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  1. Wow.. 5.000 really? How? I can't even get passed this 2.000+ ?
  2. Dear, devs and admins I just got this idea as I was installing the recent update. You see, as the hunting title was introduced that day there was killing frenzies everywhere for titles and honors. So, I thought why can't we have some buffs after reaching certain titles. Pretty much like, Soldier : Dodge, Critical, Skill damage + 0.5% Legendary : + 50% Or somesort. That'll be so cool. In my personal opinion as one of your devoted players (been playing since the release date), people actually love the game, only there's not much to accomplish ?
  3. Excuse me, Those new boxes focus on giving multiple shards for 1 pet. So basically, the chance to starup a pet increases...if we got the right one ?
  4. Gold curse has been lifted (if you've updated d'game). Yet once the bar says "max", do not open any megabox cuz it'll freeze the game ^~^
  5. Meaning people are getting bored I'm afraid...
  6. Guyz, they just did. Look up the "official announcement"
  7. Android user here and share the same problem
  8. If you're not on top 3, then yes
  9. Excuse me, But fame points are earned individually
  10. Having that amount is imposible for me, so I wouldn't have known ?
  11. Try to combine "leap" and "whirl" to escape
  12. It's not mine btw. A guy on NSK fb community posted it ?
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