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  1. Username: Eahan https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QGjkfOtPItW_XOp3QUmWyAE_hzDWo5Gv
  2. Same bugs too, my charge should be level 11 now,but it showed level 2! FG please fix it!!
  3. Eahan


    f**k you flaregames, wasted my time up level Athena and Ajax
  4. Eahan

    Olympus Rising Second Quiz

    My in-game name is Eahan Answers: 1.They are siblings. The Gemini twins, namely Castor and pollux are helen's half brother, gemini twins were hatched from an egg together with Helen and Clytemnestra 2. Cadmus, has a brother named Phoenix 3. Jason,he sailed for the golden fleece with his Argonaut Crews by the order of King Pelias. 4. Jason successfully sailed the alternative route which was through the Planctae (Wandering Rocks) a group of rocks where the sea was mercilessly violent. 5. Iapetus (iapetos tower); Oceanus (okeanos power) 6. Tartarus(tartarus invocation); Chaos(Void/chaos gate); Chronos(time/chronos invocation); Nyx (Night/ Nyx Tower) 7. The Colossus of Rhodes a brass statue of the Greek titan-god of the sun Helios 33 metres (108 feet) high making it the tallest statue of the ancient world. 8. Apollo:Gate of apollo and apollo tower 9. Prometheus: Prometheus Tower 10. The last islands seen were the hydra and final one was the griffin island. 11. Hercules/ Nemean claws Cadmus/Curse of Ares Perseus/ Mirror shield Helen/ Gemini boots Achilles/ Shield of Achilles Jason/ Golden Fleece Prometheus/ Fire Bringer Athena/ Medusa's head Ajax the great/ Great shield of Ajax Odysseus/ Bow of Odysseus Ariadne/ Aegaean Thread
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    orh 2 Trophy system

    not because the lvl, it's because his trophies totally less than yours.
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    orh 2 Trophy system

    If your opponents total trophies less than your,and when he attack you,and he win,then he will be 10+trophies,and you will lose 10+trophies. You only get 3 trophy when you attack who is less trophies than you. To get High trophies reward you must attack the higher trophies than you.
  7. Eahan

    Latest Version Full of Bugs !!

    Same here,two days no video free chests!when fighting hero lag!