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  1. Hard Time With Medusa

    @dumpster i did that mate and it worked out many thanks @CaptainMorgan i saw couple videos on youtube using Siren and Trebuchet so i tried to do the same and it worked out .. i won all the levels in one go hahaha, thats the first time to know what works best against what im so thankful for the advice also adding one thing is that so far i found that best unit is the warriors as they move quickly and have higher damage than Siren so im using them now along with the Medusa and they are doing a great job .. i will give back advises here whenever i see anyone needs help and i can/know .. Thanks a lot
  2. Hard Time With Medusa

    Hello everyone .. im enjoying this game so so much but i have a little problem i cant beat the Medusa further it is so hard ! Peresus level 12 ( Damocles lvl 1, Okeanos lvl 3, Medusa Gaze lvl 4) Trebuchet lvl 1, Siren lvl 3 ...... i always run out of time almost at the last few seconds ! i can kill all but the problem is i always run out of time either im whos playing or switching on the auto battling ... any advises or tips im missing ?!