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  1. mrmyco

    Weekend Raffle

  2. mrmyco

    Terrible update

    quite disappointed as well. we'll have to wait and see to what extent the pets are revamped. but so far the new revamps for dag, jawster, stumpy and ghost aren't too special.
  3. mrmyco

    Boss Hunt - Feedback

    Did everybody receive the final megabox when the boss hunt completed? I received the one at the 10th milestone, but when I opened the app later, it said boss hunt has completed but did not present a megabox reward to me.
  4. mrmyco

    Boss Hunt - Feedback

    This. There's really no discussion to be had. It's been a few days and we still haven't gotten an official response yet. Pretty frustrating. Why the devs believe that this change is a form of 'better rewards' is beyond me.
  5. mrmyco

    Boss hunt January 25th ^~^

    The earned fame is cumulative across boss hunts it that's what you are assuming. You earn a certain amount of fame for each boss kill in boss hunt. Each ranking also has a fame threshold. Nothing gets reset except your # of boss kills starting at a new boss hunt. Also, what do you mean by score decay?
  6. With the introduction of rankings and highly incentive play, I propose that boss hunts continue on for the entire duration of 24 hours instead of concluding at 300 total boss kills for the group. For every 300 total boss kills for the group, a megabox is rewarded. Finishing a boss hunt (getting to 300 kills) is not a problem anymore. It would be nice to provide high reward for continuous play.
  7. The multi kill splash art seems to always persist after I kill a boss.
  8. mrmyco

    Too many pets

    This would be ideal from the player's perspective, but it would also become exponentially easier to max out remaining pets. Not that I'm saying that's a bad thing
  9. mrmyco

    Today's Boss Hunt. January 21

    I totally agree. Roughly half of the 24 hours I'm unconscious (sleeping) lol. I'd say 36-48 hours would allow for some good leeway.
  10. mrmyco

    Multiplier Gap Inconsistency

    How odd. I don't understand the logic of this design. Why would the token multiplier gap decrease as the player completes more floors? The reward should feel more like an exponential curve rather than sudden decreases and increases in multiplier gaps. Can a developer elaborate please?
  11. mrmyco

    Video Chests (Gold) nerfed?

    Same thing for me. I used to get 6 upgrades for my highest leveled item per purple ad box. Now I only get ~2 upgrades. Seems like it was done intentionally. A shame. Ads are the only way to progress floors as coin gain scales terribly.
  12. Why does the multiplier gap go from 20x -> 15x -> 25x -> 20x? Is this design intentional? Shouldn't a logical multiplier gap be 20x -> 25x -> 30x etc.?
  13. mrmyco

    Increasing Critter Damage

    But how does critter dmg scale w/o an ally bonus? By weapon or cloak?
  14. I encountered this bug at least 3 times this boss hunt. Very frustrating. Same as Aeginor, I got the chest but my kill count did not increase.
  15. So clone damage scales by cloak while pet damage scales by weapon (correct me if I'm wrong). How does critter damage scale? Also, does the term 'allies' refer to pets, critters, and clones?