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  1. Tomaxo

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    Dionisya is the roots of “Christmas” in Ancient Greece:
  2. No, don't! I do like that cool camo. It's giving her a wild and rustic feel that sets her apart of the other Heroes.
  3. Tomaxo

    Holiday Season Contest 2018

    Well, Dionysia, Anthesteria, Panathena and Thesmophoria were major holidays of Ancient Greece: Other festivals of Classical Athens: Edit: But don't cancel the contest!
  4. Yes, Ariadne is carrying dual Hylian shields. Thanks for forwarding.
  5. No. From left to right: --> Ariadne with dual shields <-- Athena with Fire and Poison lightsabers Helen with dual Captain America's shields Artemis with Ice and Lightning lightsabers
  6. Hercules is a Redskins fan and the leader of their marching band? Houston won last game over Washington due to the outperformance of the Texans cheerleading squad over the Redskins marching band. @Madlen, you said you enjoy badass female characters in games... Do you recognize the dual shields on Ariadne?
  7. Tomaxo

    Implemented Suggestions

    Good catch! Added. Thanks
  8. We have dual wield swords with Ariadne and Odysseus. What about dual wield Shields? You would have physical resistance plus elemental damage. They would look powerful and badass, especially with Ajax and Hercules.
  9. She has the right to do so as the Gods have chosen her to be the official Gems distributor. You don't wanna see her insane amount of Gems, don't ya?
  10. Yes, but you said your couldn't kill your own GK, so trust me, you'll adore uber weapons with elemental damage to counterbalance.
  11. Tomaxo

    Powers against the Gate Keeper

    CaptainMorgan said the GK is "a special kind of unit":
  12. CaptainMorgan said the GK is "a special kind of unit":
  13. @dumpster I'm trying to find solutions to defeat GKs without necessarily nerfing them.
  14. In the past, I've already suggested something like this for Artemis (before she was even released ) : And some folks like @Hellslord and @Neptune also proposed similar ideas. I think it would be awesome to have new Unique weapons (sword/spear/bow/claw) with Elemental Damage (fire, ice, lightning, poison). They should be more powerful than Frostbite. It could be a good challenge against GKs with high resistances. How about a dual-damage weapon, for example fire and ice damage on the same sword? It could be more elusive than the Apple of Discord. What do you think? Could they be OP?
  15. Tomaxo

    Current Gen Uniques

    I got the one on top in February 2018 and I finished forging it few days ago. I just received the duplicate (the bottom one) few minutes ago. Is the new duplicate 100% stronger?