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  1. Last night I went past floor 1200 and ascended and saw this morning that I wasn't getting many tokens upon further looking my token percent is only 500% and I know the last new one I got was 1000% so I know something is wrong please advise. 60B1EB78 Thank you very much, Hans
  2. I just got credit for 2 bosses by killing one cloning boss I assume that shouldn't happen.
  3. Lol worst run I have ever had, couldn't get the right items and also spent a chunk of time on the Boss Hunt. 60B1EB78
  4. HansLuther 60b1eb78 Merry Christmas and thanks for the great game.
  5. Any idea when we are going to get our pet star and our gems?
  6. Excerpts from the journal of Hans Luther; an errant Nonstop Knight. Journal entry 5 day 25: These sand storms have been relentless, the scorching days, and the frigid nights would have done me in; just like the rest of the Nonstop Knights had it not been for trusty Ghosty by my side. He flies over me by day casting a meager shadow on me to help counteract some of the sun and he is surprisingly warm when we must huddle together at night. Yet, due to the heat we try to rest during the worst of the day and fight during the cool of the evening. Too bad the minions of the Pharaoh are against that plan. They appear to have been bred for this horrid environment; they seem to neither sweat or swoon due to heat or tremble and slow due to the cold, they are truly abominations. The greater minion Generals or “Bosses” as they call themselves are even worse. They have powers to cripple me with freezing auras as we fight in the day or to summon hordes of their underlings to attack me out of the shadows at night. I am beset from all sides…I fear I will not prevail. Journal entry 7 day 35: I feel I may have a chance to prevail for I have gained a miraculous artifact. It is a sword, but not like any other sword; etched on its blade was the word Grande and that it is. This blade is massive, though light to my touch it is enchanted to transfer all damage I do with each swing to the other minions in my area…it is truly a gift from God. Journal entry 8 day 34: I have found enough respite that I can now log my thoughts and journey on a daily basis due to the plethora of magical items I am now capable of finding; due to the inherent edge I have gotten from The Grande (yes Grand Master the pun is intended). In a mere day I have been able to slaughter more of my foes with The Grande than I could have in a week before. This has allowed me to be able to find more of the miracle boxes that allow me to increase the damage of my sword, the strength of my armor, and the magical charm of my cloak. The boon of this strength in turn has allowed me to kill more of both the weaker “bosses” and the grander and stronger "Bosses" enabling me to take their magical gear to supplement my own. I have now gathered an arsenal to be reckoned with. First it was a helmet named The Legionnaire, I thought it was named after a type of fighter but when I placed it on my head I was attacked out of nowhere by two whole troops of minions; I was terrified; but as they drew closer my arms swelled and my chest heaved, I struck quickly and felled them in one attack…I will keep this helmet and cherish it. Next I was in luck because I fought a low level “boss” who was rather weak (or maybe I have grown too strong) and on his corpse I found a vibrant red cloak with gold trim; much as a member of royalty would wear. As I placed it on I found myself surrounded by a magical light and whisked away to a group of enemies; although it was daunting they were more surprised that I; so I took the opportunity and struck them down. Since I was granted my knighthood not due to blood but due to valor I will call this cloak The Baron just as I shall be titled when I destroy the Pharaoh and his armies, Journal entry 9 day 35: Ghosty has been slightly perturbed with me since I haven’t been leaving many minions for him to fight. I have assured him that I know he is gaining in strength as we quest and find the magical nectar that gives him strength. I believe there will be a day that he gains powers that will strengthen my meager abilities to allow us to catapult to greater heights. That seemed to assure him a small amount but I fear if he did not find himself useful keeping me with shade and with warmth he may have left me by now. Journal entry 12 day 38: My trusty squire, sidekick, and friend Ghosty is beside himself with joy because he has now gained the ability to augment my speed in combat, thereby allowing me to fight more valiantly without fear of defeat. With this new ability we have fought onward and according to him we have now overcome hundred of “bosses” with many greater “Bosses” mixed in. Our victory is assured. Journal entry 25 day 52: We have made it…the Pharaoh is just over the next dune. I sent Ghosty ahead to do reconnaissance and it appears the Pharaoh is prepared for me. He is surrounded by his “Bosses” and the sand appears dark due to the number of minions they have around them. While Ghosty was there he saw a vat of the nectar he needs to grow and gain new strength. He assures me that if we break through their ranks and make our way to the vat he will gain new abilities to allow me to triumph over these foes…I trust him We must fight on, we must win… User Name: HansLuther User ID: 60B1EB78 I will take a Ghosty star if I win. Thank you, Hans
  7. As per the norm it was frustrating not to finish the whole thing but when some people won't even break 10 bosses what can you do. User ID: 60B1EB78
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