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  1. I know, it's hard to resist to the temptation to buy more slots... Is the cost still 100 Gems at 600 slots?
  2. For the Trophies explanation: Regarding stronger opponents: Made it possible for players to attack higher level opponents on their island map. ps. @Madlen Can you please change the FAQ? It's 15 Trophies now, not 25.
  3. Tomaxo

    Unfair Matchmaking!

    Is Odysseus your strongest Hero?
  4. Tomaxo

    Unfair Matchmaking!

    It's 15 + 1 free boost trophy = 16 trophies The max is 15+23=38 trophies For all details:
  5. Tomaxo

    Lost trophies 100% on enemy?

    1 millisecond does matter and unfortunately Perseus was not fast enough. That's why I suggested a negative timer with milliseconds for more precision:
  6. Tomaxo

    When will it be a result of the Gods?

    April or May? Rare Cyclops Shark found: source:
  7. Tomaxo

    Video chests not appearing.

    OK I found the Vungle folder, it's a hidden one: @StuartMc1 Can you delete the UnityAdsCache, supersonicads and .vungle folders manually? You may have to check the settings to be able to see hidden files/folders. Are your Mate devices using EMUI 8.0, 8.1 or 8.2? (EMUI is the reskinned Android on Huawei devices.)
  8. Tomaxo

    Helping Pouria to set a new record

    With the latest Trophy system tweak, it's possible to get 30K. Can you guys set a new record of 30K+30K+30K=90K?!
  9. I impose myself a limit to not get over 552 item slots, and it ain't easy. You probably have more than me. I'm lvl 121 and the benefit is still bad. I think it's beneficial for lvl 124/125+.
  10. Did you try to clear the device's cache?
  11. The other one being the Boost Mount Olympus event, right? (I didn't play the game yet back then.) Those events, all in 2016, are surely meant to be rarer than duplicate unique items.
  12. Tomaxo

    Video chests not appearing.

    Are you using a Windows device?
  13. In a perfect world, ofc we all want our heroes to be strong, rich and lucky. But why would FG suddenly decide to become generous and make our life easier? Do you want to end up with 100 Duplicates? To avoid that, you have to accept a compromise. I agree that upgrade and forging time are taking forever to complete. We need something like the Chronos power but in reverse to accelerate. ⏳ In the past we used to have that kind of rare event: Activated the Boost Your Offense event, meaning reduced upgrade costs and time for Units and Powers for a limited time only!
  14. Hey guys, I'm currently performing the task to Take over 500 islands. Hopefully I'm gonna complete it before Madlen could finish reviewing all the Birthday Challenge vids. Wish me good luck, as I'm very anxious of the outcome! Can I dream about this maybe? Tyche was the goddess of fortune, chance, providence and fate. She would grant us three variants of a new Unique Item, with two new Perks: Loot and Luck Cornucopia of Tyche Loot: Increases the received amount of Gold when opening Chests Luck: Increases the chance to find a Unique Item Rudder of Tyche Loot: Increases the received amount of Wisdom when opening Chests Luck: Decreases the chance to find a Duplicate Unique Item Ring of Tyche Loot: Increases the received amount of Gold and Wisdom when opening Chests Luck: Decreases the chance to find a Duplicate Unique Item
  15. Can you get help from Gala? The Octopi Queen has 8 hands! 🐙