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  1. Helios and Pheme IGN: Tomaxolympus
  2. Tomaxo

    Question about update

    Can't wait. Thanks for the subtle hint.
  3. Tomaxo

    (3.4) Let's talk about the Odyssey

    Prior to the Odyssey, I only unlocked Power or Unit slots for Hercules, Prom and Cadmus. All my other Heroes were performing pretty well without the gem-locked slots in PvP. In PvE, I have no choice but to unlock the extra slots for them if I want to compete at higher difficulties. I think your Ariadne is lvl 20, right? No, that Perk applies only to five Heroes: Hercules (poison), Prom (fire), Odysseus (ice), Cadmus (fire) and Athena (lightning) At least it gives you the chance to level up your Heroes without losing trophies.
  4. Tomaxo

    Unethical nicknames

    Fantastic! Thanks very much. I'm pretty sure many will like that new useful feature.
  5. Tomaxo


    OK, the bug was fixed few minutes ago with the server update. Thanks Devs.
  6. That roller coaster ride wasn't that bad because there's no much action around that Artemis tower. I've seen a lot worse, like when the camera is turning during a bottleneck near some big reddish roofs. I think the camera is always preparing to show the player the next enemies on the path. If it doesn't, you will see grass, trees and flowers only.
  7. Tomaxo

    (3.4) Let's talk about the Odyssey

    Salut @Warriornator, Did you unlock all Ariadne's Power and Unit slots? She performs better against airy defenses. Cadmus is effective when the defenses are dense like in your screenshot. When the Defender reaches lvl 20, his/her innate resistance is +50%, combined with two other Titan items, he/she is resistant to three elements. It's not uncommon. Yeah, I think the Odyssey is a bit harder this week, as I spent lots of Wisdom and Ambrosia. Maybe because Zeus and Hades are angry, as they're still only resistant to their innate power.
  8. Tomaxo

    Olympus Rising Discord

    Hi @Louaios, Discord and Line apps were unpinned by one of the previous CM. The one still pinned is Band:
  9. You mean when some huge roofs are hiding the battle action, right?
  10. Tomaxo


    You can also leave it unfixed and introduce two new more powerful Heroes/Gods to unlock the 300K Dominance.
  11. Tomaxo


    I would like to add that Zeus no longer has resistance against physical, poison, fire and ice damage while Hades is no longer resistant to physical, poison, ice and lightning damage.
  12. Tomaxo


    Zeus has zero heart. He's no longer a "braveheart".
  13. Tomaxo

    (3.4) Let's talk about the Odyssey

    I tried very hard to play without unlocking the gem-Power/Unit slots, but it's almost impossible, especially at higher difficulties. So the Odyssey is intended to unlock those slots, right?
  14. Tomaxo


    You mean Life on Hit, right? Before the bug was fixed, we could clearly see he had two identical rings with Life on Hit and Health Regeneration, as mentioned here: You're right, he seems a lot weaker when caught in a bottleneck now. The possible explanation is when Zeus is sleeping for a long period just by guarding the designated island, he's rusted and lazy.
  15. Tomaxo

    (3.4) Let's talk about the Odyssey

    Hi, I would like to know how are the islands generated. I'm pretty sure it's based on our Ascension lvl. Is it based on our Trophies, Fame, Blessings, Enhancements and Heroes' level as well?
  16. Tomaxo


    @NymNymeria @Warriornator Unless Zeus was nerfed without announcement, did you play around with his Trinkets like in this (fixed) bug?
  17. Tomaxo

    Victory vs Raid - Credits

    Sometimes Nyx are weirdly positioned and none of my troops (even the long range ones) can reach them, resulting in a Raid.
  18. Tomaxo

    daily titan points bug

    Hi HolyWrath, Are your two friends new linked players? If yes, the first point will be collectable after 24 hours only. If no, I think it's related to the time zone, as I remember other players complaining for the same, like this one:
  19. Tomaxo

    Cost depend of Ascension Level?

    Thanks @Warriornator for your involvement and dedication to the Wiki. I wish I have your patience to take all those screenshots, as we now have actual numbers when the team say they make "slight" or "significant" changes.
  20. Tomaxo

    Godlike daily chests

    Hi LBH1, I think they made some change as per your request, as I just opened a Godlike chest from the calendar few minutes ago, and I got at least a dozen of Gems instead of the usual five.
  21. Tomaxo

    Help needed _ Olympus Rising

    Hi Basem83, Your tablet is officially upgradable to Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) only: There's an unofficial upgrade to 6.0 (Marshmallow), but I don't recommend it, as it is very technical:
  22. Tomaxo

    (3.4) Let's talk about the Odyssey

    For those who still have problem to identify the towers, here are some hints. The pics in the following link are in higher resolution than the icons for enhancements.
  23. Tomaxo

    archers going wonky

    Hi snakegod666, That happens sometimes to my archers and other units as well. It's like they're undecided or afraid to attack. Maybe the devs have a better explanation. Were you on Autoplay mode? If yes try to turn it off and on again. You can also try to switch to Defense mode. It may help.
  24. Tomaxo


    You can wait for this promo. It's basically one Worker with a few free chests. The advantage with many workers is you will level up (Ascension) faster. Experienced players tend to spend gems to buy workers as you can see in this topic:
  25. Tomaxo


    I think workers are divine in OR. Such big buildings for one-man job. I'm currently renovating my kitchen. They're two workers. One is cutting the ceramic and the other one is fitting the tiles on the floor. As a suggestion, can we combine workers in the future? Let's say a building takes 3 days to upgrade. With 2 workers, it could be 2 days 23 hours. With 3 workers, it could be 2 days 22 hours, and so on. Sometimes I want to focus on a particular building and not many at the same time. What do you think?