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  1. yee

    13th IMGA

    i am still pending the TTT bug to be solve. It is stoping me to play the game
  2. yee

    High scores nerfed

    If the leadboard is just made up. Can u guys just remove it? Seriously i raised this issue since 3 months ago when i started this game. Lol
  3. yee

    High scores nerfed

    Still buggy my highest score 4494 floor do not appear in my friend phone. The score is not accurate at all i have raised so many ticket regarding issue. But it still remain unsolve after months.
  4. yee

    Fixes Required

    Nope u still be get higher token multiplier if u ascend from lvl 2400 onward. The buggy game is just not showing the correct info. I ascended from 4494 floor. And now i am able to get 200B token from 250gem shop (or 125 gem after 50% disc)
  5. Following show the 4 unsolve issues for veteran players: 1) TTT gold bug - once u reached TTT gold this is the end of game, u cant proceed further . The gold amount will become infinity and all the game progress will not be save or revert back to level 1 2) Coin gain / coin upgrade - coins drop from monster need to be recode. Once u reached higher level, even with maximum knight coin upgrade or pet coin gain it do not even provide 0.00001% of coins for your max weapon upgrade. 3) Pet shards from maxed 5 star pets - we are still able to get pet shards from a maxed pet and it will be convert into small amount of gold (same as 1 ads box). And now you guys are keep introducing new pets with pointless stat may i know how can we max the new pet with this logic?? 4) Leaderboard issue - leaderboard ranking do not update correctly. Our top score only appear in our individual phone
  6. yee

    Boss hunt January 25th ^~^

    Not for the boss hunt rewards. Just for the ranking fame. U can get more fame multiplier once u kill boss in higher floor
  7. yee

    Boss hunt January 25th ^~^

    yea to be honest it is really unfair. Those are in the same team with me have no chance to get the 1st hunter rewards at all. well lets see how devs belance up the boss hunt game play. and i really hope they can solve the TTT gold issue asap =.=.
  8. yee

    Boss hunt January 25th ^~^

    definitely pay to win game, however the rewards do not worth for the gems i spent. btw the TTT gold bug is still remain in this patch. i just ascended
  9. yee

    Too many pets

    Gold drop from minions is totally usless when u reached higher floor. It not even contribute 0.00001% for ur weapon upgrade
  10. yee

    Too many pets

    1 pet shard only equal to 7 max weapon upgrade which is same amount of gold as 1 ads purple box. Well, with this logic may i know how can we max all our pet???
  11. yee

    Too many pets

    To be honest. Update from Last 2 months is totally pointless. Introduce useless pets but those bugs and issue still remain.
  12. yee

    Too many pets

    Their design is so bad. It is impossible to get all 5 star pets since u still can get pet shard from a maxed pet And those pets with coin gain or allies damage are so useless. Dont tell me to max clock level because it is useless and weapon always did better damage, they should enhance and balance up the game play. I knew this game quite well as i already reached twice max gold TTT curse with 4500 floors+ and spent huge amount of cash in this game. However i am still unable to collect all 5 stars pet. (Only collected 85% pets with 5 stars)
  13. i raised this issue 1 month ago still no response from the team.
  14. The boss hunt game play is so boring and pointless. It cant keep my interested at all. It is only for leisure play not for advance player. They never improve based on our sugguestion, so many unsolve bug and issues. I almost reached end of the game. 2nd time TTT gold bug. Max knight upgrade, 90% 5 star pets. Currently slowing down my pace at floor 4200 ++ . I will quit this game if there are no update by this month. They just lost a loyal customer.
  15. yee

    how often are Boss Hunts?

    Every wed and sat. A fix time based on ur location