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  1. ING olympyumarius http://s.go.ro/47a0l6h9
  2. We need their domain of Olympus Rising to exclude him from scanning.....
  3. Check if your router also have the adblock option, it can cause the problem !!!!
  4. Hello I encounter two problems with the chest bonus, unique item! 1. My router uses an open source alternative software from OpenWrt /Lede, he uses adblock that filters my entire wifi and ethernet network! When i use adblock enabled on the router it blocks me chest bonus. Can you tell me what is the address domain of game Olympus Rising to exclude him from scanning ?! 2. Unique item problem, i'm an active player from what you can see, i bought diamonds and i opened more titanium chest, so far only two unique item i received. You can check if I have a problem in this sense, because a month ago i had some connectivity problems in the game, it was a bag, maybe it's still a problem that only affects me ... name player olympyumarius Thank you
  5. link for the hades killer challenge http://s.go.ro/78slma1e
  6. Until then i can not do anything, how can i have access, to the old version to install it? They could send an email with a link to the old version, for all those who encounter this problem. Just an opinion. Thx
  7. @iamGodMAC Follow the instructions above, already i sent a message for support team with my problem!
  8. Hello My game crash with the latest version of the game (version 3.9.5), i do not have access on the game! I use a S4 phone, last version android 5.0.1 Please do something with this problem . Thx
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