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    Heroes' progress

    Yeah, I was lucky and took the right decision to max him out early back in June. Did you max Ajax out? I guess at your level all your Heroes are maxed out, right?
  2. Tomaxo

    Version 3.8

    Sorry, I just updated the game to v3.8. She will be unlocked after you upgrade the Artemis tower to lvl 20.
  3. Tomaxo

    Version 3.8

    It looks like Artemis would be obtained through Titan points like I thought with 5 Power slots, the Stag being the first one. We could spy on our enemy defense (like towers orientation) before attacking? Very promising!
  4. Tomaxo

    Heroes' progress

    Heroes finally all maxed out, Jason being the last! Anticipating for the new Hero to be released in the wild! ps. My Prestige lvl is only 20 and I think lvl 25 (+40% Hero XP Bonus) is kinda a waste.
  5. Tomaxo

    ors 5 Olympus time zone

    I would like to know the answer too. I asked a similar question a while ago but I never got the proper answer yet.
  6. Balanced, imbalanced, unbalanced, rebalance, counterbalance ... it's all about balancing. The devs are continuously tweaking the game to enhance the game experience. However, with the Odyssey's Enhancements and Masteries, some defenses are becoming so strong that you could be stuck for over minute in a bootleneck/chokepoint. With her Balance as the featured Power, the new heroine is able to "balance" the game. When she uses her spell to attack, all the enemy Units, Towers, Barricades, Defender and Gate lose a certain amount of percentage of their Enhancements/Masteries in the affected area. When upgrading her Power, that percentage increases, and at max level, the affected enemies lose ALL their Enhancements/Masteries! It would be interesting to see how effective is the Balance Power when used by the Defender statue. Weakness: she's blindfolded so she requires precision to position otherwise she could miss a move like Ajax sometimes. If the devs like the idea and decide to produce that heroine, I would like to organize a poll so the forum members can choose her name, as many of them are good and valid: Lady Justice, Justitia, Themis (Prometheus' mother), Dike, Femida, Nemesis (Zeus' daughter and Helen of Troy's mother), Rhamnousia or Adrestia. She would be a Community Hero!
  7. @CaptainMorgan, I don't think there will a contest as the new Hero will be released soon, right? Many players really hope to have Artemis as the new Hero. The obvious reason is she would be the first long-range Hero. Artemis is an independent goddess of the hunt, wild animals, wilderness, childbirth, virginity and the moon. This is how I visioned her 6 months ago. Similarly to Achilles (who's partially protected against Fire, Poison and Ice), Artemis' arrows would have 3 elemental damage capabilities (not necessarily the same ones as Achilles nor all 5 because she could be OP). The number of arrows would be increased through upgrades to cover a larger area and better range. For melee attack she could summon huge wild animals (wolf, bear, leopard, deer, boar...) as decoys. Similarly to Mortal Kombat, she could transform enemies into babies to bring a bit of humor into the game. She would be unlocked through Titan points. 1st slot: elemental damage arrow (1 to begin to 5 at max lvl) 2nd slot: Decoy 3rd slot: elemental damage arrow (1 to begin to 5 at max lvl) 4th slot: Babality 5th slot: elemental damage arrow (1 to begin to 5 at max lvl) Weakness: she's independent so Leadership would be low.
  8. Tomaxo

    Version 3.8

    Who thinks that Santa Claus's Reindeer is a perfect match with Cadmus' Curse of Ares aka Christmas Tree?
  9. Tomaxo

    Version 3.8

    Myth vs science, it's like a battle between Zeus and Hades.
  10. Tomaxo

    OR won't conect

    Hi @Nacho88, I think your device is discontinued according to the Lenovo website. Can you update it from Marshmallow 6.0 to Nougat 7.0 if possible?
  11. Tomaxo

    Version 3.8

    OK you just changed the text from "he/him" to "they/them" in the Announcement.
  12. Tomaxo

    ors technical 1 Mac App Store

    You're right, Mac OS X is not popular because the hardwares/devices are expensive. They're real performance beasts though. (I know you like Diablo.) Do you still have your Diablo II/III CD/DVD? Mines are compatible with both Windows and OS X. 4K display is popular nowadays, but do you know the iMac comes with 5K Retina display? I would be in awe by watching Mt Olympus and its villagers in 5K. Many popular Mac games are available on the Mac App Store, Steam,, etc.: I think the reason is the "sandboxing" requirement and maybe money too:’t-have-the-applications-you-want/ What about Steam? Is OR a portable oriented game? Are you targeting more portable than desktop devices?
  13. Tomaxo

    Version 3.8

    Hermaphrodite? Speaking of horns, will they inflict more damage than Minos'?
  14. Tomaxo

    ors 4 Unique Items

    I would like to know... Players who found multiple Uniques, did you get many from the Birthday Celebration back in June? I thought @Chris had the Mirror Shield...
  15. Tomaxo

    Heroes' progress

    Added Unique Items
  16. Tomaxo

    Playing on window 10

    I do like explosions, supernovae and other damage effects in the game. Without them it's like an action movie without special FX. For the cam rotation, sometimes I feel like playing Assassin's Creed for a few seconds when the only thing I see it's a big red rooftop. Yeah, maybe the devs can implement an option to toggle them On or Off according to the user's preferences.
  17. Tomaxo

    Nyx tower is now a tax

    @vasudeva1 What are your Trebuchets' Attack and Life Enhancements %? Also can you try without Bia just for test purpose to see if there's a difference?
  18. Tomaxo

    Wifi incompatibility ?

    Hi @Panos, Did you restart your wifi router and game device?
  19. Tomaxo

    Playing on window 10

    Hi @vasudeva1, I don't think it's possible for now as CaptainMorgan already explained here:
  20. @KMLGR Please try this procedure:
  21. Hi KMLGR, Are you using Windows, Android or iOS?
  22. Tomaxo

    ors 5 Multi device

    Yes, here's the procedure:
  23. Tomaxo

    How does production actually work?

    Is the 8h timeframe still valid?