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  1. The problem is that you and I are actually matched less often than a player who's level 140 and has 5000 trophies. At any given time you might be on 10 opponents' maps (fake number), while the other person is on 1000 maps (again, fake number). At the rate that they are attacked, they can't get out of that 5000 trophy range. It just doesn't happen. And 15 months ago, all of those +15s for a player like this used to be +25s. The system is more broken now.
  2. Yes, because matchmaking is determined by it. The higher you go on the leaderboard, the less often you're matched with other players. I don't know why it works that way, other than it breaks if it doesn't. Conversely, the lower you are on the leaderboard, the more often you're matched. This partly explains why we see the same players (usually high level/low trophy) over and over again. The trophy system doesn't work well for these players, who are the majority of players, and it's only gotten worse since the change from earning +25 for a successful high level attack to earning +15. That was a change that truly only benefited the elite, and it was reinforced with the next two matchmaking tweaks (one of which was partially undone).
  3. The OR team and the RR2 team are completely different, other than some QC that they share. And none of them work for Flaregames proper. But CM said the new update for OR will be a summertime thing. So your overall point is correct.
  4. They have to make a gem purchase.
  5. I think your game is broken then.
  6. It fills up your morale bar faster.
  7. If it’s not making too much work for you, I like having answers compiled in an easy-to-access way.
  8. Islands do repopulate as you fight, though. You can never clear your map. And it’s very possible, easy actually, to put enough heroes on ambrosia islands to never run out. If you do, there are bonus chests and ambrosia is very cheap to buy.
  9. Recruiting for your alliance is a difficult and time consuming task. Recruiting and keeping good players even more so. But alliances that do it well are rewarded for it. You can choose to avoid this part of the game, that’s your choice. Again, it’s time consuming and largely thankless. You’re putting your alliance at a disadvantage however. The alliances who recruit heavily and keep their players are doing a LOT of work in between wars which you are choosing not to do. However, you’ve proven that your small alliance is able to participate and win in lower rankings of the war ladder. You can still play and win in proportion to the effort you’re willing to put in to building your alliance up.
  10. Maybe you should try and teach your alliance to fight more effectively or use auto play better? That seems like a very strange solution to your problem. Auto play is very useful when used correctly.
  11. I’d leave an alliance that forced me to play manual in war. I don’t have time for that.
  12. Why would you want to disable AP for your teammates?
  13. On the 4 way map, blocking the inside 2 skull could help stall/prevent a 3 on 1, but those are pretty rare anyways. In a 2 on 1, which are much more common, both attacking teams could just block their 1 skulls and force the defending team to only attack 2s and 3s. I’m not sure if that would be better than what we have now. It would be VERY interesting to try it out in beta tests.
  14. Wouldn’t everyone just block their 1 skull?
  15. You get 3 chances to fight a player on your map. The best players in the game who attack me sometimes fail to kill the gk on the first try, but they usually get it by the 3rd. But by and large, the same strategies do work on all GKs, some are just tougher than others.
  16. I think so also, but it would be cool, maybe, down the road if resistances did other things besides just damage resistance. Lightning gives stun resist, ice gives slow resist, poison gives petrify resist?, fire gives morale drain resist?
  17. It’s extra health. You can see the shield bar on the outside of the green health bar. Health gets taken from your shield before it gets taken from your hero health, but your shield can’t be healed or regenerated the way hero health can be. It gets refreshed when it’s Re-cast. The most recently cast shield will over-write a previously cast shield. So if you use blessed cyclopses with Achilles or Prom, the cyclopses weak shield will over write the strong shield from Styx/Pyro depending on what was cast most recently.
  18. Healing, shielding, buffing your troops combined with a way to slow and stun the gk is usually pretty effective. Ranged troops are also effective, but not all ranged troops have the same range.
  19. Reflected damage (with no AD) is non-physical, non-elemental “damage”. It can’t be resisted, other than with bia (which is damage shaving, not really a resistance). Damage caused by the AD/DR bug is pure physical. It can be resisted with physical resistance and/or damage reflection. There has been a full calendar year’s worth of testing on this issue by multiple alliances and confirmation by Captain Morgan that it’s a bug. It also does not make GKs immortal. There are ways around it.
  20. Adding additional area damage works as you would expect it to. You do 100% damage to the primary target and >100% damage to other targets in range, but it’s additive. If your base damage is 12000 and you put 2000 damage worth of AD gear on, your gk does 14000 damage to secondary targets. I’ve never been able to put on enough extra area damage to notice a real difference. However, when you take that 12000 base area damage plus 2000 additional area damage, and add on top of that a very modest amount of reflection (no more than 20% is needed, maybe less), all secondary targets begin to explode and the hero is dealt massive physical-type damage. Area damage by itself doesn’t do that, reflection doesn’t do that (it doesn’t deal physical damage at all, it’s special type).
  21. The gk has a base area damage of 100%. It’s been like that since they launched back in 2017. They do the same damage to surrounding targets as they do to the primary target. Not a bug, visual or otherwise. Think of how ineffective the gk would be if they could only attack one enemy at a time, like your hero.
  22. GKs have the same base stats as your heroes, including masteries. It’s always been that way
  23. I believe that the magic number is 16 ascension levels. Lower level players who attack higher level enemies get a bonus, vs same level players attacking each other, up to 16 levels above them. After that point the vp is fixed. It’s an anti exploit measure.
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