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  1. 2 hours ago, HeliosSRB said:

    I have different problem since this server update. There are no opponents on my map who will give me +15 trophies. Just before this server update I was ascension level 123 with 15k trophies,and I got more such opponents then. Now,I am lvl 125 with almost 16k trophies and maybe I get 1 such opponent per day.

    All the time I see on my map strong guys with a simmilar amount of trophies like me,and I will get for them only +3! Why would I like to fight strong players for only +3 when I can and want to fight top players for +15?

    For the Trophies explanation:

    Regarding stronger opponents:

    • Made it possible for players to attack higher level opponents on their island map.

    ps. @Madlen Can you please change the FAQ? It's 15 Trophies now, not 25.


  2. On 9/28/2018 at 9:07 PM, Tomaxo said:

    Speaking of the cache, I checked mine, and realized that the Vungle folder no longer exists on my device for many months now.

    OK I found the Vungle folder, it's a hidden one:


    @StuartMc1 Can you delete the UnityAdsCache, supersonicads and .vungle folders manually? You may have to check the settings to be able to see hidden files/folders.

    Are your Mate devices using EMUI 8.0, 8.1 or 8.2? (EMUI is the reskinned Android on Huawei devices.)

  3. 18 minutes ago, Philstar said:

    but it uses a ton of titan lvl gear, which is my issue, you always run out and my inventory isn't small.  Costs vs benefit is very bad for a sub lvl 120 player

    I impose myself a limit to not get over 552 item slots, and it ain't easy. You probably have more than me.

    I'm lvl 121 and the benefit is still bad. I think it's beneficial for lvl 124/125+.

  4. On 10/7/2018 at 5:03 PM, dumpster said:

    It’s extremely strange that they only did 2 of those randomly. 

    The other one being the Boost Mount Olympus event, right? (I didn't play the game yet back then.)

    Those events, all in 2016, are surely meant to be rarer than duplicate unique items. 

  5. On 10/6/2018 at 7:17 AM, Hellslord said:

    Very nice idea. But problem is they must not occupy item slots. They make our heroes weaker. But would be great to add a 6th slot to the masteries and these luck perks can be there waiting for us to choose. I would also like to see a REDUCER OF THE TEMPLE SPELL UPGRADE TIMES as 6th mastery slot... Some would like CONSTRUCTION SPEED BOOSTER PERK, some would want FORGING TIME DECREASER also etc..... 

    In a perfect world, ofc we all want our heroes to be strong, rich and lucky. ;) But why would FG suddenly decide to become generous and make our life easier? Do you want to end up with 100 Duplicates? To avoid that, you have to accept a compromise.

    I agree that upgrade and forging time are taking forever to complete. We need something like the Chronos power but in reverse to accelerate.  In the past we used to have that kind of rare event:

    • Activated the Boost Your Offense event, meaning reduced upgrade costs and time for Units and Powers for a limited time only!

  6. Hey guys,

    I'm currently performing the task to Take over 500 islands.


    Hopefully I'm gonna complete it before Madlen could finish reviewing all the Birthday Challenge vids. :lol:

    Wish me good luck, as I'm very anxious of the outcome! :unsure:

    Can I dream about this maybe?

    Tyche was the goddess of fortune, chance, providence and fate.


    She would grant us three variants of a new Unique Item, with two new Perks: Loot and Luck

    Cornucopia of Tyche
    Loot: Increases the received amount of Gold when opening Chests
    Luck: Increases the chance to find a Unique Item


    Rudder of Tyche
    Loot: Increases the received amount of Wisdom when opening Chests
    Luck: Decreases the chance to find a Duplicate Unique Item


    Ring of Tyche
    Loot: Increases the received amount of Gold and Wisdom when opening Chests
    Luck: Decreases the chance to find a Duplicate Unique Item


  7. 11 hours ago, Infamous said:

    Chronos, though, seems to be the Saturn.

    Chronos is the personification of time, not to be confused with Cronus (Roman equivalent Saturn), the Titan father of Zeus.

  8. I think that happened to me in the past (long ago) too, but I don't remember the warning/error message.

    I solved it by storing all the towers and barricades in my Inventory, then I draw the path without any obstruction, and finally I put back all the towers and barricades on the tiles.

  9. 3 minutes ago, tjgarland said:

    I understand that. Have a look at my screenshot. It was the first two squares that had RED Xs - no relics to destroy as they're usually always clear. Don't know what the glitch was all about. It's now resolved.

    The first 8 tiles are not Ruins/Relics. They are simply unusable/wasted tiles. You probably have other Ruins somewhere else blocking the path, like the four ones in my screenshot above.

  10. On 9/30/2018 at 6:24 PM, tjgarland said:

    I went to another layout and attempted to redraw the path to my starting gate and got the same message. See attached screenshot with "path blocked by ruin" message.

    OR Blocked by a Ruin.JPG

    When you see that message, it means you can destroy the Ruins with the "explosion" Icon (using Gems I think) at the bottom of your screen.

    In the following screenshot, there are 4 Ruins marked with red X.


  11. 18 minutes ago, tjgarland said:

    I could so do with an extra 100 gems a day! Shame it's not an option for Windows phones / PCs (as I play both on my phone and on my Windows 10 PC). Any chance it will be added to at least the Windows 10 platform @CaptainMorgan?

    The answer is NO.

    I shared this link (explanation from CaptainMorgan) many times before: