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  1. We’re always going to disagree on that strategy and I would never, ever advise a player who is already struggling at his levels to chase more levels for a mystery payoff.
  2. The final bit of advice is if you get frustrated with constantly leveling up and feeling like you have to chase new gear to compete, don’t level up so fast! There’s very little advantage.
  3. The most transparent approach would have been to inform the community what was going on, and why there hasn't been resources devoted to the game in the past half year. Because it was obvious, and ignoring it was weird.
  4. It can always be worse! it would be interesting to hear some possible solutions to this issue, though. I’m having trouble coming up with many.
  5. Trebs are immune to poison and medusas do 100% poison damage. So it's the same reason. Otherwise you would have some intense roadblocks!
  6. It’s ok if you find better gear, it’s good in fact! Your old equipment can be used to forge new gear when you’re ready to upgrade.
  7. Gold level forging is expensive, but those items also last for a really long time. In general, I prefer the cost/usefulness ratio of silver items, though.
  8. This might be more of a mental hangup than reality, though. Even if you’re forging something this week that won’t be as good as something you could forge next week, it will still be better than what you forged last week. Never Stop Forging
  9. For me, I think the game is perfect right now. It’s challenging, but not to the point of frustration. I prefer it like this than it was last spring when you could beat the toughest defenses in the game on auto with 1:30 left. If I didn’t spend a lot of time every week forging I would probably have a different opinion though. It’s probably a tough game to play casually right now.
  10. Even the odyssey, though, they’ve rebalanced that a half dozen times. It’s completely possible for them to go through and make balancing changes. Nothing is stopping them, except for time, money, and staff.
  11. I think if they could do it all over again, they would/should have ascension level-gated upgrades to the Hero Temple. Having a max level temple and lower level everything else was always a great strategy, now it’s a really great strategy until you get into the very highest levels. There also hasn’t been anyone on staff to do balancing changes in the past 6 months. Balancing changes used to be a fairly regular thing. But they require a staff.
  12. That’s fine, everybody gets that. It’s pulling the whole team off for months and then being secret about it that’s really annoying. I asked in November if the crew was working on another project. Question was ignored. Turns out I was right. People were feeling like the game was abandoned because for 5 months that was pretty much the case. Honesty and transparency works better and makes people less annoyed.
  13. It definitely seems to. We’ve also seen lots of special rules for different situations. GKs have short stun duration, towers get x3 damage from powers, etc. I wonder if petrify affects heroes *exactly* the same way that it affects units. I wouldn’t be surprised if the answer was no. I’m almost never surprised when things in this game work in weird ways for “reasons”.
  14. Some of that could be a result of bugs, though. I don’t think we’ll really know until they attempt a fix.
  15. As dumb as the AI can be at times, it’s pretty good at not “wasting” attacks ... sometimes. Medusa’s don’t attack trebuchets, phoenixes don’t attack other phoenixes, etc. it makes me wonder what the *exact* effect of petrify is on heroes.
  16. They should fix the bugs and then make killing the gk worth 1/3rd of the total trophies (and VP) instead of a flat 1 trophy. So if the island is worth 3 trophies total, the gk is worth 1. If the island is worth 15 trophies, the gk is worth 5. Gks would be easier, because there would be no weird unfair bugs in play, but you’re at a big disadvantage if you don’t kill him.
  17. Ok, petrify attack from a weapon can turn you gray at least. Medusa (enemies) and medusas gaze (spell) don’t seem to petrify the hero. Medusas won’t even try, same as if they’re faced with other medusas who are immune. I couldn’t see the hero taking any extra damage from being petrified, but maybe it does. Test hero was Artemis, so no shield and fragile as a kitten.
  18. Can you post a video? Is it just Medusa’s gaze or Medusa units as well?
  19. I’ve never known heroes to be affected by petrify. Units only. If anyone has a video of that, too, it would be interesting
  20. Can you post a video of this happening?
  21. On the bright side, you avoided getting hit 2vs1 last war.
  22. You have a new cursed chest. You cursed your item.
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