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  1. Hey Glorioso, Please communicate in English. 3. Our forums are in English language only. Please refrain from using another language. You may communicate in the "Looking for Alliance members" and "Looking for Alliance" sections in other languages.
  2. Will it be an in-app or web-based platform? If it's web-based, will the CNAME (Canonical Name Record) remain the same, i.e. "forums.flaregames.com"?
  3. Does it mean you're confident big 5.0 will likely have way less bugs than v4.0?
  4. Off-topic: Lol. Madlen knows K-pop? Is that IU (Lee Ji-eun)? @RoyaleDing2 Reddit is cool, but it is certainly not optimized for a gaming community.
  5. Tomaxo


    I thought Skrotos was the brother of Kreton... From rat-man.org: "Skrotos is a Spartan, the younger brother of Kreton, is one of the 299 brave led by Leonidas, but it has also been chosen to supervise a goat trail ..." --- This is another screenshot from earlier today: And these are new screenshots after I cleared my Google Play cache: Ares, Poseidon, Aphrodite, Apollo... Are they potential new heroes, or just random generated description from Google Play? Can someone please check on Google Play? I'm confused.
  6. No, NSK2 will probably use KTplay. It means it will have an in-app community; the community will be right inside the app. This is a video sample: zgs.mp4 ZGS also has a web-based mirror: https://i.ktplay.com/app/id101573 Madlen already confirmed that OR and RR2 won't be using KTplay.
  7. Hey Dane, You can follow these steps: https://support.flaregames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002383009-I-have-lost-my-account- Then you have to submit a ticket: https://support.flaregames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  8. I know ZGS and SSH are using KTplay: https://i.ktplay.com/app/id101573 https://i.ktplay.com/app/id102550 Plus Nikko is one of the leaders over there: https://i.ktplay.com/app/id101573/user/428066429/topic Could it be KTplay?
  9. Tomaxo


    We know the next possible Hero is a brother. But that's pretty vague. Is he a brother of existing Heroes? Or of in-game Powers, Unique Items, etc.? This is a screenshot from the Google Play Store: Kratos and his sister Bia are responsible of the capture of Prometheus (who would later be chained to a mountain by Hephaestus). He's also the brother of Nike. Is he related to the Kratos Archer (Divine Blessing)? It's strange that Kratos is not mentioned on the App Store nor the Microsoft Store though.
  10. The search function targeting subforums using the drop-down menu doesn't work well with the current software. Hopefully that won't be a problem with the new platform. Can we have the name of the new platform, if possible?
  11. Lol, that was the first time I ever recorded myself playing RR2. Edit: I tested my own base, as I wanted to show the enemy Anubis in red color. I could also attack @Darkerionand @PrincipeRafaelXVII(the other contest winners), but they're too strong.
  12. If possible, can you give us the name of the new forum software?
  13. So we're about two months away from version 5.0. Any beta testing in the horizon, involving us, players?
  14. New animated fire Pyromancer and ice cubes Froster skins:
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