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  1. Not trying to be picky but it's post 350. Before 350 it's still 10 gems. Post 350 would be more affordable at 15 gems. Yeah, 25 gems is too expensive. OK I just checked your screenshot again... Yours is 25 gems while mine is 10. Maybe it scales with the Ascension level? Can anyone confirm?
  2. List of mastery's for each symbol

    Great! You've created the Olympus Rising Periodic Table.
  3. Odyssey's Honored Hero..!

    Yes, my Odysseus was the Honored Hero 4 times during the Christmas Odyssey! I was very surprised. As a result, I obtained Asterion (Ariadne's unique boots) from the Sea Chest as a reward. The next question is: is it possible to have the same Honored Hero 5 times? Probably yes, maybe with two Unique Items as rewards...
  4. New player and trying to figure stuff out

    Yup, @PanicMind is seeing the white and gold dress while @NAPC is looking at the blue and black one. Jokes aside @IRCFireMedic, you need to build the Ithacan Harbor and earn Fame Points to see your beautiful portrait growing and glowing. Here are some guides.

    Based on my numbers, it's beyond 10K, maybe 14K.

    Hey @HOLYDIVINE The devs' primary task is developing the game. We're very fortunate when they spend some time to answer us but it's not their main job. Like @dumpster said, we will eventually find the answer by ourselves, and I like surprises. Here's the compilation based on my map. 0-9 Fame Points 10-49 50-99 100-199 200-299 300-499 (512-705) (790-960) (1100-1480) (1620-1995) (2007-2934) (3079-3816) (4037-5871) (6119-7892) (8238-9680) ? ? ? ? ? The numbers in brackets are the ones I'm not sure, as they aren't absolute. If someone finds new numbers or mistakes, please let me know and I will update it.
  7. I forgot, how about a new perk: Luck More chance to obtain Uniques...
  8. List of mastery's for each symbol

    Thanks @ataide. So each perk is there twice. Less random than I thought but still random.
  9. I read a lot of unhappy comments about poor and duplicated Unique Items. Unhappy players should compare them with lottery tickets. Buying lots of tickets doesn't guarantee you're gonna win the jackpot, but it will probably give you more chance. While I'm okay with the current drop probability, I would like to see some enhancements to enjoy them more. The devs should consider creating new categories, like Exceptional Uniques and Elite Uniques! Those could be used at a certain level of Ascension only and should be a lot rarer and elusive (no duplicates please ). Why not have 3 perks (right now it's always 2) on 1 item? That would be cool and exceptional! I would really like to see some Set Items (not to be confused with Colorsets) to combine perks. Maybe new perks like Dodge, Loot, Damage to monsters, Damage to non-monsters (Spearman, Trebuchet, ...), Damage to structures, etc., to have more variety. About the forging system, I'm accumulating more items (Titan and Godlike) than I can forge. I currently have 320 Item Slots and they grow rapidly. I think fusing 2 items or more is a better option than using only 1, like I suggested here: Duplicated Uniques could be used to forge Exceptional and Elite ones. What do you think?
  10. Does Artemis have unique items?

    I found cursed boots with Movement Speed for Artemis. It didn't help at all. She needs resistance items.
  11. Version 3.8

    My Artemis reached lvl 19 yesterday, but I still don't feel confident at all when attacking Helios-Nyx or Helios-Styx combos. With the other Heroes, if the troops cannot nuke those towers, the Hero can handle them and vice versa. Any suggestions for my struggling Artemis?
  12. The same amount of Gems prior to the expiration.
  13. Hi Kings and Queens, The team is very busy as you can see as per this tweet from @GalaMorgane: Eskimo set for Winter Festival