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    about item pack reappear

    I will answer to my own question. After 550 slots, the cost is 100 gems. VERY expensive! It's almost as pricey as a Godlike Item Chest. @CaptainMorgan any chance to reduce that cost?
  2. (Off-topic) I know , but what I mean is when I have to argue back and forth with another member, it's better to use PM to avoid hijacking the topic. Most of the time I use PM to argue with diplomacy ending the conversation on a positive way. On the contrary, if the conversation is getting worse (constant personal attacks), you can either stop the PM or report it to the admin/mod.
  3. You can use PM (private message/messaggio privato).
  4. Hey there, This is a reminder: 1. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding any form of harassment, insult, personal attack, or inflammatory posting targeted at members, staff or any other person interacting on the forums. Forum Rules: Thanks
  5. Tomaxo

    Unable to sell items

    You have to do it for sets I, II and III.
  6. Tomaxo

    4.0 Bugs MEGATHREAD

    @Ducal 1 millisecond does matter and unfortunately Cadmus was not fast enough. That's why I suggested a negative timer with milliseconds for more precision: Check this cool goalie-goal with 0.1 second left:
  7. Long but interesting article: Some intriguing comments from FG's VP of marketing: ... historically speaking that hasn't been in the culture of the Chinese to test. If you look at the way Tencent or NetEase are, they are going full, day one, multi-million marketing budget. They don't really test. ... in China where users are more accepting of 'pay-to-win' titles than your typical Western gamer.
  8. Yeah not everyone has @Infamous' or @Heroesflorian's writing skills.
  9. Panacea was said to have a poultice or potion with which she healed the sick. This brought about the concept of the panacea in medicine, a substance meant to cure all diseases. The term is also used figuratively as something intended to completely solve a large, multi-faceted problem. Please introduce Panacea into the game. She will definitely be able to kill all those bugs. Weakness: very long Cooldown, even longer than Pheme, because it takes time to debug. πŸ˜‚
  10. You mean you don't like the author's writing style or the contents?
  11. I hit you but not in war (yet πŸ˜‰).
  12. Tomaxo

    Thank you to the OR team

    I was disconnected continuously for hours and I was a pretty stressed out, and then your last server update stabilized everything. I was finally able to open my Sea Chests and finish the Odyssey just on time. Phew! 😌 Thanks!
  13. Tomaxo

    Thank you to the OR team

    Yup, it's 10pm over there and our mighty Cyclops and his acolytes are doing overtime. Thanks a lot. Don't get discouraged. You will eventually kill all those bugs.
  14. (off-topic) There's a bug in your comment. It's.... Gameforge. πŸ˜€ Source:
  15. Tomaxo

    Increase point of unique item

    It could be but I'm not sure. In fact I kinda agree with the following comment from dumpster: One of the solutions would be to create new and more powerful but more elusive uniques aka Elite and Exceptional Uniques, with more than 2 Perks per item, as I suggested back in January: I dream about them for v4.5 or v5.0. πŸ€—
  16. Tomaxo

    Funny Moments

    @CB50 are you beta testing the new blessed Phoenix?!
  17. Tomaxo

    War 😀😑😠

    I remember a good comment from @AwesomeDoud long time ago. To quote him: "There are many other crazy human beings in this world. "
  18. Tomaxo


    Hey there, This is a reminder: 1. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding any form of harassment, insult, personal attack, or inflammatory posting targeted at members, staff or any other person interacting on the forums. 16. You may not publicly post private messages in any form without written permission from the original sender. Forum Rules: Because I cannot officially talk on behalf of FG, @GalaMorgane or @CaptainMorgan will deal with the case if necessary.
  19. Sorry, I forgot to hide it with this: What's scarier? That movie poster, the forge bug or war bugs? πŸ˜‹
  20. Tomaxo

    Yet another bug.

    Off-topic: I think we've been cursed by the Horae (goddesses of the seasons) because the devs are following the meteorological seasons instead of the astronomical seasons, as mythology is more related to astronomy than meteorology. Reading: That's why I suggested to start the War Season around the 21st and not the 1st: Plus it would give them more time to test.
  21. Tomaxo

    Cannot finish upgrade

    Translated: "Hello Team, I've built a place for days but I can not activate it, since days is over, I click on it, then the view on the portal to the Olympus, but nothing happens, it does not finish. It deprives me for days a worker, whom I bought for 10,90 € with jewels. I do not understand anyway why it goes on the portal to the Olympus, the place should actually be completed in the acropolis. Can someone help me please? lg" Hey @Moezil86, I merged your answered question here.
  22. Tomaxo

    The Griffin Shield

    For better recruitment, you can add the French or Canadian flag. That may help.
  23. Tomaxo


    @Gammal I think you didn't add Jason's second Unique, Cadaver of Talos, to your list yet as you're waiting for the official English name. Here you go, courtesy of @HOLYDIVINE (congrats!): And Achilles’ second Unique is Thetis’ Gift. The pic is on page 3.
  24. Tomaxo

    Cannot finish upgrade

    Hey @Frostyflakz, I merged your answered question here.
  25. I think this is THE thread that urged the devs to debug the forging system. πŸ˜‰ It's all your fault @RudraSain03! (I'm joking)