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  1. Tomaxo

    Maximum trophies

    Do you mean 15 + 8 = 23 Trophies or 15 + 23 = 38 Trophies? Do you mean lvl 131 with -2000 negative Trophies?
  2. @CaptainMorgan The next war season is no longer a "test" but a real one, right?
  3. Spoiler alert! It's a hero, not a heroine. 😉 Poseidon, Boreas or Ares? If it's a brother to any hero, the possibilities are endless. If it's Zeus' and Hades' brother, it's either Poseidon or Chiron (the centaur).
  4. @HOLYDIVINE Once War and Forge are stable, a new hero/unit/tower is definitely welcome.
  5. Hey Buddhass, To avoid hijacking this thread, you can check out this one:
  6. Tomaxo

    Copyright 2018

    Ok it's fixed. It's good to see Keen Flare (the dev studio) on the splash screen too.
  7. Bravo @megatheo and @AriesRising for the first conjoint suggestion. ☺️
  8. Tomaxo

    Maximum trophies

    New screenshot from last week: 15 + 6 free boost trophies = 21 Trophies
  9. I think it takes 100 Titan Points now to unlock Ajax, not 30. @CaptainMorgan Can you correct the visual bug?
  10. Tomaxo

    Buggy Athena

    Hey @Danjathes As HOLYDIVINE said, it isn't a bug. Therefore I moved your topic to Help & Questions. While Warriornator's answer is good, Dheth's one is more accurate, depending you're on manual or autoplay:
  11. Tomaxo

    War Commitment

    Lol, did you set the alarm for 2am then? Maybe I should change the question to "in the middle of the night". Wow, a true valiant warrior. Ok, I will add another choice based on your answer.
  12. Tomaxo

    War Commitment

    Lol, what stinks? War, your alliance or the poll?
  13. Tomaxo

    War Commitment

    Hey valiant warriors, Let's see how much you're committed to your Alliance with this poll. 🛌 ☺️ ⚔️ 🔥 😴
  14. Yes, that could be a good alternative. I believe Prefixes were featured since IP.Board 3.2.0 as well.
  15. Yes, please add a confirmation when clicking on Retreat. I accidentally clicked on that button yet again... 😡😠