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  1. Anecdotally it seems to, although with Hydra towers the coverage can be weird. But yes, I think poison stacks.
  2. Just grind through, Arneas. Compared to Ajax and Athena, the other heroes gain XP so quickly, just grind it out.
  3. so you did the same thing, right? You tested your defense with one of the 2 hereos that you really brought to war? (not promethius)
  4. when you tested your defense, did you use one of your other war heroes? Not Ariadne, but one of the other 2 heroes you brought to war.
  5. Could you try to test your own defense with a hero that's not the one you got the disconnect with, and then go back to the war map?
  6. Arneas, when did your celestial boost expire? And did you try to connect before the start of war or after it had already started?
  7. I really don't understand what you're saying. It sounds like you're complaining about not being able to use fury after war is over, but I'm sure that's not it. You may enjoy Crabz' perpetual war thread, however!
  8. I think it's 8, yes. And you're right, losing in war is a good way to lose players. Even in alliances that have a strong culture and community, you will come across players who will leave as soon as you lose blessings or when things get tough. I think it's important to recognize who the loyal teammates are and take care of them, and don't get worried about losing players who are just along for the ride. Monday morning comes around and you send out a billion invites, that's all there is to it. If you can pick up 1 quality player a week you're doing real good. Great name and av btw!
  9. You don't have to call your strike as soon as it's available.
  10. I've never had that happen, and I do the same thing. When I go to collect the completed tower it will switch to the map that it's on, but I'm active in the game and I can switch back. it's never automatically done that without me first clicking the button to collect. I play on iOS if it's useful info. EDIT: I also do insanely anal stuff like collect my updates immediately, so I may just be missing the bug!!
  11. It has nothing to do with the arrangement of towers. If you get beaten by a player who has a similar amount or more trophies that you do, the most you will lose is 3. If you get beaten by a player who has many fewer trophies than you do, the maximum you can lose is 25. You can also lose trophies even if they don't 100% your map, depending on the trophy differential.
  12. I think it makes the game more convenient, but in general the difficulty of war is about the same because of the skull map changes. That seems like a nice quality of life improvement without sacrificing difficulty, imo. And I really don't know how they could change matchmaking in any other way that wouldn't create a whole bunch of other issues come up. Ideally you want 4 evenly matched teams on the map every week, right? You could throw trophies into the mix as an indicator of strength, but that can be easily manipulated. Just going straight down the line would be odd because teams change from week to week, and at the top ranks it would get pretty boring. The top 4 hasn't changed for a long time, and I personally think it's fun to get introduced to new alliances and see new defenses, etc. One thing that could be interesting is if war ranking from the previous week influenced matchmaking, to try to put gold teams with other gold teams, etc... So if you come in 1st one week you're more likely to have a hard matchup the next, and if you come in 4th you're more likely to have an easier matchup. Instead of just the random chance that you're going to drop down a bracket, it would be influenced by how you did the previous week. But there's probably unintended consequences there, too.
  13. I think that makes sense. The game corrects somewhat for alliances with fewer players facing alliances with more players, but in general alliances that have more players, stronger players, and are well organized/disciplined will rise to the top. There's nothing particularly odd or controversial about that. We learned that lesson in one of our alliances recently. We were being carried by a handful of very strong players at the top. It was enough to win every week and climb the leaderboard extremely fast. However, we got to a point where the lower level players on the team were completely ineffective against the enemies we faced (not their fault, the alliance leveled up faster than they could ever hope to), and finally to the point where the team as a whole was too weak to compete. So we've been losing for a few weeks and settling back down to a level of competition where we belong. It's no big deal.
  14. I don't think the difficulty has been lowered at all. The new skull map is much tougher than before. I like the new changes, but the timing will take getting used to. I don't like the Thursday start, however.
  15. The matchup in war is entirely based on your Alliance's number of torches, with a little bit of random chaos thrown in. But no other factors influence it (number of players, trophies, blessings, etc...)
  16. I think the phoenix is cute and cool. I agree that the XP chests are way too low right now. Love the defense layout change, thanks very much for what must have been one of the most requested features. Super cool. I guess I also have to agree that the changes to treasure chests in this update and the server update is not really exciting. The stories you hear about how people completely and totally abused it make me understand, and if the stories are true, you're probably saving some lives, but yeah, it sucks that some maniacs ruin it for the rest of us. All in all, super nice work and thank you!
  17. On the other hand, if you have 65 cyclopses at the gate, I suppose there's no reason not to fight it. #Cadmusreasons
  18. Hi folks, I'm levelling up Ajax and I've noticed that Shield Slam has a very unorthodox AOE. I thought at first that it was bugged, because I could be standing right in front of a tower, in a place where every other damage spell would hit it, and see no damage. Apparently SS is more cone shaped, so it's just very easy to miss with it at point-blank range. I think this would be more obvious if you could see the cone better. Right now there is some visual indication on the ground, but that's easily covered up by almost any action on screen, and even when you can see it, I'm not sure how well it represents the actual limits of the cone. I also understand that Ajax is really powerful, and the tradeoff is that his spells are fussy. Charge would be very powerful if it didn't almost always miss (because Ajax turns to smack something at the last minute), and Shield Slam would wreck maps if it had the footprint of talos. It's just frustrating that it's so hard to see where you actually pointed Shield Slam. A little poof or something would at least ease frustration.
  19. If odysseus could use his unique item, instead of wearing it as a cape, you could sniper shot the spearman and steal the steamroller.
  20. I want a charon tower that makes gHoOoOoStLy trebuchets for some reason.
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