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  1. Rick44

    conquest too long.....

    I agree on the comments I read that the conquest is way too long, sometimes waiting too long for battles to end. I would prefer max 3 days, cooldown much shorter to make the conquest more dynamic. It is really wearing people down, specially leaders and generals.
  2. Rick44

    Max Hero level

    Goodday, i’ve reached the max level of 130 a while ago, is there any chance the future will bring a higher level?
  3. I would like to add that it has become almost impossible to finish the 30 games against the ninja's, unless you spend a large amount of gems.... I think, for the joy sake of playing this game, flaregames should make it a little bit easier for us
  4. Rick44


    On lvl 9 over 10k, now a bit below 9k....
  5. Rick44


    Hi there, does anybody knows why the healing power of the panda has been reduced?
  6. Rick44

    Elite boosts

    Hi all, I personally regret that there are no elite boosts on the mummy, crossbow and the blockades. I believe lots of us use blockades in stead of barricades....