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  1. also, 25% bonus vp per skull for defending team is a lot.. i am aware that u tried to reduce 2vs1 and 3vs1 this way, and it will probably have some effect in that direction, but i fear that new issues may come up (i am talking about campaign war only as we dont have any details about other war types yet.. so, 3 day war, 7 strikes, 4 teams).. between similar strength teams it will be impossible to win any other island other than 1skull, and theres only 1x1skull island per team on each side.. not sure, but maybe better would be some formula like this.. e.g. bonus = (skulls-1)*10% + (nr_of_attacker_islands - nr_of_def_islands )x3%... so, e.g. that green team have 12 islands, red 9 islands at the time of initiating strike. green attacks reds 2skulls (2-1)*10% + (12-9)*3% = 19% bonus for red defender red attacks green 3skulls (3-1)*10% + (9-12)*3% =11%.. bonus for green defender
  2. Some lower leagues have 0 red teams and bunch of greens... I assume thats a bug... Probably number of green teams in lower league must be equal to number of red teams in higher league.. Anyway, regarding leagues, i personally would like more if u made it with less league types, but with more leagues of same type, especially at lower league types... e.g. 1 titan league with 12 teams, 1 gods league with 24 teams, 2xkings leagues, 4xwarriors leagues, all with 24 teams except titan.. and mortal league as is ofc... First 3 wars would be played for torches, and after, 4th war would be direct duel of nr 1 and 2 team in titan league (Grand finale), 3rd and 4th, etc... last 4teams from titan league would play duel with top 4 teams from gods league.. winner stays/gets promoted to titans league, loser gets demoted/stays in gods league... in all leagues last war (duel) is the same,..., 5th vs 6th, ...,9th vs 10th,... winner of duel is better placed at the end of league, regardless of previous torches amount between 2 teams.. from gods league bottom 8 teams go into qualification with 2x4 teams from kings league... 2x8 bottom kings teams fight top teams from warriors league (4leagues x 4teams) in qualification.. same with warriors bottom teams vs mortals top.. To make last duel interesting for all teams rewards must be different for every duelist in war.. e.g in titan league: 1st place: (9blessings + 2000gems + that top chest) -- as is 2nd place: (8blessings + 2000gems + 2nd chest) -- as is 3rd place: (8blessings + 2000gems + 3rd chest) 4th place: (7blessings + 2000gems) 5th place: (7blessings + 2000gems) 6th place: (6blessings + 2000gems) 7th place: (6blessings + 2000gems) 8th place: (5blessings + 2000gems) qualification winners (9th 10th 11th and 12th): (5blessings + 2000gems) in this case, even duel between 7th and 8th place are fighting for one blessing more or less.. gods league -- all get 4 war blessings with reduction of gems for every 2 levels (from 2000 down to 1000) top 5 teams get 2k gems, bottom 9 1k gems.. otherwise, - (100 or 200) gems per 2 places in league season... difference should be bigger imo, but with current rewarding system, its hard to make it bigger... kings league - 3 war blessings + some gems (1000 down to 500) warriors league -- 2 war blessing + some gems 500 down to 0) + duel (last war) should give some reward to winner itself so some teams in the middle of gods/kings/warriors leagues have something to fight for, except for few gems only (like alliance money perhaps, as is now)... Blessings should be randomized (every season brings same blessings, but differently distributed).. Point of my post is to have more fun on last war, with 2 teams of similar strength fighting for something directly... that will be more fun, rather than last war having e.g some top team (RS or SS atm vs some bottom from titan league).. thats not fun at all for neither of those teams... Last war should decide whos league winner directly between those 2 teams currently on the top). also, i dont think that any 1vs1 fight with huge difference in teams quality will be interesting a lot to anyone.. so keep randomness within wars with 3-4 teams only...
  3. I would suggest to make initial teams distribution by trophies, not torches.. roughly, trophies better represent teams current strength... Deserted teams with lots of torches would end up in lower leagues, newer strong teams would end up in higher leagues.. half deserted teams would probably end up in some mid leagues, where they belong probbly... Anyway, i dont think that any team would be unfairly distributed that way, maybe +-1 league, which is acceptable i guess..
  4. Issue exists and will be fixed soon i guess, so i wont discuss that one at all.. anyway, can u please explain a bit how those leagues work? We would like to know what for are we fighting? How much teams are promoted/relegated to/from each league? I see 3 green teams in some league, somewhere 2, somewhere a lot more, etc.. who and when gets which blessings/gems, for how long.. those are crucial informations for tactics we will use in wars, what for to aim, what is worth fighting for? Atm, even after u fix game issues and restart leagues, we still wont have any idea what for we r fighting... Can u please give us some more insights? Regards.. Goran
  5. choka

    Forging system suggestions

    Also, let me explain for everyone how it worked and how it works once again... Lets say that level 131 player gets his best items of "quality 131" or q131, cursed items are usually/always one level above, so "quality 132".. some items are surely a bit lower quality, so some are quality 129 or 130.. Before update it was like this: use q131 item or lower on q131 item and u get +1q on forged itemuse q132 or q133 item on q131 item and u get +2q on forged item for every additional quality difference u get additional +0.5q on forged item (134q on 131q == +2.5q, 135 on 131 == +3q, etc..).. something like: int dismantledQ, forgedQ; ............................... float gain = ((float)dismantledQ - forgedQ)/2; if(gain < 1) gain = 1; if(dismantledQ > forgedQ) gain += 1; After update it is: use q133 item or lower on q131 item and u get +1q on forged item for every additional quality difference u get +0.5q on forged item (134 on 131 == +1.5q, 135 on 131 == +2q, etc..) gain = (dismantledQ - forgedQ)/2; if(gain < 1) gain = 1; "gain 1" equals to 5% for cooldown/attack speed and all other skills that "decrease" when ascending, 2% for damage, etc.. gain 1.5, ~+7.5% cooldown... which basically means -1quality on every forge (compared to before) except for base forges with lower or equal quality of items used. In some of my previous explanations i've been using "quality 0" naming convention for "q131 item for level 131 player".. "quality 0" was also "quality 110 item for level 110 player", etc... I don't believe there's such thing like 131.5 quality or similar, as probably quality is whole number, gain can be e.g. +1.5, which makes your forged item at +1 or +2 quality after. E.g. quality 131 bindings have damage 1255 - 1283. if u get +1.5 quality on q131 bindings (1260 damage), damage will go up for ~3% ("+1.5quality") BUT u will get +1 quality, item will become q132. if u get +1.5 quality on q131 bindings (with 1280 damage), damage will go up for ~3% also ("+1.5quality") BUT u will get +2 quality, item will become q133. Only primary skill determines quality of items (except for rings). So, due to current implementation (as i think its done atm), without lots of changes from development side, we r limited to certain kind of tweaks only. I might be wrong though, but am pretty confident thats how it was/is.. once again.. proposed solution is: float gain = ((float)dismantledQ - forgedQ)/2; if(gain < 1) gain = 1; if(dismantledQ > forgedQ) gain += 0.5; // give us bug back :).. less powerfull though Best regards, Goran..
  6. choka

    Forging system suggestions

    Ill copy crucial part of my latest suggestion from initial forging thread first (bolded part): Solution can be perhaps to additionally add +0.5 quality levels for +1 and +2 quality differences (it was +1 additional quality level before update, and +0 additional after update). This way u would reduce quality of forged items, but it would remain very useful mechanism. Players would have to invest a lot more time/effort for less gain, but forging would be still very useful and interesting OR mechanism to most. This can be first and very fast baby step regarding balancing forging mechanism downwards (it should't be difficult to implement at all). After few weeks, together (devs and the community), we can tweak it a bit more, in whichever direction.. discussion will surely continue... Later, maybe u can boost defences a bit, to counter still somewhat OP forging, or even reduce initial quality of (green/blue/.. items a bit), as proposed also: "Another, a bit more complex proposal is to maybe just decrease items qualities that we receive.. -1 qualities for gold items (compared with current that we get), -2quality for purple items, -3q for blue and -4q for green... forging remains as it was before.. so new lvl 131 would get titan items same as it gets now, gold same as now gets lvl130, purple same as 129..., green same as now 127... So at every color we would have to have +2 quality levels once to keep up with higher colors... That would somewhat reduce overall quality of forged items at the end, make titan items from chests a bit more usefull to some that don't forge at all and maintain forging as one of key OR mechanisms (which u see that many like)..." Best Regards, Goran
  7. choka

    Forging bug cause of clever players?

    @CaptainMorgan Can u please reconsider to additionally tweak forging a bit... because, i just putted it on paper and realised that with current forging system its completely useless. It was very good feature that many of us liked.. Yes, it was OP. It shouldn't be. But now there's no point to try to make anything good as u can just circle with making same quality items over and over without any additional gain (soon many will realise the same and stop forging completely and sell all items they have).. Ok, make it 10x harder than before, nerf it a lot, but don't take this feature from us completely. After last update u add +0.5level on forged item starting with 3 quality difference and up. Only difference u added is reducing -1 quality level for relative quality differences +1 and +2 (u say its bug, but bug we r used to and knew that it works like that for nearly a year now). Solution can be perhaps to additionally add +0.5 quality levels for +1 and +2 quality differences (it was +1 additional quality level before update, and +0 additional after update). This way u would drastically reduce quality of forged items, but it would remain useful mechanism. Players would have to invest a lot more time/effort for significantly less gain, but forging would be still useful and interesting OR mechanism to most. Even if you are not sure that this modification would drastically reduce quality of forged items, lets not make huge cuts as this one is, but rather take baby steps, even few if needed towards good and balanced game, but still with existing mechanisms useful. And if u see after a month of two that players are still making crazy quality items, u can nerf it again (make another baby step), kill it completely (make as is now), but i am sure that won't be the case as with this change, quality of forged items will be reduced significantly. Can you please just consider this? I am sure that system is useless as is now. Ill gladly assist u with anything in details, just if its possible that we overcome this together and make it right and balanced of course.. Best Regards, Goran
  8. choka

    Forging bug cause of clever players?

    Another, a bit more complex proposal is to maybe just decrease items qualities that we receive.. -1 qualities for gold items (compared with current that we get), -2quality for purple items, -3q for blue and -4q for green... forging remains as it was before.. so new lvl 131 would get titan items same as it gets now, gold same as now gets lvl130, purple same as 129..., green same as now 127... So at every color we would have to have +2 quality levels once to keep up with higher colors... That would somewhat reduce overall quality of forged items at the end, make titan items from chests a bit more usefull to some that dont forge at all and maintain forging as one of key OR mechanisms (which u see that many like)...
  9. choka

    Forging bug cause of clever players?

    I see many players are not satisfied with recent changes.. personally, most of my items are very good and am not that much into forging mood lately anyway.. but i can notice that forging have been significantly nerfed.. simplified, before it was like this: 1a) Use same or worse quality item and ull get base +1 quality level increase on forged item 1b) use +1 or +2 relative quality difference item on some item and ull get +2 levels in forged item quality.. 1c) for every additional relative quality difference (3 and higher) u get additional +0.5 levels on forged item... Now it is: 2a) merge of 1a) and 1b).. u get +1 level for forged item for lower, same, +1 or +2 relative quality item used (quality of item used for forge relatively compared to forged item quality) 3b) equals to 1c)... Putted this way, doesnt seem like a huge difference but it actually is... Most of players wont be able to make initial jump in items quality other than +1q or +1.5q per forge... My suggestion is that u maybe can put forging somewhere in between those 2 ... E.g that at least starting with +2q difference gives players additional +0.5 quality levels... From my point of view, it should be minimum change from developments side.. dont kill forging completely... It will kill some players as well..
  10. choka

    How does damage reflection work?

    @CaptainMorgan when ure so kind to answer us all this, can i ask u few additional DR/area dmg questions 1) lets assume that attacker deals 20k physical dmg, defender have 40% DR and 50% physical resistance.. 40% of damage is reflected back to attacker (8k which cannot be resisted by attacker), and 50% of remaining 12k is resisted by defender, so attacker does 6k dmg to defender and receives 8k dmg with his hit only? 2) how it works if both heroes have DR.. is it some kind of recursion behind? Every hit is endless recursion this way? 3) it seems that area dmg + DR works very good on gatekeepers for no obvious reason to me.. even for very low %ges of DR.. why? area damage on attacking heroes is just some area damage with certain range i assume (range 2?).. as all dmg is area dmg on gks anyway, hows it possible that area dmg items increase gks dmg so significantly but dmg increase shown is just minimal.. thats especially noticable with some minor DR (2-3% only)... Best regards and thanks in advance, Goran
  11. choka

    4.0 Anticipated Features

    Also, another minor suggestion that friend just mentioned for lets say one war type only (e.g. once a month) can be semi-randomly picked enemies for war raid (based on player level) with top level players having a lot higher chance to face top level enemy... This would add additional variation into wars..
  12. choka

    4.0 Anticipated Features

    Hello ladies and gentlemen I wanted to post some of my suggestions for a while, but I didn't for some reason.. I guess I am a bit late now for 4.0, but its worth a shot.. maybe for future updates at least I like it that u focused yourself on war, as the most important aspect of this game for most of us... Hope if will be better than i expect it to be Anyway, here are some of my suggestions... 1) General suggestions (balancing) 1a) Make raiding tougher again.. demolition is way too overpowered (demolition % is % to reduce remaining health of building for 50% if i am not wrong).. nerf it significantly, reduce percentage to be triggered for 50%, or reduce amount of health taken from buildings (lets say down to 30%).. demolition is out of balance, everyone uses it and with and wout it its completely different game for raiders, no skill should be so overpowered and demolition definitively is.. cooldown is more useful than most other skills as well, maybe it should be reduced by lets say 10% (e.g. who had 50% now would have 45% cooldown).. 1b) On the other hand, gatekeepers can be overpowered for just 5% of total points.. maybe they can be nerfed a bit.. e.g. make a cap on resistances @80% + fix existing bug(s) with insane gk damage with mirroring+area damage or some other minor tweaks to nerf them a bit... Most of top players now just have some troubles sometimes to beat few gatekeepers only which gives lousy additional 5% difference only (i mean during war mostly), bases are way to easy for most top players and there's no chance to fail, which kind of a sucks... i liked it more when i had to sweat myself a bit when seal had 6 war blessings and i had to put one pyro at the gate at least to win.. anyway, beating top defenses shouldn't be impossible without invocations for top players but shouldn't be a walk in the park as well (as is now).. 2) War suggestions (balancing) 2a) Add more war blessings which are very powerful, worth fighting for... nowadays, sirens, medusas war blessings many find nearly useless (boost them)... add few more new war blessings into circulation.. 2b) Force top players to alternate more, force them to attack all top defenses if they want high vp for their team.. this can be easily done by reducing 10% of vp gained from a war raid not only per island, but for whole war, so many will be forced to attack most players.. lately very few players fail at all, everyone active just easily win all possible vp in war (except 5% for killing gk, that can be tricky one sometimes)... 2c) Add minor variables in every war.. e.g. 5% vp bonus for certain heroes every war, invocations free war once in a while (i am aware thats not gonna happen), 3xprice for invocations, halved price for invocations, etc..i blv there can be added many good variables which will force players to think twice what to do... bring bad hero in war for "lousy" 5-10% bonus vp in war or not? all bonuses/tweaks for incoming war can be announced day before war with all other announcements together with war type, etc... Regarding war leagues, i believe its great idea and i am looking forward to see how this will look like... same applies for new war system formats.. i already love it 1) and 2) shouldn't be that hard to implement, but incoming proposals certainly are more for some major update 3) Add some kind of augmentations for defense buildings. e.g. let us have certain augmentations which can be applicable on certain tower types.. there can be different types of augmentations. adding fire/ice/light/poison/phys. damage to a tower, attack speed, health, range, adding splash damage with radius X, adding slow/stun effect.. certain augmentations can be applied on certain tower types only.. all of those augmentations should be rare, e.g. that we can get it in last titan chest from odysey only, or last battle chest, or 50% chance in both of those 2 (on average 1 per week).. also, all augmentations should have qualities.. e.g. green damage (10-25% boost), blue (25-40%), gold (40-60%).. augmentations can be taken out from tower and placed in another which is applicable for certain augmentation type... every tower can use up to 1 augmentation of every applicable augmentation type.. of course, it can be more detailed proposal and if u ever consider this idea seriously to implement something similar, ill gladly try to be helpful as much as possible if needed... anyway, with all those augmentations and differences, most player would be able to make unique layouts.... 4) Player vs player (not wars) This can be also very good and interesting concept for many of us i blv... implement player vs player in some kind of a league system... e.g. each league consists of 256 players, knockout system, each round lasts for 3-4 days, in every round there is 1vs1 matchup, 3 heroes are preferable, every player have 3 tries with each preferable hero to raid enemy base (total 9 raids), 3 best score counts (one per hero), winner is the one that have higher completion %, if both players have same total completition %, higher remaining time wins, preferable hero have +30s bonus over unpreferable hero used in case of same % completion.. rewards can be some rewards for alliance, e.g. some special boost for whole season.. top 16 players, 20% some boost for alliance, top 8 30%, top 4 40%, top 2 50%, winner 60%.. if some alliance have winner and also one player in top4, higher % boost is taken.. Regarding unique items, unique items aren't so unique anymore.. most players have most of the uniques, some of those sucks anyway.. imo uniques should have stay unique, very powerful and very rare... now we all have dozens of titan chests every day and loads of unique items all the time... kind of a pointless.. it is what it is now.. Hope that one from last two proposals will see the light of the day sometimes.. also some minor balancing/tweaking is surely needed.. Best regards, Goran (ingame choka)
  13. I had similar issue with "Exterminadorx" in ongoing war.. my herc lost 70-80% of health in a second.. he survived but this never occurs to me... My war heroes usually never die at all.. especially not vs gatekeepers only.. i noticed combo of damage reflection + demolition on some of previous posts on heroes that caused this issue in some cases.. maybe its somehow related (just a wild guess)..
  14. I just tested some bases with all my heroes (helios boosting nyx bases) with just rushing ahead wout units.. and i noticed that its doable with most (80%) of my heroes.. my cadmus sucks the most at it... But with some heroes its actually very easy to do it (hercules and ajax are nr1, later achilles/jason)... i never did it this way, but in next war i certainly will..
  15. I agree that something must be changed regarding this matter. Now almost everyone boosts nyx towers with helios which can be reached only with damocles/pheme power.. Only those that aren't that active still use old layouts which leads that all of us have more less similar bases... Every new good base layout is centered around that boosted nyx towers... Now, after pheme is nerfed (it should be nerfed but certainly not that much.. now its useless), only counter vs Nyx towers (especially 1st nyx on most common layouts) is damocles.. This all leads that we r left down to 2 options for attacking.. Damocles is a must use or usage of hercules/ajax as a rush ahead heroes without any army summoned... All powers/units/towers/heroes should be more less equally useful.. Thats a balanced game.. As there are now a MUST USE heroes/towers/powers, I believe that now a game is a lot more disbalanced than ever before... I am aware that probably rushing ahead with heroes wont be possible as it is now when we all max our defense buildings (especially barricades), but for some time (for months imo) it certainly will be 1st option for most of us if u dont change something asap.. Pls do... You just killed all different playstyles with last server update ... Btw, I think u did great job by giving us all those new upgrades possible (another ~6months of work for our workers) + spells + units.. I understand that cooldown nerf had to occur.. It was OP and a MUST have as now is e.g. Nyx... i guess there wasn't any very good solution to nerf cooldown... so, all good if u ask me.. Next thing you should do imo is balance towers/heroes/spells somehow asap.. after that improve wars as this is heart of OR.. wars are good as is now but try to make em better (i had few suggestions here in try to think in advance of giving us more levels of everything rather than start to think about it when we all get maxed again.. Best Regards, Goran