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  1. Were you able to fix the lag with the settings? Yes, most of the time, I'm using the windows game bar too, 'cause it's easy and convenient to use. But sometimes, I'm using other third-party softwares when I need more advanced settings options.
  2. I sent that link to Serkan76 'cause he's using Bandicam. I still have Bandicam on my PC and I have no issue with lagging. Max frame rate is 120 FPS. Very good software. Edit: Bandicam is fully compatible with Win10 and the last version was updated a month ago. Do you know the Velociraptor can reach 64km/h? That's a fast dino.
  3. @Serkan76 Whoa, high morale troops! But the vid is way too laggy. Here's how to reduce lagging with Bandicam: https://www.bandicam.com/faqs/how_to_reduce_lag_when_recording/
  4. Thanks for the vid Awesomest. It is not the Pharaoh mask 'cause you still fully see the mummy's face. That headdress is actually called nemes as I described here: You seem to like the Egyptian theme... What do you think of my concept of a Pyramid Tower skin? Maybe for the Heal Tower? Hey, you can use this cool track for your other Mummy raids:
  5. I knew you're gonna post that Madlen, but at least I tried. "Founder" is a very noble and saccharine title to the eyes of many founders and ex-founders.
  6. Maybe with the upcoming Anubis skin, Werewolves will be able to jump over Towers!?
  7. Trident animation/moves are similar to spear, and axe is similar to sword, but whip, that could be interesting and new. I like that.
  8. Of course bugs and new content should always be prioritized over suggestions, no doubt about that. You've already summarized the bugs in that excellent thread here: If you want to be heard by the devs, go there everyday and let them know in the Bugs forum. But this thread is about suggestions. I like this perfect comment from AriesRising: You should read and reread his wonderful post here: This type of comments is very regressing. We know the OR devs team is relatively small with limited resources, but do you want the game to be 100% made of ideas from devs only? Wouldn't that be boring? We want the game to be progressed not regressed. Do you know that some of my suggestions are actually a fruit of collab between me and other players? Some of them are afraid to post and asked me to be their voice and post suggestions on their behalf, because you often criticize their ideas badly. They don't post anymore and they're only lurking around here. That's bad for the community. Now back to the main subject, changing IGN is a very common option in many other games. Even the devs told that it is not off their list. Unique IDs/serial numbers and IGN changes logs already exist in other games. It's a matter of time and cost ofc, but in long term it could only be beneficial. In long term, it's better to automate it, as Madlen prefers automated tasks over manual ones.
  9. Already answered: HOLYDIVINE, I moved your suggestions in a separate topic... Don't hijack my other thread please buddy. We know that some players would change their IGN with bad intentions. A solution to this is to add a unique ID or serial number and also the IGN and Alliance history to the player's info screen. Something like this for example: Tomaxolympus S/N: 1234567890 IGN History Alliance History I think it's something that the devs could implement.
  10. Hey PEJOTE, If you and other players are grumbling loud enough, maybe CaptainMorgan will give you a limited lifetime chance. Check out this thread:
  11. Some of my mine, yours and other members' questions were ignored as well. That's totally normal. They can't answer to all questions:
  12. Yes, I feel that RR2 gets more attention than OR. In a way I think it's OK, 'cause RR2 is generating more income than OR for FG. Madlen, to show the community that your love for OR is still strong, can you please organize a similar drawing contest to the one you made for RR2 if possible? We know the devs are working on new Unique Items, so maybe we can help them with some concept drawings? Anybody else has another idea for a possible drawing contest?
  13. MG can deal a bit of physical damage to structures too:
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