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  1. Tomaxo

    Forum update 4.3

    You're right. I'm maintaining forums for my customers with phpBB, vBulletin and ASPPlayground, but I'm less familiar with IPS.
  2. Tomaxo

    Unable to launch the game

    @Aboyoumna I merged your post into the proper thread.
  3. Tomaxo

    4.0 Made the increase...??

    Probably more Skulls.
  4. Tomaxo

    Max titan chest limit/chest tasks

    I would like to know the answer too. Is the limit applied to Cursed Chests only or to the total of Cursed and Uncursed Chests? Off-topic: Regarding spoilers, only few companies actually have strict policies, specifically about important story moments and late-game secrets. I know Persona 5 by Atlus is one of them: I don't consider bug reports as a spoiler though.
  5. Tomaxo

    Forum update 4.3

    MySQL is slower when processing large amounts of data through indexing, so yeah, Elasticsearch is optimized for that. But how come you have privileges to change that? I don't think a Mod can do that... Were you an Admin in a previous life? 🤔 Is Pheme related to Infamous? 😉 😃
  6. A year and a half ago, when I was still a newbie, I was asking the same question. Who the heck is CaptainMorgan? Due to his popularity, I thought he was a movie star - Captain Morgan Freeman: Then I discovered the right profile: He's the brain behind our awesome game.
  7. Tomaxo


    Gammal already showed it in the very first post of this topic. It's the 6th vid.
  8. Tomaxo


    Or maybe he meant "oppression". Uniques are oppressed in favor of better forged green/epic items. 🤣 @Gammal, at that pace, you will probably be the first to obtain Artemis' second unique. Also you changed Cyclopyan to Cyclopian. It should be Cyclopean.
  9. Tomaxo

    4.0 - Teaser video discussion

    Salut @GalaMorgane, I checked the current source code: <video class="ipsEmbeddedVideo" controls="" data-controller="" data-fileid="13676" data-unique="quozik3z8"><source src="//" type="video/mp4"><a class="ipsAttachLink" data-fileid="13676" href="" rel="">Sequence 01_1.mp4</a> </source></video> You only provided the mp4 format. You (or the dev/IPS admin) have to add webm and ogg, similar to this code: <video poster="movie.jpg" controls> <source src="movie.webm" type='video/webm; codecs="vp8.0, vorbis"'> <source src="movie.ogv" type='video/ogg; codecs="theora, vorbis"'> <source src="movie.mp4" type='video/mp4; codecs="avc1.4D401E, mp4a.40.2"'> <p>This is fallback content to display for user agents that do not support the video tag.</p> </video> Source:
  10. Tomaxo

    Forum update 4.3

    Hi @GalaMorgane, I'm creating a poll and I think it is limited to 6 questions only. Can you please increase it to 14, if possible?
  11. Tomaxo


    I found the Cyclopean Bow this morning. Not sure if that will help Artemis as I have a hard time controlling her, even in manual play. But imo, that bow is the prettiest item in the game. Very nice design. I really like the lavender glow on the gold frame. 👍 Does Artemis have a second Unique? @Gammal Please correct the spelling: Erymanthiam to Erymanthian, and Cyclopyan to Cyclopean.
  12. Tomaxo

    Dissapeard unique item

    Hey @lek123, don't use the Report function as it hides your message.
  13. Tomaxo

    Forum update 4.3

    Merci beaucoup Gala. Octopus is way too cute for my taste. I prefer Typhon, the "father of all monsters" and the most powerful monster of Greek mythology! This is a cartoonish rendering so it won't scare you too much: Did you add new features/functions? I tested the search function and it is so much faster compared to the previous version. I hope it will encourage the members to search more often before posting duplicated topics. But thanks to @Infamous for cleaning up (the OR forum)... The only bug I found is some thumbnails are missing I think. For example, on this page, the thumbnails for members aspirine and lefti4 are missing: For those who are curious, here are some highlights in v4.3:
  14. Tomaxo

    Game crash on iOS devices

    Is it the latest iOS 11.3.1? iPhone or iPad?
  15. Tomaxo

    Hero buff

    @dumpster Your comments are the best as the devs gave some buff to Athena, Ajax, Zeus and Hades last week. I'm happy as I voted for Athena. I just hope one day we can bring Zeus and Hades to War because right now they're soooooo lazy. What's the purpose to buff them to let them guard the islands only?