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  1. Already answered: HOLYDIVINE, I moved your suggestions in a separate topic... Don't hijack my other thread please buddy. We know that some players would change their IGN with bad intentions. A solution to this is to add a unique ID or serial number and also the IGN and Alliance history to the player's info screen. Something like this for example: Tomaxolympus S/N: 1234567890 IGN History Alliance History I think it's something that the devs could implement.
  2. Hey PEJOTE, If you and other players are grumbling loud enough, maybe CaptainMorgan will give you a limited lifetime chance. Check out this thread:
  3. Some of my mine, yours and other members' questions were ignored as well. That's totally normal. They can't answer to all questions:
  4. Yes, I feel that RR2 gets more attention than OR. In a way I think it's OK, 'cause RR2 is generating more income than OR for FG. Madlen, to show the community that your love for OR is still strong, can you please organize a similar drawing contest to the one you made for RR2 if possible? We know the devs are working on new Unique Items, so maybe we can help them with some concept drawings? Anybody else has another idea for a possible drawing contest?
  5. MG can deal a bit of physical damage to structures too:
  6. If you're familiar with PHP, you can fix it. Otherwise you have to check it with the IPS tech/admin. https://invisioncommunity.com/forums/topic/416840-advanced-tags-prefixes-ips-4x/?do=findComment&comment=2775302
  7. Did you unlock Prestige lvl 10 & 15 (Zeus and Hades)? I'm more afraid of Hades' Hellfire than Zeus' Wrath! Do they still plan to bring in some beta testers among us, players, for the new version?
  8. First, big thanks to Madlen for organizing the contest. It was fun to see the community members' creativity and talent. Thanks to all of you who voted for me. Congrats to the other finalists and participants. Wow, I'm so thrilled winning the contest! This is the second time that I've won an online game drawing contest. The first time it was for a Zynga game few years ago. Can't wait to see the 3D animation with the nemes headcloth and the kilt floating in the air when the Anubis Werewolf is jumping over the barricades. 😍 I'm also curious how the game artists/devs will render his menacing bloody glowing eyes and the shiny jewelries.
  9. Unless it's temporarily, I think there's a problem with the theme: Sometimes I'm getting this: Also, is this a new rule? I thought you should register before posting:
  10. The Roman conquest of Ancient Greece is not happening in OR yet. Moved to RR2.
  11. It's OK to use a foreign language in the Alliance subforums. 9. These forums are English only. However, in the Alliance subforums (search alliance and search players), feel free to use the language you prefer. https://forums.flaregames.com/topic/44788-read-code-of-conduct-as-of-august-2018-dont-be-toxic/
  12. Maybe their new game, Monsters With Attitude, is taking lots of resources: https://www.keengames.com
  13. Haha, you got me. I thought for a moment that RR2 would be featured/covered on CNN or something.
  14. @dumpster @HOLYDIVINE @Philstar @Madlen @Warriornator I merged your posts into this topic, as they suit better here than in the Damage Reflection Bug thread.
  15. I agree. You may call that a bad design, but not a bug.
  16. If you click a tile in the Acropolis before clicking on decoration, you will never get that bug problem.
  17. After many attempts, I'm still not able to reproduce that bug. The system always builds the decorations in the correct location. Can you please show me some old topics about that? I can't find them. Edit: Maybe it depends on the cursor/pointer location? If the cursor is selected in the Acropolis, no issue ofc, but if the cursor is in the defense, you should get a WARNING still before building one of the non-defense decorations (Hedge, Flowerbed, Tree, Fountain, Boulevard). I think you made 2 mistakes: -You click on your defense before clicking on decoration. To avoid that, always click in the Acropolis before clicking on decoration. -You click Build despite getting the warning.
  18. When you build a Hedge, Flowerbed, Tree, Fountain or Boulevard in your defense, you get a yellowish exclamation mark right away. Why do you think they fit there while the exclamation symbol already gave you a warning? The system lets you build Hedges, Flowerbeds, Trees, Fountains and Boulevards in the defense BUT you have to move them back in the Acropolis. It doesn't take 3 years to master the decorations. It takes few days/weeks at most.
  19. Anubis looks more human than beast, thus his nice beach/tanned skin. The werewolf looks more beast than human. That's why I prefer a cold color skin. I believe currently there's 3 color setups in the game for units with clothes/armor: blue for your units, red for enemy units, and purple for dungeon units. I think gray mixes better with those 3 colors than brown. I think the idea of the contest is to come with a conceptual skin and ultimately, the game artists/devs will choose their own colors at the end.
  20. It is not a bug. It's intentional. I'm sure you've seen this game tip once in a while: You can place Statues, Columns and Obelisks in your defense layout, but you cannot with Hedges, Flowerbeds, Trees, Fountains and Boulevards. One funny post from CaptainMorgan: He wanted to "impress" attackers. So I guess decorations that you can build in your defense layout are more "terrifying" than the ones you cannot.
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