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  1. You know that that bug was only in effect for a few weeks in 2017, right? That was when the level cap was 115.
  2. I think through private channels they have. It probably needs a lot more testing to figure out though. I’ll run some tests with this too. I’ve never noticed it before. Do you think it’s just a visual bug? Ok, I think they disagree with you there too, although obviously better forged gear gives players an advantage. They’ve said that they think they highest level players with fully upgraded defenses should be difficult. No equivocation about 1*forging vs 4* forging. I will completely admit that maybe they’ve changed their minds on this. Maybe you should experiment with more high cooldown builds? You might like it! and there are no lingering effects from the old forge system. Every last old forged item was completely obsolete before level 140, most by level 136 or so.
  3. I think it's possible that there's a bug with frostbite AND it was buffed too much in November. I hope the devs are able to run some really good tests on this when they're troubleshooting it. Maybe, once the bug is fixed (if there's a bug), the 200% FB damage is perfectly fine! It feels like it's tough to judge right now, though. I think they're also on the record as saying that a maxed out, well composed defense should be a challenge for a similarly high level, well equipped hero, not that the defense should have "no chance". That's what they were trying to fix from last spring when no defenses were challenging. Maybe they’ve changed their minds on this issue though.
  4. It’s not new. People have been doing it probably for a year. I first saw it maybe over the summer? And it was posted to the forums around that time.
  5. The point is, that frenzy beats DR, so that’s the bigger bug! And there are other ways to kill the toughest gk’s, I promise you. Never underestimate the resourcefulness of some of the players here.
  6. Yeah, I think it’s pretty widespread at this point.
  7. The best counter for a really tough gk is the frenzy bug though!
  8. All of these bugs are. I’d say the frenzy bug is the most abused. At least with the ad bug you need to be lucky enough to find the correct gear. Everyone has frenzy.
  9. I agree with this, however I think that refining can be a really great use of the 5* Titan items you’re already making after they start to get a little long in the tooth. As with anything, though, it’s a question of how you want to balance your resources. If you can afford the wisdom hit for one week, it can be a nice way to prolong the usefulness of items.
  10. I like refinings too, as long as you know what you want to build and have a plan. its easy to waste resources if you don’t do it wisely.
  11. He was also strong in the time before Helios towers, which he doesn’t have many tools to deal with. Here’s Wayward’s original rant thread from the day they nerfed Ajax and Athena. Kinda funny to read now. Some things never change. June 12th, 2017 though - the game was very different back then. Ajax would have been marginalized just by the new additions to the game over the next year, especially Helios towers. In hindsight the drastic nerf wasn’t even needed. Oh well.
  12. I play 11 skulls with Ajax and have no problem getting raid victories with him, but the only hero I ever have trouble with in an odyssey is Artemis. But in most ways, real battles against high end human bases are much tougher. First and foremost because 75 or 85% isn’t good enough on a real island. You’re probably losing trophies. Ive done a lot of raiding with Ajax (Because I get cursed gear for him constantly) and without bia he almost doesn’t have enough time to break every tower and the gate. Forget about killing the gk most of the time. It’s startling how important bia is. But I like Ariadne a lot and I think prom is really fun even though he has major handicaps.
  13. Were you breaking every tower or rushing the gate for a raid win? i agree that Ajax is better than Artemis though
  14. This would fix the spell. Strip it of the fixed physical damage, make you attack with your actual weapons and stats. Increased levels of ww would increase speed/duration, basically a damage multiplier.
  15. No. All offense perks are disabled, including LoH. Whirlwind is a fixed damage spell like Damocles, except it has a random, irregular shape and you’re prevented from taking actions or defending yourself while it’s active. It’s not good
  16. I did complete the Titan level “kill x gk’s” curse with Ajax. Let me tell you how much fun that was. I get more cursed gear for Ajax than anyone else. Ajax and Jason.
  17. Which wouldn’t be the end of the world if he could keep phoenixes alive and take out nyx towers. Unfortunately....
  18. It’s not just this. He’s no good at all at keeping an army alive, both on the regular map and fighting the GK, so you’re really limited to one way to take down every GK (punch him in the face). If he could shield, heal, or buff his army you’d have a bunch of other options, but he can’t do any of those things (without using invos).
  19. He’s more popular at lower levels but he’s not well equipped AT ALL to take on late game bases. That’s a bad design imo. Edit: I don’t mind him in odyssey because you can just rush the gate. He’s tanky enough that you can load him up with reflection and slog through as long as you don’t hit whirlwind by accident.
  20. I don’t think anyone in my alliance takes ajax to war. Or Artemis. We have every other hero represented.
  21. I think he was joking. And I don’t mind his unique items. I think potency is a great perk on a shield because it really doesnt interfere with another perk you’d normally want to use there, and his spells really do need extra damage to be effective. They’re weak. His armor is cool in theory, but you don’t get exceptional levels of weapon speed on it. Like with herc’s claws, you get 2x the demolition you’d find on a cursed demo item. But madness of Ajax just has a mediocre level of attack speed, kinda what you’d get from a non-forged titan item. That’s not exciting. It should be at least as much attack speed as a very top of the line max forged item for your level (this goes for current incarnations of the two cooldown uniques as well).
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