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  1. 7 minutes ago, Philstar said:

    Yes in war you can select the 'easier' bases to suit your hero, but you only have to see some of the higher trophy guys, for example try a few of the better ones in the top alliances with no phys res and you won't last 2 seconds.  Right now you get by as most haven't really bothered that much to forge the GK's and yet many you cant stand toe as the DR just kills you. Even with troops hitting the DR can get you there too.   Taking 84% of the heroes stats is way too high.


    I start from the top and work down?

    Whats the truth, 99.9% of top 500 players have killer GKs, or most players haven’t bothered to forge their gk? It can’t be both. 

  2. 42 minutes ago, Philstar said:

    For me the problem isn't so much the base with towers/barricades as for most of that you don't need physical resistance from a shield - but when you reach the GK you will be at a disadvantage as you WILL NEED physical resistance as the GK does a lot of phys damage x3. In addition you get your own physical damage reflected back from Percy in 99.9% of top 500 players. 

    I think this is a bit of an exaggeration. I bring two non shield-bearers to war, neither with any physical resist, one with no DR either. I kill the gk 99% of the time.

  3. 1 hour ago, skellz said:

    This isn’t necessarily the case. You can have a good defense and still lose a lot of trophies.  This is partly a result, as I mentioned in my previous post, of being matched against much higher level opponents.  So having a good defense really doesn’t help.


    on the attacking side, I can defeat someone with a maxed out defense and lower trophies, and also beat someone with close to my level (good or bad defense) and the trophy gain is the same.  Having a point based system might help differentiate a bit more between levels of defense.

    I think Archimedes’ larger point was, as in life, the people who achieve the most in OR are largely the players who put the most time and effort into the game. Trophies are primarily a function of how often you play. 

  4. 20 hours ago, CaptainMorgan said:

    You know the answer to both of those questions. However, to answer your subtly disguised meta-question, there is a bug (or exploit) in the game,related to Frenzy, which we will fix in the next version.

    Have you been able to reproduce this, or do you still need videos? I can make one if you do. 

  5. 23 minutes ago, Philstar said:

    i still can't think of a good reason to start over a gain if you reached lvl 100+ that's a lot of resources and time, and probably some* useful oddessy bonuses you wont get back. Once you get to a good enough standard you can experiment with almost all heroes. 

    Some people prefer the early game to the later game, too. Shorter build times, more variety, etc...


    As for the workers promotion, I thought only the first 2 workers came as a possible promotion package, after that FG know you're hooked so no discount. I could be wrong maybe there is for the 3rd worker but I never saw it when I needed it.

    I think this is correct. 

  6. 14 minutes ago, NaN said:

    is it possible to make so many "mistakes" that there is a need to start all over again? (i dont think so)

    This is why some people do it. Not only because they made mistakes on their fist account, but because they feel like they understand the game better and could be more efficient in a second play-through. 


    all :how does it work when opponents are removed/exchanged from islands: do they have to be conquered by another player or is there a timeout? 

    There’s a timeout. What other players do or don’t do doesn’t affect what happens on your islands. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Archimides said:

    When my work conditions changed, I was able to play on my work desktop. Which can be really helpful for AP, for 8-10 hours. You just move the AP hero, and you get so much done faster... It is however for me much more difficult to go manual mode on hard defenses, and I do have to log out, and get on the ipad to use some "weaker" heroes (even my 2nd best or 3rd best hero). My fails are often... and I use invos a lot more, if I am at the end of the battle and near-fail conditions. The AP will help you raid a lot, and not care much about raiding 20 ambrosia/wisdom islands, it comes naturally and I even forget to check the cursed chest.

    Most of the tasks are fairly doable within a few days, even without a lot of raiding, but with your mind set to it, much faster. There are different levels of difficulty, but maybe they depend on what kind of player you are. Naturally if you start an Odyssey today, and you do a max one, then you un-curse most of the items for that task, but if you get those items right after Odysseys, you have to wait like 5-6 days to get the chance. Also some are hero depended, which can take MUCH longer. For other tasks, you can be a light user, but if you really need that titan item, you just have to spend 2 hours and raid 30 islands, or 1-2 days to do it with wisdom islands. The suggestions of clearing out those islands, so they can be easier populated is correct, but for me wisdom is so valuable I would never do it. Depends on what you set your priorities. The curse will be resolved as some point, but if you want it badly, yes, do it.

    On my mini account, I struggle... I reached 10 titan chests a few weeks ago, and could not get more... now i am at 6-8 chests and it is a problem, I have to worry about it all the time. Especially the 20 type of islands... you are absolutely right (also harder to raid with less good heroes, and also much tougher opponents). I also struggle with opening 2 titan chests. As the cursed doesn't allow for new titan ones, the only options are wars/odysseys and that also a bit hard for me to get one titan or titan chests. I would suggest that somewhere between the daily chests (like the 15th of the 30 days), there is one more titan chest to help out in these situations... some players may struggle A LOT, with that specific cursed task if they do not get titan chests from the other 2 sources. @CaptainMorgan

    It is easier for old players... so maybe it could help the new, or lower level players.

    You can open two Titan point chests to break that curse. I try to always keep two in reserve Incase that curse comes up. 

  8. 15 minutes ago, ManinBlaq said:

    Oh yea.. that's what I should have done at ascension 30 .. just level it up to max.

    Well .. at least I can level it up to max now at ascension 90 ... nope .. wait.  Still can't.

    I know it no longer pertains to you, but Helen's beauty sucks for a long time - I think it's a small & valid change to make it 'more' worthwhile for rising players.

    It’s also a fairly powerful spell. It’s balanced by having a %chance to not work, that decreases as you level it up. There are other mechanics in the game that work the same way, so it’s not unique, although it is the only spell that works that way. 

    If you feel that it’s failing too often, you can increase your chances for it to work successfully (although not the odds per cast) by increasing cooldown, just like you can increase the chances for stun or demolition to work by adding weapon speed.

    my personal complaint is that it’s boring at high level. At level 17 or 18 it really does almost always work. You don’t get a lot of utility for the last few levels.

    But seriously, level it up. You’ve outgrown the usefulness of level 11 Helen’s Beauty for your ascension level. All heroes lean hard on their unique spells and you need to upgrade them as you go. You don’t need to take it all the way to level 20, but 13 or 14 isn’t crazy for your ascension level.


  9. 20 minutes ago, ManinBlaq said:

    Lvl 11 - 84%  which surprisingly is still borderline unreliable.  But each step closer to 100% does feel remarkably better.

    Helen's Beauty is the only power that you can cast at the right time .. in the right place .. and receive absolutely nothing for it.  Just the satisfaction that you pressed a button.

    Level it up. 

  10. Just now, HOLYDIVINE said:

    But only for three trophies, right?

    I have seen worse case scenario than that twice I have been hit for more than 100 attacks in a day where i lost around 1700 hundred trophies in a day.

    Getting hit 30 times in a day knocks all of your heroes back.

    And you got hit 100 times back when the caps were in place.

  11. 7 minutes ago, HOLYDIVINE said:

    I still get around eight to ten attacks (each for fifteen trophies)everyday🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    I lose around 100-150 trophies everyday

    So how could trophy system be broken?

    The top guy in leadership board plays for 12 hours a day.

    Even some other top 10 guys plays ten to twelve hours a day 

    They deserve to receive some kind special reward from FG for keeping such high activity.

    Pheme and gold bonus both expires after reaching 30k.

    I think the high level guys with about 4000 trophies get hit 30-50 times a day 

  12. 1 minute ago, Philstar said:

    10 in 1000 is 1% chance: 50 in 1000 is 5% chance so should be 5X as frequent in your example, but experience tells us that its isn't 5x frequent (its about the same IMO) as it should be. It's seems to me the higher you go the less you appear on anyones islands.

    You didn’t go from number 10 to number 50 though.  

    And while a 1% chance is extremely unlikely, a 5% chance is still also extremely unlikely, especially concidering that you’re already less likely to encounter high trophy players than lower trophy players. 

  13. 1 hour ago, Philstar said:

    My point was that although there were 50% more possible matches the frequency of them appearing didn't increase by 50%. So taking that int account if I dropped to say rank 50 again would I see any increase, maybe a small one. What I'm saying is that IT IS disproportional based on trophy # and definitely going by the amounts of attacks they are doing. After all the top 50 players prob do more attacks than the rest of the top 500 combined per day, and following on the top 500 probably do more attacks than the top 10k per day! More activity should mean appearing more on enemy islands - not less as it currently is.


    It’s still a totally insignificant number though. Even if you went from having 10 players above you to having 50, if you match with 1,000 players the odds are still virtually the same to hit a high trophy guy.  

  14. It’s not surprising that an extremely high ranked player won’t often see players ranked higher than him if there are only 20 something of them out of thousands of possible matches. I think the issue is that the highest ranked players get matched with everybody less often than the lower ranked players, regardless of activity, and that this has been exasperated over the past year by removing caps and forcing matches with high level/low trophy players on the inner islands.

    Another issue is that players stuck in low trophy hell probably need to upgrade their resource buildings. Their heroes don’t stay on resource islands long enough to earn anything. It’s a negative feedback loop. 

  15. I think a lot of people do that and it irrevocably breaks the game for them.  You get stuck in high level/low trophy quicksand. 

    This may have always been the case to some degree, but it’s MUCH worse in the past year. 

  16. 17 minutes ago, Archimides said:

    I wasn't always top100 or even top1000. Only few people have been constantly in the high ranked positions, some of them right now still in top10. There are ups and downs, people quit, others finally have time, as did I. And even after that specific change as you said, it's just makes it even more important to get up there.

    I think the reason, is because my battle map, is filled with minus 14 results at 99% rate. I am also a target, which will yield trophies over gems, at a better rate, in which case I get rarely "wins" as in defeating the opponent (unless much lower level/strength). Obviously if I got attacked at the same rate, as a player which is now below 100 or 500, I would be needing around x5 more than him/her, in order to keep my trophies and my rank.  I don't see anything wrong with that, and that's just an example. In the same sense, the lower trophy players can find a lot of +15's which is scarce for the top players. So this is working in a way, so that there is some stability in the rankings, based on "same time" used for attacking, in my opinion. I could be wrong, but it certainly feels right, and the math add up... these 2 are valid points for getting "less attacked" or matched as you say. ***

    I realize that the top10 might be out of reach for a new player, even a 6-10 month new player... but that's also fair, now that there is no trophy cap (that we know of). That's how ranking usually works, in these sort of things. My mini account has around 7k trophies with minimum effort and could potentially get much higher, it just needs time. The problem might be for players below the 100 mark, who can't move in top10 or top100 so easy. If they put the time in however, day in, day out, they will see far more significant impact than I do. My target was top10 or top9 at max, looking at the board and deciding to go for it. You are stuck in the same ranking for days, sometimes weeks. A guy below 100, I can guarantee to them, he/she will be rising much easier in the beginning... which is at least something to look forward and pat yourself on your back. 

    *** Revenge idea could possibly fix this issue, if done correctly...

    The problem is that you and I are actually matched less often than a player who's level 140 and has 5000 trophies. At any given time you might be on 10 opponents' maps (fake number), while the other person is on 1000 maps (again, fake number). At the rate that they are attacked, they can't get out of that 5000 trophy range. It just doesn't happen. And 15 months ago, all of those +15s for a player like this used to be +25s. The system is more broken now. 

  17. 5 minutes ago, Archimides said:

    I wasn't top10 before November, I believe after the 20k trophy limit had opened up (or 22/24k), we were all very close and exchanging positions (all at 19999), and then I dropped to around 20-25th. There are endless battles below the top5-6. You just need to have time, it took me 5+ months to get to top10 for the extra titan points. It's interesting.

    But if you want to remove it, find a way to reward the players that are spending time and money in the game, and that would be fine. If I am promised 2-3 titan point per 100 successful attacks a day, then I don't need the trophy system. 

    However, I am wondering, if it's not "helping" anyone below 120-130, then why should it be removed? Is it causing any sort of trouble? 

    Yes, because matchmaking is determined by it. The higher you go on the leaderboard, the less often you're matched with other players. I don't know why it works that way, other than it breaks if it doesn't.

    Conversely, the lower you are on the leaderboard, the more often you're matched. This partly explains why we see the same players (usually high level/low trophy) over and over again.

    The trophy system doesn't work well for these players, who are the majority of players, and it's only gotten worse since the change from earning +25 for a successful high level attack to earning +15. That was a change that truly only benefited the elite, and it was reinforced with the next two matchmaking tweaks (one of which was partially undone).

  18. 6 minutes ago, Philstar said:

    Nothing will get changed for a while, FG are busy once again with v.5 of RR2.  Again we just have to deal with super overpowered Perseus GK's (probably like 95% Percy GK) and lots of bugs associated with them. The bugs stated here have been going on for long enough already......

    The OR team and the RR2 team are completely different, other than some QC that they share. And none of them work for Flaregames proper.

    But CM said the new update for OR will be a summertime thing. So your overall point is correct.

  19. 6 hours ago, ManinBlaq said:

    I clear my map plenty of times - absolutely nothing left to attack.  On most occasions - yes a island becomes repopulated, usually on the far opposite side of the map which costs 700 ambrosia to travel.  So having three or so islands repopulated after a full clear is not enough for perpetual attacking.

    I think your game is broken then. 

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