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  1. Google translate is available for everyone... *tension rising*..' Even for you, Negan... Let's try not to loose controll... I'm pretty sure, the Cyclops Lair is doing its best to solve the problem, and compensation is on the way. Would be nice to hear from them like every other day or so... *heavy, rapid breathing* 😂😂😂
  2. Gerger

    Re-forming alliance

    Started to fill up, but still a few spot available for players, who are seeking for a home😁
  3. Gerger

    Thank you to the OR team

    At least we can fill the treasury, and improve our bases... I'm sending a virtual cheerleader team of medusas to the support team in the Cyklops Lair...👁👍
  4. Gerger

    Re-forming alliance

    Waiting for members willing to play and fight...war starts soon, don't be late for it😉 Join now!
  5. Hi, We would be happy to have you in our ranks. Join Four Horsemen, send your apply to be approved😁
  6. Gerger

    Re-forming alliance

    Lots of spots open, be active, donate and have fun!
  7. Gerger

    Re-forming alliance

    Sent PM, but you're already welcome😁💪
  8. Could you tell me the alliance name?
  9. Our clan, the Four Horsemen is re-forming its ranks. If you consider yourself an active player, want to grow and able to donate a fair amount (50.000+), we would be happy to call you our brother-in-arm. No fancy words, no promises, just enjoy the game, and who knows...maybe one day we will find ourselves among the top ranked teams😁 Currently we have 11 loyal members, who have been building, fighting and moving forward together for a long time. All of us are experienced players, some of us from the start of OR, from different time zones. There will be always someone to answer questions and give advice if needed. Hope to hear from you guys soon😉 Cheers: »»Gerger«« Four Horsemen
  10. Hi. Did you find an alliance yet? If not, we would be happy to have you. Just tell your IGN and i'll send an invite😁
  11. Any interest in merging into a mid-rank alliance with 20+ open spots?
  12. Gerger

    Info link on chat messages

    Motto works fine at us as well. Tough we needed to spend some alliance gold to activate "divine magnifying glass of Zeus" to be able to read it...
  13. Gerger

    Info link on chat messages

    Same problem here😕