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  1. Hubert12100

    range explained?

    Hi Nowhere I can find good explanation of range system. From what I noticed real range bar not always are expanding after range upgrade. for example my Skull Tower have now 6.73 range. From 6.65 Im checking real range and it still in this same point. Anyone can explain range system?
  2. Hubert12100

    Video offers not working

    There is one community suprise for 5 months and we cant get items for melting and bs boost from advert. People with no advert problems are already moths of gameplay ahead. Only reply I got form support is "please reinstal game". I reinstaled 4 times. without resoult. Only option now is stop loosing money and stop playing this game.
  3. Hubert12100

    blacksmith boost not working

    Hi Blacksmith boost stopped working.All advertisment boost are working expect bs. After ad nothing happend many times.Forced to use diamonds...
  4. Hi 9:40 p.m. I had connection lost(My internet connection was alright) in treasure chamber after 16 zombie island. I did not recived coins.Now I don't have any chances for even top 10.... Its zombie 9 and I used already a lot of gems to open chests... I wrote to support but did they help someone already in situation like this?