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  1. tzzertzzer

    Trivia n°12: Sports & Games

    1. Skeleton 2. SouthHampton 3. A puck is used in Ice Hockey while a ball used in Field Hockey In terms of stick size, ice hockey players use longer stick. In terms of play field, ice hockey is played indoor oval rink with iced surface while field hockey on turf field outdoors with grass. 4. Knight 5. Shooting, Fencing, Running, Swimming and Horse Riding 6. Malaysia 7. Mumbai 8. Martina Navratilova (there is some ambiguity with Steffi Graf) 9. Mumbai and London 10. 2002 FIFA World Cup in Japan and South Korea IGN: t.ZZer Game: RR2
  2. tzzertzzer

    Trivia n°11: Phenomenons on Earth

    1. Wind shear 2. Water vapour freezes at the top of the cloud and turns into ice. When these small bits of ice collide into each other, there is buildup of electrical charge in cloud and when there is enough charges a giant spark generates aka Lightning. 3. 7 4. Cloudburst is extreme amount of precipitation in a short period of time which is capable of creating flood conditions. It differs from rain as rain most of the times do not pour down huge volume of water over the area and hence not creating flood like situations (mostly). 5. Since seasons and astronomical events don't repeat in whole number of days, there is a drift over time with respect to the event that the year is suppose to track. By inserting an extra day this drift can be corrected which is dont be adding a day in the month of February. The year in which it is inserted is a Leap Year and it comes after every 3 years. 6. This phenomenon is called Volcanic Lightning. In this electrical charges are generated when rock fragments, ash and ice particles in volcanic plume collide. 7. Difference in atmospheric pressure causes wind. Wind moves from higher to lower pressure area. 8. It is due to Rayleigh Scattering caused by atmosphere of the Earth. 9. No. Magnetic North Pole is place upon where the magnetic lines of the planet converges in. From Geographical North, passes the axis about which the Earth rotates. 10. No, its oblate spheroid in shape. IGN: t.ZZer Game: RR2
  3. Disappointment. Disappointment comes later in the event my friend.
  4. tzzertzzer

    Trivia n°10: Exciting Economics

    01) A 02) C 03) A 04) B 05) D 06) A 07) C 08) C 09) C 10)D IGN: t.ZZer Game: RR2
  5. tzzertzzer

    Trivia n°8: Theorical Math

    1. It was tedious to write the phrase “is equal to” each time when it was needed. So a symbol “ = “ was invented by Robert Recorde to skip writing the phrase and use the symbol instead. 2. The sexagesimal system originated with the ancient Sumerians in 3rd millennium BC and later passed down to ancient Babylonians 3. The mathematician Liu Hui established rules for addition and subtraction of negative numbers, being the first set of rules for such numbers in 3rd century. 4. Around 367 5. 358 years. Proposed in 1637 and first proved by Andrew Wiles in 1995. 6. Pizza’s volume can be calculated by formula Pizza, where ‘pi’ is the mathematical Pi which is the ratio of a circles diameter and circumference; ‘z’ is the radius of the pizza and ‘a’ being the height of it (Assumption: Pizza is right circular cylinder) 7. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz 8. Decimal system came from ancient Egypt where they appeared in Egyptian hieroglyphs in 3000 BC. 9. The word came from Ancient Greek, “geo” meaning earth and “metron” meaning measurement. 10. Pi Day is celebrated on 14th March every year. The date is selected such that it lies on 3/14 (mm/dd format) depicting its approximate value, 3.14. IGN: t.ZZer Game: Royal Revolt 2
  6. tzzertzzer

    Trivia n°7: Mathematics Returns

    NOTE: Bolded the answers for quicker reading. 1. From the given conditions, on 1st January 2022, it would be Wednesday 2. Since the price reduction on machined when Z bought the machine was 40%, Z must have got it for 0.6*850 which is $510. Now the price drop is from $1000, which is the original price of the machine, to $510, it can easily be said to be 49% reduction. 3. Seeing the pattern given in the sequence, whatever exponent is there on 2 is getting halved which we can see that on 4. For example, 2^6=4^3, half value of 6 is 3. So, applying same thing on 2^72 will give 4^36, as 36 is half the value of 72. Calculating the mathematical value of both also yields the same result. 4. The mentioned coin is definitely biased as the chances of getting heads is more than that of getting tails. 5. On January 25th due to rise by 6%, Apples share price will come to $106 rate as 6% of 100 is 6. Now 6% of 106 is 6.36 which is how much the rate of the mentioned shares is decreased. So, the closing price on January 26th will be $99.64. 6. The number would be 0.00058, which is with 2 significant figures. 7. 22/7 is a rational number as it is expressible in a form of fractions but Pi, which is ratio of circumference and diameter of a circle, is not. 8. 5950 is the least possible number of people in the given situation. 9. 3rd angle can be equal to other 2 in the given question but it can be only sometimes, which is only when the triangle is an equilateral triangle. For other cases, the triangle will be merely isosceles. 10. Let the correct number of answers be x. So, now the number of incorrect answers will be 80-x, as maximum number of questions are 80. Now, for correct marks, he got 4x marks and for wrong ones, he got (78-x) marks penalty, as he missed 2 questions. Now equating both of these to the marks he got, 4x-(78-x)=57 Solving for x, we’ll get, 27. So out of 80 questions, the student answered 27 answers which makes it 33.75% accuracy. IGN: t.ZZer Game: Royal Revolt 2
  7. tzzertzzer

    New Year Raffle

    IGN: t.ZZer