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  1. update your windows version to [1709] then it must be work .i had this problem but after upgrading to the latest version it's working well...
  2. low performance devices doesn't show those people ...
  3. True that ... Do not Nerf Pheme !!! Athena and Ajax weren't Enough ?
  4. 5 Gems only , full resources , opened yesterday
  5. https://youtu.be/mg-08OAabPE Ign : ?Ehsanviery?
  6. every titan chest i open i receive almost 520 Prestige , wish i could receive 4-5-6 instead 500 godlike prestige in every titan chest
  7. more prestige you gain more crystal you have to spend this is won't stop until the time you spend weekly 500 or more for activate celestial boosts,which is force you to buy (GEMS) ,it was better to leave it to players to choose at which level they want , i could stay at level 22 no more , but now it's grow up quickly and out of control ...
  8. How fa Godk1ng , at least give us some details about your device,IOS or ANDROID ,firmware update etc ....
  9. Andrik Arredondo is an awesome supporter,, if he read our problems he will fix it immediately .. let's be a bit more patient
  10. yeah mine has been canceled after 3 days update, i have spent like 30,000 wisdom plus 5.000.000 gold
  11. Hi Alysea thanks for enlightening me .
  12. Hello everyone is there anyone can explain me why i didn't face any opponent more than 3 trophies around 40 days ?? all i see is 3 trophies !
  13. @Cendol did you even read the title ? @Gammal your phone quality seems very cool +1
  14. Hello From new update we are stuck with 2 useless heroes first one is Hercul the second one is Helen of Troy these two heroes only can carry two troops which is usless indeed , all i ask is please make at very least 1 more slot for each of them so we can use gems to buy that maybe for 900 or 1000 whatever ! everyone feel free to leave your opinion about it , I believe i am not the only one to aks for this thanks !
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