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  1. Info link on chat messages

    Motto works fine at us as well. Tough we needed to spend some alliance gold to activate "divine magnifying glass of Zeus" to be able to read it...
  2. Info link on chat messages

    Same problem here😕
  3. 5 spots open, we have blessings active until next war. Just donate and participate on war is all we ask. 😀
  4. Several spots open for now, recruiting warriors for the upcoming war. Join and win battle chests on our side!💪💪💪
  5. Black Weekend Raffle!

  6. Reduced to only 2 available places for 2 fierce, fun warrior😉💪💪💪
  7. "Super Gods"

    Hi there☺ We have 8 available slots at the moment. I think we can expand it up to 10. Thinking about a merge?! Just an idea...check us out: Four Horsemen, »»Gerger«« - Officer Just drop a few lines if you're interested😉 Cheers, and good hunting💪💪💪
  8. Alliance name: Raven's Tears General: Midnight Curse Screenshots coming soon😜👍
  9. Defender

    Thx mate👍