out of thousands of possible matches. I think the issue is that the highest ranked players get matched with everybody less often than the lower ranked players, regardless of activity, and that this has been exasperated over the past year by removing caps and forcing matches with high level/low trophy players on the inner islands. Another issue is that players stuck in low trophy hell probably need to upgrade their resource buildings. Their heroes don’t stay on resource islands long enough to earn anything. It’s a negative feedback loop.
  16. I think a lot of people do that and it irrevocably breaks the game for them. You get stuck in high level/low trophy quicksand. This may have always been the case to some degree, but it’s MUCH worse in the past year.
  17. The problem is that you and I are actually matched less often than a player who's level 140 and has 5000 trophies. At any given time you might be on 10 opponents' maps (fake number), while the other person is on 1000 maps (again, fake number). At the rate that they are attacked, they can't get out of that 5000 trophy range. It just doesn't happen. And 15 months ago, all of those +15s for a player like this used to be +25s. The system is more broken now.
  18. Yes, because matchmaking is determined by it. The higher you go on the leaderboard, the less often you're matched with other players. I don't know why it works that way, other than it breaks if it doesn't. Conversely, the lower you are on the leaderboard, the more often you're matched. This partly explains why we see the same players (usually high level/low trophy) over and over again. The trophy system doesn't work well for these players, who are the majority of players, and it's only gotten worse since the change from earning +25 for a successful high level attack to earning +15. That was a change that truly only benefited the elite, and it was reinforced with the next two matchmaking tweaks (one of which was partially undone).
  19. The OR team and the RR2 team are completely different, other than some QC that they share. And none of them work for Flaregames proper. But CM said the new update for OR will be a summertime thing. So your overall point is correct.
  20. They have to make a gem purchase.
  21. I think your game is broken then.
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