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  1. Tomaxo

    What happen for Flaregames?

    @AwesomestKnightest Car Clicker will be renamed to Tap Empire. The games are developed by different dev studios: OR and RR2 by Keen Flare, Flick Arena by Sweet Nitro, SSH by Sviper, Tap Empire by MeeWow Games, etc. FG is working on 30 games:
  2. Tomaxo

    When will it be a result of the Gods?

    If only CaptainMorgan could delegate that task... but that won't happen. Here's why: Plus his priority is tweaking/fixing war and forge... @Madlen You said you happen to sit next to the devs... If possible, can we please have an approximate date when the Gems will be distributed to the OR Birthday Challengers?
  3. Tomaxo

    What happen for Flaregames?

    Two new games to be published by FG: Super Spell Heroes - Tap Empire -
  4. Tomaxo

    higher lvls always present

    I attacked you not long ago. The map said you're worth +3 trophies. I won +2 trophies, without killing your GK. But how come your battle log showed -10 trophies?! That's very weird! 😕😲😵 Is it a bug?
  5. Tomaxo

    Anyone noticed this new change?

    Before September 2017, that feature was almost irrelevant as we only had one single reaction. Since that forum update, we have 5 reactions which give more sense to that feature.
  6. Tomaxo

    higher lvls always present

    Congrats for unlocking Artemis' Blazing Slash. Ha, my defense is probably the most pacific amongst veterans. It is still virgin, no blessings since the very beginning.
  7. Tomaxo

    When will it be a result of the Gods?

    Hey guys, There are at least four topics for the same question, therefore I merged all here. Please be patient. CaptainMorgan is still evaluating your devastating 😁 vids, featuring "bugged" superforged Gatekeepers.
  8. Tomaxo

    higher lvls always present

    Hourly would be more precise. 😆 Daily is the average since the beginning. 😉
  9. Tomaxo

    higher lvls always present

    Almost @Philstar, almost. 😉
  10. Tomaxo

    hero back on the Olympus

    You were running out of time... That's why I've suggested this to be implemented:
  11. Yes, I'm pretty sure the limit is 1 hr. That happened to me a couple of times as well.
  12. Tomaxo

    higher lvls always present

    It is a lot better now, thanks to @vasudeva1 as he was the most outspoken player for over a year. His daily 😉 complaints forced the devs to reduce the trophy lost from -25 to -15.
  13. I have this annoying problem for about a week now. Every time I open the game, within less than 5 seconds, the game abruptly disconnects me. Once I'm reconnected, it's fine though. Therefore I have to wait to be reconnected before I can raid/watch vid ads... It's happening on Android only. I tested Windows and iOS without issues.
  14. Hey, welcome to Mt Olympus! Lemme guess... Are you MadGirlLen on speedrun, twitch, twitter and other media? Please let us know your IGN so we can spy on your game progress. 😄
  15. Tomaxo

    War level mismatch

    Some teams w/ 8 members are mismatched with teams w/ 30+ members!