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  1. Hades Killer - by KingRAWANA ? (Ancient Forces) 2% remains with 2 resurrections.
  2. I am playing this game nearly an year now. To be honest, I must say that I like the concept of the game and it is addictive. Because of the game, I got to know many players all around the world. Apart from that there is nothing else I (we) have achieved in this game. It is acceptable to buy gems during the play and I understand FlareGame must have a source of income. But now, FlareGame has intentionally push us to the point we have to buy gems most of the time whether we like it or not. The reason is everything cost a lot in the game. As examples : to upgrade an alliance, to activate a blessing, to upgrade the ithican harbor, to start an Oddisy it requires hundreds of millionsof gold which is unaffordable with the limits of current daily donations. To get rid of this situation the FlareGame has to consider about the amount of gold which requires for above mentioned cost centers. Reducing the powers of heroes is another unacceptable thing which has done by FlareGame recently. I personally know almost everyone work hard to levelup their best heroes and when they get closer to the max levels of the heroes, FG reduced the heroes strength. Example : FG has reduced the strength of Athena around 50% which makes players disappointed. Though FG said that they did it for the balance of the game, we all know it's because of the players who use Athena don't use invocations most of the time and FG doesn't like that because they do not get any income. So they are pushing such players to the point to use invocations. As a full-time Olympus Rising player, I kindly request FlareGame to be fair on your pricing and the cost of activities. I suggest FG should consider on these points. - Increase the limit of daily donation. - Reduce the cost of gem packs. - Reduce the cost to activate the divine blessings. - Reduce the cost required to initiate a game in Oddisy. - Leave Athena as she used to be. Dear FlareGame, consider this game is a goose which lays golden eggs. Please don't try to kill it.! King RAWANA (රාවණා)
  3. Thanks for contacting me. KingRAWANA - My in game name is King RAWANA (රාවණා) GREEK ARMY alliance, Rank 34.
  4. Odysseus Defends His Honor by KingRAWANA ? (Officer of Greek Army alliance)
  5. @Wayward. Hi, hope your Mandarin has improved now. BTW it's better to learn some Arabic too. I saw an Arabic alliance in the game. Eventually you will have to join with them too. ☺️ ? King රාවණා ?
  6. @choka. I don't know what you mean by "the war is challenging". This game used to be a very challenging and interesting one when I started playing it. There were plenty of space to show our fighting skills before. But now there is no place for your skills. It's all about exchanging gems for victory points. Every thing depends on the invocations and hero's items. Some one is killing this game. May be flare game is only thinking about their income.
  7. Totally agree with Kortizon. Playing war isn't fun anymore. It's a stressful job and a big commitment.
  8. KingRAWANA(රාවණා)
  9. King RAWANA (රාවණා) The hero statue of Athena (currently inside the kingdom) will be able to move to the battle field (most probably closer to the Apollo gate). When the enemy troops reach the gate, the statue will come alive and fight against the enemies. Most probably you have to activate a devine blessing/war blessing to get maximum out of this. ??
  10. King RAWANA (රාවණා)
  11. Alysea's challenge - Helen's seduction by King RAWANA.
  12. The Black Magic Night & scary Minotaurs It was almost midnight and the whole kingdom was calm and quiet unless the sound of howling wolves from the deep inside the black forest. A chill wind was blowing time by time and the moon was full. I am the hero Perseus and I wanted to have a little walk lonely around the Mount Olympus and stepped out of the main gate. The surrounding was very beautiful and the horrifying howling of wolves would give you goosebumps. As I walked down the path, suddenly a strange sound caught my attention because there wasn’t a chance to guards to stay awake at this time of the night. Strangely the howling sound began to hear loudly and few bats were flying right in front of my face. Suddenly, the moon got covered to a dark cloud and I noticed few dark shadows were coming towards me through the trees. Gradually the shadows were coming to me as I keep looking at them. I was wondering who the hell is walking secretly on my land. First I noticed some sharp tips pointed up, set of large red eyes with blowing flames and few silver shining rings were floating here and there. When I looked closer, I realized that they were three feign Minotaurs coming to me. They jumped to me straight away by screaming without giving me a second to realize what’s going on and started attacking me. It took me a moment to realize what’s happening and I started to attack using my Invigorating Shotel and fire protected shield. Because of the continuous attack against them, I felt that I am no longer strong enough to attack back though I felt that I was capable enough to handle them at the beginning. Since no one else was there to support me I had to use my healing power to recover from the unexpected damages due to the fire attacks from Minotaurs. Unfortunately, the healing power couldn’t afford the attacks anymore. Even during the attack, I was thinking what made them act like this. Suddenly I noticed that today is Halloween and is the day that the black magic gets most powerful and it must affect to my Minotaur troop as well. Next moment, I realized that they are not controllable to me anymore and I released the Hydra Power. Though they started to loosing their strength, they became wild again and they are not going to stop until I do something special. Finally, I realized that the only way to stop them is using my unique power Medusa’s Gaze and I managed to petrify them. I tied them thoroughly using a rope while they were petrified and made sure that there is no chance to escape. Gradually the clouds disappeared and the full moon was up in the sky lighting up the surrounding. They have reawakened in few seconds and seem calm and harmless. Then I made myself sure that they are truly conscious. Then I reminded them that the way we fought together with the warriors of ‘Greek Army’ in the past battlefields against the Ancient Forces and the way we wiped out the Good Time warriors from the battlefield. Also, I reminded them that they are one of the teams of my most trustworthy warriors and let them realize how important their participation in future tricks. Slowly I noticed that three of them were healing and respond me in a friendly way to what I’m telling them. Finally, I sent them to their chamber and let them rest at war academy. Story by King Rawana Officer, Greek Army Alliance
  13. Attack of my unique hero by King RAWANA from GREEK ARMY Alliance. Chosen hero : Ariadne What makes the hero special: She has a super power of attacking than other heroes because she can spawn the troops in the middle of the battlefield and it increases the attacking power. Ariadne’s Spindle creates a magical portal that serves as a shortcut for the reinforcements. Level 14 of Asclepius creates a quick and powerful regeneration of Ariadne. Moreover, the power of Pandora’s Box always leaves a high level of poison attacks on the battlefield which makes enemies weak. (Details about the level of powers, equipment and troops are shown in the the beginning of the the video) Thank you. ? Duleepa
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