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  1. A player starting today can absolutely min/max their defense (or offense) in a way that older players really couldn't. We had to max everything to get to level 115, then again to 131, now we're doing it again for 150. If you start fresh the only obstacles are wisdom, gold, and the Hero Temple. You ignore all of the towers and spells you don't use and max out everything you do use. I still don't think pushing all the way to a level 13 Temple is easy or prudent because you have to do so many wisdom and gold upgrades at the cost of upgrading more useful stuff. But if you were very well organized you could have an effective defense (or effective offense, focusing on spells and units).
  2. You're a riot. Keep forging that regen gear!
  3. The top levels of the temple are hugely expensive, so you need high levels of wisdom and gold storage to build them. Which is why it's incredibly difficult to have a level 13 temple at ascension level 100 or 110. It's not technically impossible, but it's impractical.
  4. What are you maxing out at level 110?
  5. Max all what? You can't max everything by level 110 lol. Like, by definition. It takes 150 levels to max everything.
  6. Max hero temple is 13. Not 12.
  7. So to my point from the first page, a player would have to go out of her way to build all the necessary structures to build max or even high level nyx at level 100, but let’s say it’s technically possible. Level-gating your temple solves some of these problems. If you needed all the resources plus a minimum level of 100 to build a level 11 temple, it starts to even out the anticipated strength of defenses.
  8. It's a process. You need to stop using Regen first. It's a weak perk, and we've told you this. But you said, no, it's overpowered...and now you're struggling. Ok. Forging and the odyssey are how you make your heroes stronger. Do the highest level odysseys you can. Pick strong masteries (not regen!). Forge every day. Target top-of-level items and forge them using 4* dismantles. Begin mixing in some refined items as you go. They last longer than normal forged items. I buy green item chests all the time. When I'm looking for items I'll buy 10 every day or more.
  9. If you're having difficulty, taking the time to forge better gear is the #1 way to make your heroes stronger. Relying on completely unforged gear is not a winning strategy. When the devs nerfed equipment in 2017 and added in the forge system, they allowed for and intended for the player to use the forge to bring their gear back to where it was (or beyond) pre-nerf. Forging is extremely strong now, and you should be forcing your alliance to forge daily. If they're not, they'll struggle. It's an integral part of the game.
  10. Back to your case study from a few posts ago, planning to stay at level 60 and only upgrade your defense through the Odyssey is an extremely poor tactic in my opinion. Levelling up your defensive structures works much, much better. Some of the stronger bases at your level probably don't have incredible individual buffs on structures, certainly not over 50%. What they probably do have, however, is some defensive structures that are higher level than average for their ascension level. The odyssey buffs are something people complain about a lot (because they take a ton of work, dedication, and luck to get high level), but they don't nearly make as much of a difference as simply levelling up your stuff. Like if you wanted to stall out at level 60 with some level 12 barricades ONLY buffed via the odyssey, what do you do when you don't get barricades for 6 weeks? It's random what you get. Some weeks I get mostly powers. That doesn't help much. And more to the point, people aren't doing this. The issue isn't odyssey buffs. You're way overvaluing their impact, especially at your level. There are other issues. As we learned yesterday, there's really been very little attention given to this game for a long time. The upgrade from november hasn't been balanced. Matchmaking is worse today than it was a year ago. And the Temple isn't ascension level gated, but they can't fix that. If matchmaking was smarter it would solve 90% of the problems. This is a big job, though. You can't do it when you're on even more of a skeleton crew than normal. I have a feeling the november update will be rebalanced, though, and it will probably swing way too far in the other way, with substantial nerfs on a lot of things. That's easier than fixing matchmaking. But it will put a big bandaid on the issue and offense will be stronger than defense again. It's just how the game works.
  11. I love talking about this topic.
  12. Having a bad day, Warriornator?
  13. I don't know what the cap is. Nobody has hit it to my knowledge, and the devs haven't said what it is. You're free to buff your offensive units and powers if you feel like defenses are too strong. I'm sure you haven't reached the cap on any of your units yet. But I appreciate the hostility!
  14. I didn't say anything about fair or unfair, I said there's a cap.
  15. There is a cap on odyssey buffs, it just might not be what you want it to be.
  16. Well, you're advising someone who is under level 100 remember. It works differently. And Odyssey isn't all about the buffs, it's about the fame too. You'll never, ever recapture the fame you're missing out on.
  17. The people I see complain the most are the ones who upgraded all their resource structures and only increased level for no tangible gains. Upgrading defense and units is how to level up slowly. That's how I advise everyone to plan their path. Typically, the handful of level 145/146 players at the top of the lists in war have worse defenses than the players 5 levels below them. Those are the ones who focus on upgrading defense. Defense, units, powers first. Upgrade the big XP structures only when needed and there's a reason to upgrade them. It helps with resource management, too. You don't need to upgrade uniques as often, you don't need to forge as often. You have more resources for refining projects and odyssey. High fame and great gear is better for quality of life issues than high level. I actually prioritize odyssey and forging over upgrades. I'll often have open builder slots for the first few days of odyssey so I don't get pinched without enough wisdom. You can always gem upgrades if you have to, you never get back lost fame. And one more thing -- the two data points that match you to other players on your map are trophies and level, so if you're seeing players much higher than you on your map, you can never really level up to catch them. You'll just be matched with new higher level players. I would question if that gives you the advantage a struggling player is looking for, vs. upgrading slowly and wisely.
  18. And I see it as a change that only a few people have ever asked for with the potential for abuse. I'd hate if any resources were put towards this while there are actual bugs out there and no new content for 5 months and counting. What a waste.
  19. Or they could just keep it like it is and they don’t have to make a list or deal with complaints about spies.
  20. Don’t you have players who you’ve kicked from your alliance and who you would not take back under any circumstances? Players who are untrustworthy or who cause drama?
  21. We’re always going to disagree on that strategy and I would never, ever advise a player who is already struggling at his levels to chase more levels for a mystery payoff.
  22. The final bit of advice is if you get frustrated with constantly leveling up and feeling like you have to chase new gear to compete, don’t level up so fast! There’s very little advantage.
  23. The most transparent approach would have been to inform the community what was going on, and why there hasn't been resources devoted to the game in the past half year. Because it was obvious, and ignoring it was weird.
  24. It can always be worse! it would be interesting to hear some possible solutions to this issue, though. I’m having trouble coming up with many.
  25. Trebs are immune to poison and medusas do 100% poison damage. So it's the same reason. Otherwise you would have some intense roadblocks!
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