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  1. I would like to add that it has become almost impossible to finish the 30 games against the ninja's, unless you spend a large amount of gems.... I think, for the joy sake of playing this game, flaregames should make it a little bit easier for us
  2. Rick44


    On lvl 9 over 10k, now a bit below 9k....
  3. Rick44


    Hi there, does anybody knows why the healing power of the panda has been reduced?
  4. Rick44

    Not received any Yeti event prizes

    It is not acceptabel that we Will receive 1 lousy uber chest as compensation.... I should receive my 6 uber chests plus all the chests which my ally won during this battle. It had cost me gems and i'm losing 5500 pearls, come on flare games, you should do beter than this. pls check your data and give everybody what they worked for!!!!
  5. Rick44

    Not received any Yeti event prizes

    I did not receive anything either
  6. Rick44

    Elite boosts

    Hi all, I personally regret that there are no elite boosts on the mummy, crossbow and the blockades. I believe lots of us use blockades in stead of barricades....