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  1. Gerger

    community manager answered OR2?

    I'm in for another quiz... @Madlen 🤔
  2. Two and a half years, with a 6 months break in between...
  3. Gerger

    How do I like to use my Heroes?

    Just equip her with medusa and phoenix...she's a tank!! To me, Ariadne is like Helen for @dumpster😂
  4. Gerger

    How do I like to use my Heroes?

    ...❤😙Helen of Troy😙❤...😂 Sorry @dumpster, I couldn't resist...
  5. Gerger

    Domination excess

    Hi, I think this is a question that needs to be answered @Madlen. Not the first time it has popped up and discretly forgot to get answered to... ?
  6. Gerger

    community manager answered Helen of Troy ... Again

    Decided to continue it here. Personally I did not get good gear for her at her early stage, and found it difficult to level her up. Later on she got so much behind compared to the other heroes, that it was a pain in the ***** to start caring for her...She might be one of the the most underestimated heroes (along with Prometheus), it is a struggle for me to play her. Especially in odessy... So, for now, she will remain in the retirement home for me, maybe, when i have nothing else to do, I will start building her up.. Good advices on "how to" however are always welcome though...maybe I'm not the only one who has to be convinced like You are @dumpster.?? Cheers?
  7. You are really obsessed with that woman, aren't you Dumpster...???
  8. Any interest in merge?
  9. @NaN, you mean even harder...?
  10. Gerger

    Olympus Rising Halloween Forum Event

    I don't know who I would invite...but... ...I know I wouldn't invite Hephaestos. Last time he drank so much, he got hammered and couldn't even walk straight... »»Gerger««
  11. Gerger

    When will it be a result of the Gods?

    Wonder when the next challenge comes...can't wait to give it all I got??
  12. Gerger

    Unfair Matchmaking!

    16 trophies if you win? I thought 15 is the max?
  13. Don't forget Artemis's blazing slash...every passing day the required trophy number to reach top 1000 is rising... A lot of people will only dream about it and never reach it because they will quit before it happens...
  14. Gerger

    Account sharing?

    Yeah...i mixed it up...thanks to my Alzheimer...