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  1. Gerger

    Furian Guards

    Climbed nearly 1000 ranks up the last war...three spots available😏💪😉
  2. Gerger

    Furian Guards

    We are ready for war...are you? Looking for members to share war spoils with...join before the fights begin💪💪💪
  3. Gerger

    Furian Guards

    3 spots open for experienced, veteran lone wolves out there...
  4. Gerger

    Furian Guards

    Thanks, but we are determined to form our own group under our name. Language is no barrier, but we would like to see what we can achieve without "dead weight" from the past. Wish you the best tough💪💪💪
  5. Hi there. I'm Gerger, former officer of the alliance Four Horsemen. After years of service in a once upper mid-tier alliance, i decided to form my own group called the Furian Guards! We are looking for members, who have a descent asc.lvl, preferably deserted a high ranked alliance, due to strict rules and constant stress... I'm starting from the bottom, old veterans of the game know exactly what this means... Building up something, with fun, enjoying the game again with no stress at all and climbing slowly, gaining spoils etc...without having a nervous breakdown every week...😂 So. Dear high level, bored and floating players: I'm waiting for you guys to join, stay a while, and if you don't like what you see, at least you gave it a try... And the usual stuff: be active, donate, chat, wars...and bring pizza🤘 Cheers »»Gerger««
  6. Gerger

    Account sharing?

    Yeah...i mixed it up...thanks to my Alzheimer...
  7. Gerger

    Account sharing?

    Ever seen the movie "Split"? Maybe just a guy with serious schizophrenic disorder...he's just having fun...all nine of them...
  8. Gerger

    road of defense

    I'd like to have a yellow road, just like in "The wizzard of Oz"...
  9. Gerger

    Artemis - Venom

    Would love to see a thunder charged plugged in and buzzing...
  10. Hi @Madlen! Great to finally have someone to look after us fulltime😂 This is an active community, so you will not get bored for sure. Hope you'll enjoy the new assignement💪 Cheers, and good hunting!
  11. Gerger

    The forgotten dominance

    I knew it!! Every friday, or just the one that's coming?
  12. Gerger

    The forgotten dominance

    Hi there, Tough it has been asked, discussed, chewed and being walked around a couple of times, I'm still wondering what we should benefit from dominance as it is. If you played this game long enough, dominance is stuck at 300k, and from that point, the head of the bull just looks towards the great nothingness itself confused as f* do I. It is useless...unless... - you could exchange dominance to enhance units, towers, resource production, perks to items, pizza...whatever. - prolong celestial boosts - can imagine to be able to sum alliance members dominance together to be able to prolong divine blessings (like donate dominance or so...) - reduce cost of defensive fleet, or prolong duration of it I'm just brainstorming here, any ideas are welcome, also curious about what you guys think about that. @CaptainMorgan, so it'll get to you as well for sure😉 Continue bloodshed and good hunting everyone💪💪💪See you guys on the field😂
  13. Gerger

    suffer lot off atack

    What's your asc lvl?
  14. Gerger

    War level mismatch

    Personally i'm happy, that the war itself is running "smooth" after the hickups and "bug invasion"... Seems like we always find something to ride on, and hitting the table because it is unfair. Of course there will be things that are unfair. Always! Don't know exactly how many players are obsessed with this game (I surely am) but in my opinion, it is close to impossible to please everyone. If not the top-tiers, than the mid-tiers are complaining, not to mention those, who haven't even found the forum yet😂 Yes it's irritating, when we always suck, and get hammered by an alliance because of mismatch, but still: the hardcore always keeps playing after he had his ass given to him in the hand, right? Our alliance back in the old war system was in upper mid-tier, after the changes, we collapsed and got thrown back to the stone age... Still, we don't give up, and do our best to climb back to you guys. I'm a bit scared of what i will get after writing this, but just play and give the devs a moment to breathe... Cheers Bro's💪💪